Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


August 2nd, 2014
     Rick Singleton’s stellar 2014 season continued Friday night at Bedford Speedway as he once again raced from deep in the field to score the Limited Late Model win.  It was Singleton’s fifth win out of the nine 2014 Limited races so far, nearly equalling his previous career total at the track in one season.  Greg Hainsey waited a year and a day to score another Semi Late win, surviving a serious race long challenge to do so.   Terry Norris also ended a long dry spell with his first Pure Stock win in almost a calendar year.  In other action on the annual $5 night program, it was again a Taylor family battle in the Economodified race,  And Ryan Peer scored another 4 Cylinder win.
       Singleton, who won last week after an early spin, again started deep in the Limited field.  Darrell Dick took pff from the pole and led the early laps.  He seemed to have things well in hand, running off from Matt Eckman and Nathan Lasalle early, But Singleton was on the move.  He was third by lap five and coming fast.
    Singleton took second from Eckman on lap six but Dick was a tougher challenge.  He held on for several laps before his car began slowing smoke.  Singleton shot by on lap 12 and ran off to the win.
    Robby Black, who had started beside Singleton in row four, also was climbing forward,  just a bit more slowly.  He was fourth on lap 15 before gaining another spot as Dick retired to the pits .  A final caution when Craig Perigo hit the wall on lap 16 again closed the field but Singleton was again away on the restart to run to the win.
     Black got by Curtis Heath on the last lap to score second, followed to the line by Heath and Kyle Lee, who started 11th.  Eckman, George Dixon, Troy Swindell, Ron Bottenfield, Travis Calhoun and Brian Lowery completed the top 10.  Heath and Lasalle won the heats.
     Greg Hainsey started fourth in the Semi Late field but had the lead on lap one. After a wild 12 car crash thinned the field.  Hainsey had a easy run at the front until Justin Michael and Jim Sayler arrived from deep in the pack.  Michael was all over Hainsey, several times running side by side while Sayler looked for a way by, but Hainsey looked stronger as the race went on and held them off at the end.
      Michael,  who alternated between attacking for the lead and defending off Sayler, held on to second at the finish.  Sayler, Greg Cornell, from 11th, and Lou Wannyn completed the top five.  Bob Jay and Brian Duffy won the heats.
     The Economodified race started roughly as Alyssa Rowe spun, scattering the field on the first lap.  That left the Taylor family at the point.  Jonathan led with Evan in pursuit, the pair side by side for several laps, until Evan got by on lap nine.  With the roles reversed, Even led to the finish for the win, ahead of Jonathan, Brandon Lasalle, Dave Brown and Adam Daniels.  Evan and Lasalle won the heats.
    After a tough 2014 season, Terry Norris started on the front row for he Pure Stock event and made the best of his good fortune.  But it was not easy as a four car mob assembled at the front.  Ed Vogel gave Norris all he could handle, with Brad Feight and Dave Riley also in the mix.  Late in the race, Charlie Walter joined the mix, and the intensity mounted as Brian Duffy caught up..
      With the top five in a pack and gunning for the finish line on the last lap, Matt Diehl spun across the front stretch right in front of them.  The first four darted to the left, just missing the spinning car, but Walter went right but ran out of room, impacting Diehl full blast..  On the one lap shootout, Norris held on while Duffy made a startling move to take second at the line.  Vogel, Feight and Bred  Nesline trailed.  Kyle Beckett, who lost a wheel spectacularly on lap 8, Vogel and Feight won the heats.
      Ryan Peer weaved through the field to score yet another 4 Cylinder win.  Wayne Brenize led early until Peer caught and passed him  on lap four.  Andrew Pluta ran Brenize down and took second on lap 10, but never closed on Peer .
    Peer led Pluta, Brenize, Tom Brady, who started dead last,  and Robert Pluta to the finish.  Once on the Bedford stage, Peer stayed a bit longer to survive a motor teardown to cement the win.   Andrew Pluta and Peer won the heats.
LIMITED 18 LAPS 1  Rick Singleton,  Robbie Black,  Curtis Heath,  Kyle Lee,  Matt Eckman,  George Dixon,  Troy Swindell,  Ron Bottenfield,  Travis Calhoun,  Brian Lowery,  Eddie Cornett,  Bob Foote,  Cody Butterbaugh,  Craig Perigo,  Darrell Dick,  Nathan Lasalle,  Kayden Smith,  Dion Lasalle,
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1   Greg Hainsey,  Justin Michael,  Jim Sayler,  Greg Cornell,  Lou Wannyn,  Brian Duffy,  Jesse Snyder,  Kerry Molovich,  Chad Gambol,  Chris Chamberlain,  Paul Gambol,  Dave Whetstone.  Ray Sheetz,  Bob Jay,  Jimmy Sacco,  Justin Sturtz. RT Troutman
ECONOMODIFIED  12 LAP  1  Evan Taylor,  Jonathan Taylor, Brandon Lasalle,  Dave Brown,  Adam Daniels,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Alyssa Rowe,  Alan Shives,  Rusty Pennington,  Chris Graybill,  Vic Vandergrift,  Ryde Pennington.
PURE STOCK  12 LAP  1  Terry Norris, Brian Duffy,  Ed Vogel,  Brad Feight,  Brad Nesline,  Travis Group,  Bill Noll,  Denny Norris,  Tyler Ritchey,  Mike Lewis,  Willy Ling,  Amber Mills,  Cale Leppert,  Kyle Weyandt,  Charlie Walter,  Keith Killander,  Matt Diehl,  Dave Riley,  Kyle Beckett,  Davey Lambert,  Jarrod Brown,  Dave Green,  Reed Stickel,  DNS  Tent Clark.
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Ryan Peer,  Andrew Pluta,  Wayne brenize,  Tom Brady,  Robert Pluta,  Bailey Johnson,  Keith Deeter,  Dave Harclerode,  Steve Frederick,  Rusty Martin,  Mike Meck,  Joe Shorr,  Ian Will,  Chris Reckner,  Phil Best,  Brandon Kinser,  DNS  Steve Riggleman,  Cale Martin