Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


August 24th, 2015
After years of trying, Darrell Dick scored his first ever Limited win in the special show at Bedford Sunday night.  Robbie Bartchy led, lost it,  then led late to win the accompanying 305 sprint event, beforeh Dennis Perigo pulled off last lap drama to snag the special Mid Atlantic Emodified race.  John Howsare won the Pure Stock event and Darren Howsare took the 4 Cylinder nightcap.
    Darrell Dick started on the pole in the Limited event and he set sail early.  He pulled away from Ron Bottenfield at the start,  but the gap closed after Troy Swindell took second on lap 7.   But as Swindell closed to battle the leader, Robbie Black roared from the pack to close on both of them.
    By lap 13 it was a three way fight at the front, but then Dick turned up the wick.  As Swindell and Black battled between themselves,  Dick reopened the gap,  running off to the decisive win.  Swindell held off Black to take second.  Bottenfield and Donnie Farlling were the top 5.  Swindell and Black, in a close battle for the track title, won the heats.
     Robbie Bartchy led the 305 event to the green and took off early with Bill Jones in hot pursuit.  Jones shot by on lap 5 and the pair distanced themselves from the field.  As the pair began to weave in and out of lapped traffic the order did not change.  But Jones’ day went bad on lap  14 as he tangled with the lapped car of Greg Dobrosky in turn one.  The resulting action saw Dobrosky take an easy flip and eliminated Jones from action.
   On the restart, Bartchy was easily able to hold off Todd Lynn over the last 6 laps for the win.  Drew Ritchey came from the pack to snare third on the last lap over Kyle LLoyd and Nicole Walker.  Jones and Walker won the heats.
    With several Mid Atlantic outsiders on hand, the Emod event was a barn burner.  Mike Reynolds was the early leader, but as soon as Vic Vandergrift broke out of the pack he was all over Reynolds.  Lap after lap the pair went at it, even tangling together on lap 12.   Although both slid wildly down the frontstretch,  both recovered without damage or causing a yellow.
    Two laps later Vandergrift wrestled the lead away but Dennis Perigo had arrived to the battle.   Perigo took second on lap 18 as Reynolds suffered a flat tire   A yellow on that lap closed the front two and allowed Reynolds to pit hastily.  On the two lap dash to the finish,  Perigo was all over Vandergrift and zipped by as Vandergrift suffered a flat on the last lap for the wild win.
   Derek Deusenberry came from ninth to take second at the line,  ahead of  Craig Ramich, Brandon Lasalle and Andrew Swope.  Vandergrift soldiered on the last lap to score seventh.   Perigo and Reynolds won the heats.
    John Howsare led the entire Pure Stock event.  Brad Feight worked through a pack at the front to take second on lap five but could not secure a pass for the lead.  Feight settled for second at the end,  ahead of Jason Haggerty, Tyler Alkire and Travis Group.  After the race, Howsare survived  a cursory motor check to preserve the win, his second of the season.  Dave Riley and Howsare won the heats.
    Darren Howsare led the usual 6 car breakaway in the 4 Cylinder Finale.  Ryan Peer and Wayne Brenize were in hot pursuit until Brenize spun on lap 10.  On the restart, Howsare held off Peer, Michael McDonald, Dacron Powell and Tom Brady for the win.  Howsare and Peer won the heats.
LIMITED 20 LAPS  Darrell Dick,  Troy Swindell,  Robby Black,  Ron Bottenfield,  Donnie Farlling,  Kyle Lee,  Glen Ray,  Nathan Lasalle,  Taylor Farlling,  Brian Lowery,  Larry Foor,  Curtis Heath,  DNS  Travis Calhoun, Josh Berrier.
305 SPRINT 20 LAPS    Robbie Bartchy,  Todd Lynn,  Drew Ritchey,  Kyle Lloyd,  Nicole Walker  Steve Kennawell,  Jim Kennedy,  Ron Aurand,  Ryan Lynn,  Joe Zapp,  Eliah Omwake,  Dylan Shatzer,  Bill Jones,  Greg Dobrosky  DNS  Reed Thompson
ECONOMODIFIED  20 LAP  Dennis Perigo,  Derek Deusenberry,  Craig Ramich,  Brandon Lasalle,  Andrew Swope,  Justin Milburn,  Vic Vandergrift,  Mike Reynolds,  Bill Pluta,  Mark Jones,  Adam Daniels,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Brian Fyfe,  Mike Meck,  Chuck Lasalle,  Alyssa Rowe,  John Whitfield,  Jeff Treece  DNS  Vigi Zucollotto
PURE STOCK  15 LAPS    John Howsare,  Brad Feight,  Jason Haggerty,  Tyler Alkine,  Travis Group,  Trent Clark,  Beau Aikey,  Kayden Smith,  Dave Riley,  Travis Vogel,  Ed Vogel,  Dave Lambert,  Terry Mitchell,  Greg Beckett,  Dakota Foor,  Brandon Inglish,  Dan Jackson,  Kyle Weyandt  DNS  Jarrod Brown,  Bob Jay
4  CYLINDER 12 LAP   Darren Howsare,  Ryan Peer,  Michael McDonald,  Dacron Powell  Tom Brady,  Denny Pittman,  Dave Harclerode,  Chris Reckner,  Casey Fleegle,  Wayne Brenize,  Jacob Carbaugh,  Zach Tritt,  Todd Price,  Josh Fetters,  Kolby Crawley,  Dustin Kinser,