Bedford Speedway » 2016 Results


August 13th, 2016
  Matt Cosner, enjoying a stellar mid season run, rallied late to take the Late Model event at Bedford Friday night.  It was Cosner’s third win of 2016 at the track where he has been the only multiple winner this season.  In a spectacular Semi Late race featuring a photo finish and post race drama, Tom Warren was awarded the win in the Muss Weyant Memorial.  Alyssa Rowe, Brad Feight and Ryan Peer also enjoyed trips to the Bedford stage.
    Dave Troutman got the jump on Jason Schmidt to lead the opening laps of the Late Model event.    Andy Haus also got by Schmidt for second but did not close on Troutman in the early laps.  While the first two ran alone at the front, Matt Cosner was booming through the field.  Cosner was up to fourth on lap 4, and slid by Schmidt on lap 8.
    While Cosner set out after Andy Haus, Haus began closing on the leader Troutman.   Cosner got to Haus and edged by on lap 15.  With Haus in tow, Cosner caught the leader on lap 18 and made the pass two laps later.
   From that point on,  Cosner rushed off to a safe margin for the win in the cautionless event.   Haus slid by Troutman on lap 21 and Jeff Rine completed his arge to the front by taking third on the white flag lap.  Troutman and Schmidt completed the top five.   Cosner and Rine won the heats.
    The Semi Lates went 35 laps in an event filled with drama even afterward.   Donald Wyles led early as the mob ran in his wake.  Greg Hainsey was his early chaser, but Jesse Snyder moved into contention by lap 7.   Hainsey took the lead on lap nine, but Snyder was in hot pursuit.    The pair ran side by side several laps until Snyder got by on lap 14.
    Hainsey did not give up however and was all over Snyder lap after lap.  Action was dramatically halted on lap 30 as Jim Sacco had major car troubles and erupted in a trail of flames on the backstretch.  When Snyder bobbled on the ensuing restart Hainsey pounced and took the lead.  Snyder recovered and attacked Hainsey again.  As the pair went for the finish line, Snyder edged ahead slightly, winning in a photo finish.
    But the drama was not over as Snyder’s car failed post race tech.  When Hainsey’s car met the same fate,  Tom  Warren,  who crossed the line third,  was awarded the win.  Travis Calhoun, Greg Cornell and Wyles trailed.   Cornell and Wyles won the heats.
    Alyssa Rowe got the drop on the field at the start and never looked back in the EMod event.   She pulled out to a commanding lead early and ran off from the field.   Point leader Bill Pluta ran second early until the Taylor family moved in.  Evan Taylor took second on lap 5 and Jonathan Taylor moved to third on lap ten,  but they could not chop away at Rowe’s lead, finishing in those positions. Pluta and John Whitfield completed the top 5.  Ken Singer and Jonathan Taylor won the heats.
    In contrast to the other events, the Pure Stock event had a rough start..   Several first lap incidents stirred up the pot.   Brad Feight boomed in from eighth to take the lead from Trent Clark on lap three   from that point on, Feight held off the field as Clark and six or more competitors fought fiercely.   Among the highlights was on lap six as Erik Weyandt, whose 88 burst into flames in the infield on lap 8.
     Joe Dearmitt snagged second spot for good on lap 10 and chased Feight to the finish.   Clark held on for third followed by Terry Norris and Jim Dearmitt, who came from 14th.  Norris, Joe Dearmitt and Dave Lambert won the heats.
   Ryan Peer roared into the 4 Cylinder lead on lap one and then held off the usual characters for the win.  Wayne Brenize gave Peer all he could handle but fell short at the finish.  Cale Martin, Darren Howsare and Tom Bradyt trailed.   Brady and Chris Reckner won the heats.
LATE MODEL 25 LAPS   1  Matt Cosner  Andy Haus,  Jeff Rine,  Dave Troutman,  Jason Schmidt,  DJ Troutman,,Matt Sponaugle,  Eric Zembower,    Troy Swindell,  Chuck Clise,  Nathan Lasalle,  Ryan Claycomb,  Shawn Claar,  DNS  Bob Hershman.
SEMILATE 35 LAP  1  Tom Warren,  Travis Calhoun,  Greg Cornell,  Donald Wyles,  Bob Jay,  Kyle Beckett,  Chad Gambol,  Dave Whetstone,  Tom Wakefield,  Joe Pluta,  Dan Cornman,  Scott Sturtz,  Jim Sacco,  Lou Wannyn,  DQ  Jesse Snyder, Greg Hainsey,  DNS  Justin Michael
EMODIFIED  18 LAP1  Alyssa Rowe,  Evan Taylor,  Jonathan Taylor,  Bill Pluta,  John Whitfield,  Jim Sayler,  Ken Singer,  Ed Vogel,  Justin Milburn,  Brandon Lasalle,  Mike Meck,  Joe Means,  Dan Lawery
PURE STOCK 15 LAP  1  Brad Feight,  Joe Dearmitt,  Trent Clark,  Terry Norris,  Jim Dearmitt,  Reed Stickel,  Beau Aikey,  Barry Weyandt,  Travis Group,  Jason Haggerty,  Tyler Ritchey,  Dave Lambert,  Kyle Weyandt,  Dakota Foor,  Denny Pittman,  Dave Riley,  Justin Queen,  Owen Baughman,  James Foor,  Dan Jackson,  Nick Bechtel,  Erik Weyandt,  Brad Hoffman,  Josh McClellan,  John Howsare,  Bill Replogle,  Dave Beahr.
4 CYLINDER  12 LAP  1  Ryan Peer,  Wayne Brenize,  Cale Martin,  Darren Howsare,  Tom Brady,  Chris Reckner,  Keith Deeter,  Kolby Crawley,  Phil Best,  Todd Price,  Rusty Martin,  Harold Crawford,  Nathan Gilliland,  Josh Fetters,  Morgan Price  DNS  Jeremy Miller,  Chris Sh