Bedford Speedway » 2015 Results


September 8th, 2015
  Bedford Speedway celebrated the Labor Day holiday as a tribute to the original opener at the track, 79 years and one day earlier.  Just as Billy Winn did in 1936, Ron Aurand scored his first ever Bedford Speedway victory, this one coming in the 305 Sprint event.  Rick Singleton, nine time 2014 winner at the track, returned to take his second 2015 Limited win.  Later, Brad Feight and Dacron Powell captured both feature wins and track titles with wins in Pure Stock and 4 Cylinder action.
    Pole sitter DJ Troutman led the topless  Limited field early as first Darrell Dick and later Josh Berrier chased him.  The complexion changed dramatically when Berrier went for a quick spin on lap 15.  That moved Donnie Farlling and Rick Singleton, who had started back in eighth,  to his bumper. Singleton secured second a lap later and zipped Troutman for the lead  on lap 19.
   Troutman,  whose car began to sound a bit sickly as the laps wore on,  held off Farlling for several more laps but Farlling got by on lap 23.  From then on , Farlling chased Singleton to the finish.  Troutman was third followed by Ron Bottenfield and Taylor Farlling.  Bottenfield and Donnie Farlling won the heats.
    Farlling’s finish completed a dramatic turnaround from third in the point standings only two races ago to the 2015 track title.
    Jim Kennedy, the only racer on the property alive for the original Bedford race in 1936,  led the first few laps of the 305 event.  Kennedy’s day ended on lap 4 as his motor expired, handing the lead to Ron Aurand.  From that point Aurand held off Gary Kriess lap after lap.  Drew Ritchey moved from 7th to third and took second on the last lap as Kreiss slowed on the backstretch.
    Aurand took the win, becomming the 11th consecutive different winner at the track.  Ritchey, Jeff Miller Jr, Ryan Lynn, and Reed Thompson trailed.  Kennedy started off his evening with a heat win.  Joe Zap won the other.
     Dave Lambert led an 11 car mob for the duration of the Pure Stock event.  Dan Jackson trailed him for 11 laps until he spun in turn three.  At that point John Howsare, Brad Feight and Tyler Alkine closed on the leader and the battle resumed.  On the last lap,  Lambert left an opening going into turn one and Alkine and Feight got by.   Alkine led the last lap but could not get past the tech line,  relinquishing the win to Feight, who captured the track title just by starting the event.  Lambert was scored second, ahead of Howsare, Beau Aikey and Jason Haggerty.  Keith Killander (after Ed Vogel was light on the scale), Travis Group and Howsare won the heats.
  The 4 Cylinder event was a real barn burner with the track title on the line.  Mike McDonald was the early leader until the gang tracked him down.  Dacron Powell,  after some wild three and four wide moves came through the field and took the lead on lap 6.  Ryan Peer arrived in second a lap later and the pair went at it.  Peer actually took the lead at the white flag,  but overshot the runway in turn one, allowing Powell to crossover and take it back.
    From that point on Powell ran uncontested to the win.  Peer, McDonald, Wayne Brenize and Darren Howsare trailed.  Peer and Brenize won the heats.  With the win,  Powell emerged from a four way group to take the 2015 title.
   Rick Pastor led flag to flag in the visiting Vintage car club event.  Randy Minnich, Scott Rickrode and Glenn Pobletts trailed.  Pastor also won the only heat for the club.
LIMITED  25 LAP TOPLESS.    Rick Singleton,  Donnie Farlling,  DJ Troutman,  Ron Bottenfield,  Taylor Farlling,  Darrell Dick,  Travis Calhoun,  Brian Lowery,  Glen Ray,  Curtis Heath,  Josh Berrier,  Rick Tripodi,  Nathan Lasalle,  Trpy Swindell,
305 SPRINT 20 LAP    Ron Aurand,  Drew Ritchey,  Jeff Miller J,  Ryan Lynn,  Reed Thompson,  Craig Fulmer,  Todd Lynn,  Dylan Shatzer,  Joe Zap,  Nicole Walker,  Robbie Bartchy,  Jim Minarchick,  Gary Kriess,  Steve Kennawell,  Jim Kennedy,  Judi Bates
PURE STOCK 15 LAP    Brad Feight,  Dave Lambert,  John Howsare,  Beau Aikey,  Jason Haggerty,  Kyle Weyandt,  Dave Riley,  Trent Clark,  Ed Vogel,  Kayden Smith,  Travis Group,  Joe Railey,  Greg Beckett,  Eric Weyandt,  Keith Killander,  Dan Jackson,  Brandon Inglish,  Terry Mitchell,  Dakota Foor,   DNS  Jarrod Brown,  Bill Replogle  DQ  Tyler Alkine.
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP    Dacron Powell,  Ryan Peer,  Mike McDonald,  Wayne Brenize,  Darren Howsare,  Tom Brady,  Randy Peer,  Garrett Watkins,  Dave Harclerode,  Chris Reckner,  Denny Pittman,  Kolby Crawley,  Doug Cornath,  Josh Fetters,  Todd Price,  Phil Best
VINTAGE  12 LAP     Rick Pastor,  Randy Minnich,  Scott Rickrode,  Glenn Pobletts,  Gene Wrightstone,  Mark Rickrode,  Mark Weigle,  Gary Becker