Bedford Speedway » 2016 Results


June 4th, 2016
    Bedford semi regular Nick Dickson dominated the field to score the big win as Late Model Speedweek began at Bedford Friday night.  The win, worth $4000, was the 8th of Dickson’s career at the track but his first since late 2011.  In other action, Jesse Snyder rallied late to score a dramatic last lap win in the Semi Late event and Evan Taylor claimed another EMod win.
    Dickson got the jump on Jared Miley at the start and built up a comfortable lead over the field by the time Larry Baer stopped on track, bringing out the first caution on lap 10.  Miley, while chasing Dickson, found himself under attack from Max Blair, who was hoping to repeat his win of last week.
    On the restart, Dickson again sped away, but Blair was able to wrest second spot from Miley before the second and final yellow flew, for Tyler Horst on lap 15.  After a couple quick cautions on that restart, the field settled down and went green to the finish, with Dickson pulling away and Blair and Miley in hot pursuit.
    Behind the lead duo,  Kennt Pettyjohn held off a persistent Matt Cosner for fourth.
   The Dynamics changed around lap 30 as Dickson entered a knot of lapped cars.  Blair and Miley both closed quickly and the three mixed it up among the three car traffic pattern.  Dickson survived  to dispose of the traffic on lap 33, but it took the others a lap longer to get through.  When Blair and Miley emerged into open track, Dickson was well ahead.
     With Dickson heading toward the win,  Blair and Miley fought their own battle, with Miley snagging the second spot on the white flag lap.
    At the finish it was Dickson ahead of Miley and Blair.  Pettyjohn and Cosner battled to the finish but finished in that order.  Jeff Rine, Matt Parks, Mason Zeigler, Travis Stickley and Colby Frye completed the top 10.  Bryan Bernheisel, Dickson and Rine won the heats.  Justin Kann won the B  for the 31 cars in the pits.
     Jesse Snyder, on a bit of a mid season roll, used last lap dramatics to score the Semi Late win, the second of the season.  Greg Cornell was the early leader and held off Lou Wannyn early on.  Ultimately Cornell opened up on the field, but Snyder was picking his way forward.  Snyder was up to fourth on lap five and got by Bob Jay one lap later.  Snyder got by Wannyn on lap 8 and set off after Cornell.
     Closing a bit each lap, Snyder was on Cornell by lap 12.  On the last lap, Snyder swept by for the win.  Cornell, Wannyn, Jao and Don Wyles completed the top five.  Unlike several recent Semi Late events which featured wild crashing, this one went green to checkered.  Cornell and Snyder won the heats.
    Ken Singer led the EMod event from his front row start.  Evan Taylor appeared in second on lap two but did not close on Singer for several laps.  But finally on lap 8, Singer left the door open and Taylor took over.  A serious turn one crash, which found Adam Daniels land on top of Travis Vogel stopped action on lap 15,  but Taylor held on the last three laps for the win.  Singer, Alyssa Rowe, Jonathan Taylor and Bill Pluta trailed.  Brandon Lasalle and Jonathan Taylor won the heats.
LATE MODEL 40 LAPS  1  Nick Dickson,  Jared Miley,  Max Blair,  Kenny Pettyjohn,  Matt Cosner,  Jeff Rine,  Matt Parks,  Mason Zeigler,  Travis Stickley,  Colby Frye,  Dylan Yoder,  Mike Lupfer,  Billy Wampler,  Dan Stone,  Matt Sponaugle,  Robby Marhefka,  Austin Berry, DJ Myers,  Eric Zembower,  Bryan Bernheisel,  Keith Barbara,  Tyler Horst,  Justin Kann,  DJ Troutman,  Larry Baer
DNQ  Dave Troutman,  Darrass Deneen,  Waylon Wagner, Troy Swindell,  Chuck Clise,  Dave Stamm
SEMI LATE 15  1  Jesse Snyder,  Greg Cornell,  Lou Wannyn,  Bob Jay,  Don Wyles,  Justin Michael,  Dave Whetstone,  Tom Warren,  Chad Gambol,  Joe Pluta,  Travis Calhoun,  Tom Wakefield  Scott Sturtz.
EMOD 18 LAP  1  Evan Taylor,  Ken Singer,  Alyssa Rowe,  Jonathan Taylor,  Bill Pluta,  Justin Milburn,  Ed Vogel,  John Whitfield,  Brian Fyfe,  Adam Daniels,  Mike Meck, Brandon Lasalle,  DNS  Jim Saylor