Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


August 30th, 2014
With a show of total domination, Kenny Pettyjohn annihilated the field Friday night in the annual Labor Day 55 at Bedford.  It was Pettyjohn’s first ever Bedford win as he became the 131st different winner in the speedway’s long history.    Joining Pettyjon in the celebration were Jesse Snyder (Semi Late) and Kyle Beckett (Pure Stock) who won their first of the season.  Jonathan Taylor took the Economodified win and Andrew Pluta made a daring last lap pass to take the 4 Cylinder finale.
    The Labor Day 55, an annual tradition at the track, was led to the green by Chuck Clise.  But it was fellow front row starter Gene Knaub with the early lead, one which he stretched out during the first 11 all green laps. But the tension was mounting by then as Pettyjohn, Jason Covert and Jeff Rine had moved into third and fourth  and poised themselves as challengers.  
      Another cauiton the next lap for a multi car pileup in turn four slowed the field again.  But on the waving of the green Pettyjohn checked out.  With the event going 30 more green flag laps, Pettyjohn moved away to over a half lap lead while  Knaub, Covert, and Rine went at it for the honor of chasing.
      Rine and Covert both got by Knaub on lap 28 but Pettyjohn was long gone..   By the time the next yellow flew on lap 42, Pettyjohn had lapped up to tenth place runner Eric Zembower and Rine and Covert were far behind.
    On the restart Pettyjohn again shot away from his chasers and opened up a huge lead, finally taking the win by almost a half lap 13 laps later.  Rine and Covert maintained their own personal battle but finished in that order behind the winner.
    Dan Stone rallied from 12th to score fourth and Colby Frye came from dead last in the strong field to take fifth.  Dylan Yoder, DJ Troutman, Jerry Bard, Justin Kann and Zembower completed the top ten.  Heats went to Clise, Troutman and Shawn Claar.  Trevor Feathers took the B.
       Alyssa Rowe led the Economodified field to the green and led the first two laps.  Tony Daniels took over then but Jonathan Taylor was already in the mix.  He took over on lap six and wired the field.  Daniels took second ahead of Brandon Lasalle Rowe and Bruce Dreistadt.  Taylor and Daniels won the heats.
    Jesse Snyder stepped around Paul Gambol to lead the second Semi Late lap, then went the distance for his win.  Behind Snyder the action was fast and furious as a 4,5 and 6 car mob went at it.  Lou Wannyn and Jim Sayler finally got by Gambol on lap 8 but could not shake the mob and run down Snyder.
   At the finish it was Snyder, Wannyn, Sayler, Gambol and Greg Cornell in the top five.  Cornell and Greg Hainsey won the heats.
     Jarrod Brown led the Pure Stock event from the green but was pressured by first Ed Vogel, then Kyle Beckett.  Beckett finally edged by on lap 11 and he held on for the win.  Brown, Brad Feight, Vogel and Terry Norris were the top five.  Feight and Norris won the heats.  The second heat was highlighted by a flip by first time starter A J Foor in turn four.
     The Pluta twins were the stars of the 4 Cylinder finale.  Andrew chased Robert at the front for the duration.  In the late laps the pair put on a thrilling display zipping in and out of lapped traffic. But that was to be Robert’s undoing.  Coming for the checkered flag on the last lap, Robert dove to the inside in traffic while Andrew took the outside and was able to pull off the narrow win.  Ryan Peer, Cale Martin and Wayne Brenize trailed.  Peer and Robert Pluta won the heats.
LATE MODEL 55 LAP  1  Kenny Pettyjohn,  Jeff Rine,  Jason Covert,  Dan Stone,  Colby Frye,  Dylan Yoder,  DJ Troutman,  Jerry Bard,  Justin Kann,  Eric Zembower,  Jim Yoder,  Tim Smith,  Rance Garlock,  Jason Schmidt,  Wayne Johnson,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Gene Knaub,  Travis Cottle,  Matt Sponaugle,  Shawn Claar,  Chuck Clise,  Mike Altobelli J  DJ Myers,  Andy Haus,  Trevor Feathers,  DNS  Kerry King, Barry Miller,  Curtis Heath,  Cody Robbins.
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Jesse Snyder,  Lou Wannyn,  Jim Sayler,  Paul Gambol,  Greg Cornell,  Dave Brown,  Greg Hainsey,  Jamie Kohan,  Chad Gambol,  Bob Jay,  Dave Whetstone,  Justin Michael,  Brian Duffy,  Kerry Molovich,  Scott Sturtz,  Chris Chamberlain,  Tom Warren,  Randy Wible,  Zane Weicht,  DNS  Jim Sacco
ECONOMODIFIEDS  15 LAP    Jonathan Taylor,  Tony Daniels,  Brandon Lasalle, Alyssa Rowe,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Greg Fetters,  Jeff Treece,  Justin Milburn,  Jason Kapp,  Adam Daniels,  Dave Brown,  DNS  Willy Ling
PURE STOCK 12 LAP   Kyle Beckett,  Jarrod Brown,  Brad Feight,  Ed Vogel,  Terry Norris,  Bill Replogle,  Dave Riley,  Charlie Walter.  Travis Group,  Dave Lambert.  Denny Norris,  Cale Leppert,  Joe Dearmitt,  Jason Haggerty,  Travis Vogel,  Matt Diehl,  Josh McClellan,  Amber Mills,  Jim Dearmitt,  Logan Davis,  DNS  AJ Foor, Kadden Smith.
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Andrew Pluta,  Robert Pluta,  Ryan Peer,  Cale Martin,  Wayne Brenize,  Tom Brady,  Bailey Johnson,  Pat Breahm,  Dave Harclerode,  Bill Hassenplug,  Seve Riggleman,  Steve Frederick,  Phil Best,  Dustin Kinser,  Lance Kough,  Joe  Shorr,