Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


May 26th, 2015
 Rick Singleton, who won 9 events last season finally scored a 2015 first as the Limiteds went Topless at Bedford Monday night.  Ryan Lynn waited until the last lap to grab the lead and the win in 305 Sprint action.In other action on the holiday program, Bill Rexrode won the vintage car race,  Wavy Davey Lambert won his first ever Pure Stock event, Evan Taylor took the Economodified win and Ryan Peer finally got his first 2015 4 Cylinder win.
    Nathan Lasalle was the initial Limited leader and he held off all challenges.  But Rick Singleton, 2014’s big class winner, arrived on his bumper by lap three.Singleton was all over Lasalle as the laps rolled on but could not get by.  Meanwhile Kyle Lee and Mike Altobelli caught the leaders and joined the fun.  
    Altobelli got by Lee on lap 13, and shot by Lasalle on lap 20, but he could not mount a challenge to Sinsleton before time ran out.  Behind Singleton and Altobelli, Lee, Lasalle and Josh Berrier completed the top 5.  Matt Eckman and Altobelli won the heats.  Ron Bottenfield was a feature no starter after a grinding heat race crash in the first heat.  DJ Troutman and Jeff Dick had motor issues in other heat race action and also did not start the feature.
    Joe Zap led the 305 sprint race from the start by Ryan Lynn made life tough at the front.  Lap after lap Lynn was all over Zap but could not get by.  Upon catching a lapped car at the white flag, Lynn made a daring move and grabbed the lead.  Lynn then led to the checkered flag for the win.  Zap, Ralph Engel, Nicole Walker and Todd Lynn trailed.  Ryan Lynn and Steve Kennewell won the heats.
    Chuck Lasalle led the first Modified lap before Alyssa Rowe zipped by.  Rowe led easily until Evan Taylor started closing about halfway through the race.   On lap 12, Taylor caught and passed Rowe and led her the last three laps to the end,  Lasalle, Justin Milburn and Brandon Lasalle trailed.  Taylor and Andy Swope won the heats.
    Dave Lambert went pole to pole in the Pure Stock event but he had plenty of company.  Leading a pack that at one time was 9 cars strong,  He never set a wheel wrong.  Kyle Weyandt, Bill Replogle and Fast Eddie Vogel were the most persistant challengers.  Replogle grabbed second on the last lap and beat Weyandt to the line.  Vogel, and Bob Jay trailed.   Lambert and Replogle won the heats.
    Randy Minnich led the PennMar vintage race for 8 laps before Scott Rexrode took over and led to the end.  Glenn Pobletts, John Marks and Stew Wenrich trailed.
   Ryan Peer led the distance in the chaotic 4 Cylinder finale,  Wayne Brenize survived to take second, ahead of Dacron Powell, Tom Brady and Darren Howsare.  Mike McDonald, Bailey Johnson and Casey Fleegle won the heats.
LIMITED 25 LAPS  1  Rick Singleton,  Mike Altobelli J,  Kyle Lee,  Nathan Lasalle,  Josh Berrier,  Troy Swindell,  Jake Jones,  Robby Black,  Eric Irvin,  Travis Stickley,  Billy Beacher,  Donnie Farlling,  Brian Lowery,  Tayler Farlling,  Curtis HeathGlen Ray,  Matt Eckman,  DNS  Ron Bottenfield, DJ Troutman,  Darrell Dick
305 SPRINTS  20 LAPS  1  Ryan Lynn,  Joe Zap,  Ralph Engle,  Nicole Walker,  Todd Lynn,  Ron Aurand,  Don Sotosky.  Dylan Shatzer,  Brian Haney,  Jim Kennedy,  Steve Kennewell,  DNS Reed Thompson
EMOD  15 LAPS  1  Evan Taylor,  Alyssa Rowe,  Chuck Lasalle,  Justin Milburn,  Brandon Lasalle,  Vigi Zucollotto,  Bill Pluta,  Adam Daniels,  Andy Swope,  Bryan Fyfe,  Mike Meck,
PENNMAR  15 LAP  1  Scott Rickrode,  Glenn Pob;etts,  John Marks,  Stew Wenrish,  Mark Rickrode,  Mark Weigle,  Fred Thompson,  Gary Becker,  Randy Minich,  Rick Pastor,  Paul Bacchus.
PURE STOCK 15 LAP  1  Dave Lambert,  Bill Replogle,  Kyle Weyandt,  Ed Vogel,  Bob Jay,  Brad Feight,  Amber Mills,  Tyler Alkine,  John Howsare,  Greg Beckett,  Trent Clark,  Doug Hostetter,  Dave Green,  Dan Jackson,  Terry Mitchell,  Mike Duck,  DNS  Travis Vogel,  Owen Baughman
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Ryan Peer,  Wayne Brenize,  Tom Brady,  Darren Howsare,  Bailey Johnson,  Nick Zborovancik,  Chris Reckner,  Dustin Kinser,  Jason Carbaugh,  Zach Tritt,  Phil Best,  Dave Harclerode,  Dan Crawley,  Todd Price,  Josh Fetters,  Devon Iser,  Rusty Martin,  Casey Fleegle,  Mike McDonald,  Josh Ringler,  Darren Norris,  Bill Hassenplug,  Doug Cornath,  Robert Wellman,  Dan Lawery,  DNS  Jamie Noel.