Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


June 8th, 2015
 Greg Hodnett, pretty much the recent master at the Bedford Speedway in the last few years, scored again Sunday as the All Star Sprints invaded the track.  It was Hodnett’s fifth career win in  the infrequent 410 Sprint car visits over the last few seasons.  In other action,  Lou Wannyn won the Semi Late event while Ryan Peer took the 4 Cylinder finale.
    Robbie Stillwaggen led the stout Sprint car to the green and led the first lap, but Hodnett was wound up and zoomed by on lap two.   Hodnett opened up a large lead early on as Ryan Smith and Danny Dietrich worked free of the pack.  
    Smith took second on lap 7 but the man on the move was Dietrich.  He took third from Stillwaggen on lap 10 and second from Smith two laps later.   He closed quickly on Hodnett, actually pulling alongside just before the yellow flew on lap 14.   Another quick caution one lap later again closed the field, but on that restart, Hodnett regained his form and again pulled away.
      After a few laps Dietrich began closing once again, really making time as the front pair got into some lapped traffic with less than 5 to go.  As they maneuvered through the traffic, Dietrich took one last shot at the leader but fell short at the line as Hodnett prevailed.
     Smith was third, followed by Chad Kemenah.  Lucas Wolfe came from 21st to take fifth at the line.  Dale Blaney, Lance Dewease, Greg Wilson, Stillwaggen, and Cody Darrah completed the top 10.  Tim Shaffer, Dewease and Smith won the heats.  Andrew Palker won the B.  Stiillwaggen took the Dash.
     Greg Cornell led the semi Late event early in what became a rare crashfest for the class.  Huge multicar crashes, one on lap 3 and another on lap 7 thinned the field.  Lou Wannyn closed on Cornell and took over just before the lap 7 melee.  From that point on he held Cornell off for the duration.  Zane Weicht, Jim Sayler and Jamie Swank trailed.  Wannyn and Dave Brown won the heats.
    Wayne Brenize led the 4 Cylinder event for 7 laps, but his hopes for a first career win were dashed when Ryan Peer got by.  Brenize then chased Peer for the duration, taking second at the line.  Dacron Powell, Darren Howsare and Tom Brady trailed.  Powell and Michael McDonald won the heats.
ALL STAR SPRINTS  25 LAP  Greg Hodnett,  Danny Dietrich,  Ryan Smith,  Chad Kemenah,  Lucas Wolfe,  Dale Blaney,  Lance Dewease,  Greg Wilson,  Robbie Stillwaggen,  Cody Darrah,  Sheldon Haudenschild,  Mike Wagner,  Logan Wagner,  Paige Polyak,  Caleb Helms,  Danny Smith,  Danny Holtgaver,  Andrew Palker,  Parker Price-Miller,  Anthony Fiore,  Wayne Dadetto,  Tim Shaffer,  Dave Blaney,  Travis Philo  DNS  Dan Sheltler,
SEMI LATE 20 LAP    Lou Wannyn,  Greg Cornell,  Zane Weicht,  Jim Sayler,  Jamie Swank,  Chad Gambol,  Greg Hainsey,  Chuck Wolfe,  Cody Buterbaugh,  Jamie Kohan,  Don Wyles,  Scott Sturtz,  Tom Warren,  Bob Jay,  Dave Brown
4 CYLINDER    Ryan Peer,  Wayne Brenize,  Dacron Powell,  Darren Howsare,  Tom Brady,  Bailey Johnson,  Dave Harclerode,  Michael McDonald,,  Phil Best,  Steve Frederick,  Alex Pittman,  Brandon Kinser,  Todd Price,  Zach Tritt,  Josh Fetters,  Rusty Martin,  Kolby Crawley,  Chris Reckner,  Dan Lawery,