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July 26th, 2014
 Chuck Clise picked the right moment to shine as he roared to the win at the big Bedford Fair sweepstakes race Friday night.    It was Clise’s third career Bedford win but the first of the 2014 season and came before the huge fair week crowd.  Rick Singleton spotted the whole field a starting spot as he came from dead last to score the thrilling win in Limited action, his fourth of the season.  Lou Wannyn rallied late to take the Semi Late victory before Charlie Walter ended the evening with his fifth Pure Stock triumph of the season then stayed late to keep it.
      The Late Model 25 lap event started roughly as it took three attempts to get going.  Clise snagged the lead from his pole position and never looked back when the field finally got going ahead of  Mike Altobelli.   Altobelli’s car quit on lap three and he drifted to the pits, one lap before Jeff Rine, charging forward from  sixth, spun in turn four.  
     The field settled down after that spate of cautions.  Clise led  new second place man DJ Troutman and fast closing Andy Haus, but all eyes were on Rine charging up from the end of the field.   Rine was up to seventh by the time the next caution flew on lap 15 but Clise had the field covered at the front.
    When the last ten laps ran off in succession, Clise was able to pull away from Troutman and Haus to score the prestigious win.  Jack Pencil, in a Sponaugle team car, was able to hold off Rine to take fourth.  Rine completed the top five.
    Troutman and Clise won the heats.
     Rick Singleton was slated to start ninth in the fair week event, but spotted the field quite a few more spots after he spun on lap two and restarted 18th.  From then on it was a charge to the front to take the win.
    Matt Eckman, the star of the 2013 Fair event. again this year found himself on the pole and led from the start.  Action began early as the jumpy field balled up on lap one and chaos ensued.  Nine cautions dotted the first ten laps as Eckman led the field.  Kyle Lee moved into second and Robby Black was third by lap six.  but Eckman held them at bay.
     Black broke on lap 10 bringing out the caution, and by then Singleton was up to fifth.  He shot by Curtis Heath on lap 11 to move into third on lap 11, and whipped by both Eckman and Lee on lap 14.  He then ran off over the last 4 laps to score the popular win.  Eckman, Lee, Heath and George Dixon completed the top 5.
     As is the fair race custom, the Semi Late event was also wild,   A big 12 car pileup started things off as the field entered turn one on lap one which resuted in two sets of two cars on top of each other. Eleven cautions dotted the first eight laps before the field settled down.  Kerry Molovich led the first four laps with Brian Duffey in tow.
     When Molovich retired during a lap 4 caution period, Duffy took over but Lou Wannyn was there to challenge.Wannyn and Duffy ran three laps pretty much side by side with Bob Jay right behind. Finally on lap ten, Wannyn inched ahead for the lead.  Jay was unable to make a similar move and pressured Duffy to no avail to the finish.
     At the finish it was Wannyn, Duffy and Jay.  Jim Saylor, who had brought out one of the early cautions, roared back to take fourth, with 15th place starter Greg Hainsey in fifth.
     In keeping with the theme of the evening, front row started Matt Diehl spun in front of the field at the start of the Pure Stock event.  When the field got going officially,  it was Dave Riley to the front as he shot by Amber Mills on the first lap.  Riley held on as the first eight cars ran in a pack.  Travis Group and Charlie Walter arrived at the front along with Brad Feight by lap 4.
    With the front four running two by two, Walter managed to make the right moves and secured the lead on lap 8.  Group got by into second two laps later but Walter hung on for the win.  Group, Kyle Beckett, Terry Norris and Jarrod Brown completed the top five.
    After his fifth win of the season, Walters was subjected to a rather intense post race motor teardown which he successfully passed.
   Under the fair sweepstakes format, heats were run only for the Late Models with the other classes lined up by total points.
LATE MODEL 25 LAP  1   Chuck Clise,  DJ Troutman,  Andy Haus,  Jack Pencil,  Jeff Rine,  Matt Sponaugle,  Gene Knaub,  Rance Garlock,  Eric Zembower,  Wayne Johnson,  Travis Cottle,  Ernie Millon,  Travis Wilson,  Shawn Claar,  Mike Altobelli J,  Matt sala
LIMITED 18 LAP 1  Rick Singleton,  Matt Eckman,  Kyle Lee,  Curtis Heath,  George Dixon,  Troy Swindell,  Brian Lowery,  Donnie Farlling,  Dion Lasalle,  Taylor Farlling,  Eddie Cornett,  Travis Calhoun,  Cody Butterbaugh,  Mike Blazer,  John Harr,  Dale Claycomb,  Robbie Black,  Eric Irvin,  Ron Bottenfield,  Bryan Benton,  Nathan Lasalle,  Craig Perigo,  Paul Waugh,
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Lou Wannyn,  Brian Duffy,  Bob Jay,  Jim sayleo,  Greg Hainsey,  Jamie Kohan,  Dave Brown,  Jesse Snyder,  Jim Sacco,  Ryan Beckett,  Scott Sturtz,  Paul Gambol.  Dennis Collins,  Chris Chamberlain,  Vigi Zuccollotto,  Chad Gambol,  Patrick McDonough,  Kerry Molovich,  Justin Bonnett,  Shawn Fessler,  RT Troutman,  Justin Michael,  Greg Cornell,  DNS Don Wyles.
PURE STOCK 12 LAPS  1  Charlie Walter,  Travis Group,  Kyle Beckett,  Terry Norris,  Jarrod Brown,  Dave Lambert,  Jim Dearmitt,  Dave Riley,  Preston Imler,  Tyler Ritchey,  Kyle Weyandt,  Amber Mills,  Travis Vogel,  Cale Leppert,  Brad Feight,  Denny Norris,  Brian Ringler,  Bill Noll,  Ed Vogel,  Reed Stickel,  Matt Diehl.