Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


August 1st, 2015
After a week off to prepare for fair week, racing resumed at the Bedford Speedway Friday night.  Before a jam packed fairweek crowd, two drivers joined their fathers on the list of Bedford fair race winners.Andy Haus joined his legendary father Scott as he took the big Late model win,  and Alyssa Rowe joined her father Willy as she picked up her first ever Emod win.  Other winners in the big fair event were Brian Lowery (Limiteds)  Bob Jay (Semi Lates)  and Beau Aikey (Pure Stocks)
     Chuck Clise burst into the early lead in the Late Model event.  After a few laps of stretching out the field, Clise’s lead began to shrink as  Andy Haus closed with each passing lap and Matt Cosner, DJ Troutman and Dylan Yoder were gaining on both of them by lap 9.  
    On that lap, just as the lead group was approaching a herd of lapped traffic, the caution flew, closing up the field at the front.  But Clise was fast on the restart, getting away from Haus and the gang.  That scenario was repeated after a couple more quick cautions, but everything changed after a wild 8 car melee in turn one on lap 16.
   On that restart,  Haus was all over Clise and took over the lead.  One lap later when Clise banked off the fourth turn wall, Dylan Yoder went from 4th to second and gave chase to Haus,  But although Yoder closed slightly,  he was no threat to Haus who raced to the victory.  Cosner had to hold off a late race charge from Jeff Rine to secure third at the line.  Clise completed the top five.  Haus and Cosner won the heats.
    Action started early in the Limited event as Kyle Lee dumped a motor, oiling down the track and, later,  pole sitter Nathan Lasalle spun going for the green, scattering the field.  After that three more cautions flew in the first four laps.  Brian Lowery took the lead at the start and held sway as the field self destructed behind him.   Taylor Farlling chased Lowery the first few laps before Travis Stickley  took the spot .on lap three.   Stickley chased but could not threaten Lowery for the next ten laps before his motor expired on lap 13.
    With Stickley out of the picture, Lowery easily ran off from the field to score his first ever fair win.  Taylor Farlling held off a late race charge from Troy Swindell to secure a career best second place finish.  Swindell,  Donnie Farlling and Robby Black were the top five.
     The first thirteen laps of the Semi Late event were the best race of the night. Greg Hainsey  was the early leader but the crowd formed at the front.  When Jim Sayler and Lou Wannyn  caught the lead group, they made it eight cars at the front.  With Saylor working the outside and Wannyn on the bottom,  They worked through the gang to show up in second and third on lap 13
   Thats when everything changed.  A quick caution for a stalled car morphed into several more restarts before another lap could be completed.  On the third try,   Sayler dove to the bottom of Hainsey while Wannyn went outside.  Going up the backstretch there was a collision which sent Sayler into the wall,  then airborn at
full speed.
   After the red flag delay,  Hainsey was still the leader but Bob Jay was second and charging.  Jay shot under Hainsey at the white flag to take the lead.  Dave Brown also got by Hainsey on the last lap but had to settle for second ahead of Hainsey.  Greg Cornell and Dave Whetstone came from tenth and 13th to get into the top five.
     Alyssa Rowe drove the race of her career to score her first ever Emod feature win.  Rowe shot by pole sitter Vigi Zucolotto at the start and set sail from the field.  But once JonathanTaylor arrived at the from from his eighth starting spot, he started narrowing the gap with each passing lap.  He arrived on Rowe’s bumper with five to go but could not effect a pass as Rowe held strong.   Taylor made one more attempt with two to go but fell short as Rowe skittered away for the win.  Brandon Lasalle prevailed in a race long battle with Justin Milburn to secure third at the line.  Zucolotto was fifth.
    Beau Aikey led the Pure Stock event from the start, but John Howsare was all over him each lap.  Eventually there were 5 cars in the lead group as Tyler Alkine, Ed Vogel and Trent Clark joined in.  Vogel worked the outside groove to move up to third and beside Howsare at one point,  But Aikey was in charge for the duration.
   At the finish, Aikey scored his first ever feature win before the hugest crowd of the season, followed by Howsare, Vogel, Alkine and Kyle Weyandt.
LATE MODEL 25 LAP   Andy Haus,  Dylan Yoder,  Matt Cosner,  Jeff Rine,  Chuck Clise,  DJ Troutman,  Matt Sponaugle,  Matt Parks,  Jack Pencil,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Wayne Johnson,  John Myers,  Shawn Jones,  Danny Snyder,  Eric Zembower,  Cody Robbins,  Darrass Deneen,  Rick Singleton,  Dave Troutman,  DNS  Sam Grindlesberger.
  LIMITED 20 LAP    Brian Lowery  Taylor Farlling,  Troy Swindell,  Donnie Farlling,  Robby Black,  DJ Troutman,  Josh Berrier,  Ron Bottenfield,  Curtis Heath,  Glen Ray,  Larry Foor,  Mike Lasuffer,  Patrick Waugh,  Travis Stickley,  Ralph Morgan,  Kyle Lee,Nathan Lasalle,  DNS  Darrell Dick
SEMI LATE 15 LAP    Bob Jay,  Dave Brown,  Greg Hainsey,  Greg Cornell,  Dave Whetstone,  Brian Duffy,  Jesse Snyder,  Don Wyles,  Jamie Kohan,  TTom Warren,  Kyle Beckett,  Dennis Collins,  Zane Weicht,  Jim Sayler,  Lou Wannyn,  Devin Weyandt,  Jesse Snyder,  Joe Pluta,  Chad Gambol,  Scott Sturtz,
EMOD  15 LAPAlyssa Rowe,  Jonathan Taylor,  Brandon Lasalle,  Justin Milburn,  Vivi Zucolotto,  Bill Pluta,  Bruce Dreistadt,  Adam Taylor  Mike Meck,  Adam Daniels,  Mike Shoemaker,  Steve Dixon,  Rick Good man  Jeff Treece,  Brian Fyfe
PURE STOCK 15 LAPS    Beau Aikey,  John Howsare,  Ed Vogel,  Tyler Alkire,  Kyle Weyandt  Trent Clark,  Brad Feight,  Travis Vogel,  Travis Group,  Joe Dearmitt,  Jarrod Brown,  Amber Mills,  Dave Lambert,  Justin Queen,  Dave Riley,  Terry Mitchell,  Terry Norris,  Greg Beckett,  Jeff Brown,  Dan Jackson,  Bill Rerplogle,  Dakots Foor,  Owen Baughman,  Reed Stickel.