Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


April 22nd, 2017
 Matt Cosner, who ended 2016 with five consecutive wins, finally got his first 2017 victory at Bedford Friday night.  The win was Cosner’s ninth Late Model career win at the track and he has won seven of the last ten events dating back to July.  In other action, Mike Potosky held off the Taylor family for an EMod win, and Jesse Snyder came from deep in the field in Semi Late action  Erik Weyandt held off a mob to secure the Pure Stock win before Casey Fleegle took the 4 Cylinder nightcap.
     Dave Troutman brought the Late Model field to the green, but by the end of lap 1, Cosner was in hot pursuit.  After several laps trailing., Cosner shot by Troutman for the lead on lap 4, just as Chuck Clise brought out the first caution.
    On the restart, Cosner turned on the after burners and shot away from the field as the battle for second heated up.  Matt Sponaugle, Chad Hollenbeck and eventually Jeff Rine caught Troutman and wrestled for the spot.
   Sponaugle took second on lap five and the other two followed him by Troutman a lap later.  That set up a race long battle for second among them.  With Hollenbeck on the outside, the trio traded spots for the duration of the 25 lapper.  As Cosner romped to the win.  Rine and Hollenbeck both cleared Sponaugle on the last lap, with Rine securing secon ast the line.  Hollenbeck, Sponaugle and a fast closing Andy Haus completed the top five.  Hollenbeck and Cosner won the heats.
    The EMod event was expected to be a showdown between opening day winner Mike Potosky and the Taylor brothers and it was.  After starting in the third and fourth row, they were the top three runners by the end on the first lap.  But Potosky had gotten to the front first and had the lead.
     The Taylors chased for the 18 lap distance but fell short, as Potosky scored his second career Bedford win.  Jonathan and Evan Taylor trailed, ahead of Rich Goodman and Beau Aikey, who came from a last row starting position.  Point leader Alyssa Rowe retired from the event with 5 to go with engine problems.  The Taylors won the heats.
         Former Pure Stock star Bill Replogle led the Semi Late event early, hounded by Brian Weyandt Jr.  For a few laps it looked like days of yore as the Pork Sell 65 and the Weyandt 88 went side by side for the lead before Weyandy took over on lap 6.  But Weyandt spun two laps later, giving the lead back to Replogle.
    But there was a crowd at growing at the front.  Boyd Brode was all over Reploge for a lap before dropping out, then Bob Jay, Jesse Snyder and a fast reclosing Weyandt joined in pursuit.    Snyder got by Replogle to take over on lap 11.  Jay took second on lap 12  before Replogle reclaimed the spot.  As Snyder took the win, Weyandt recovered from the rear to grab second on the last lap.  Jay took third as Replogle fell to fourth in the wild finish.  Tom Brady was fifth.  Brode and Weyandt won the heats.
   The Pure Stock event was a barn burner with as many as 14 cars in the lead pack.   Erik Weyandt led at the start and held off the mob for the duration.  Dave Lambert chased Weyandt early before Brad Feight got by,  but neither passed Weyandt who led the entire event.  Feight, Lambert, Tyler Ritchey and Joe Dearmitt trailed.  Ritchey and Feight won the heats which were highlighted by a Owen Baughman flip in turn 4.  Dakota Foor, going for a third consecutive win was also involved in a hard heat race crash and did not start the race
    Former asphalt star Casey Fleegle made a successful return to the dirt by taking the 4 Cylinder finale.  He was chased by Chris Reckner early and Wayne Brenize late but hung on for the win.  Brenize, Reckner Todd Price and Kolby Crawley trailed.  Price failed in the tech line, moving the order up one spot.  Fleegle and Brenize won the heats.
LATE MODEL 25 LAP    Matt Cosner,  Jeff Rine,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Matt Sponaugle,  Andy Haus,  DJ Troutman,  Dan Angellichio,  Nick Dickson,  Curtis Heath,  Austin Berry,  Dave Troutman,  Nathan Lasalle,  Chuck Clise,  Deeeter Neuder.
EMOD 18 LAPS  1  Mike Potosky,  Jonathan Taylor,  Evan Taylor,  Rich Goodman,  Beau Aikey,  Bill Pluta,  John Whitfield,  Mike Altobelli,  Justin Milburn,  Jamie Kohan,  Ryan Peer,  Mike Meck,  Alyssa Rowe,  Drake Troutman.
SEMI LATE 15 LAP    Jesse Snyder,  Briam Weyandt Jr,  Bob Jay,  Bill Replogle,  Tom Brady,  Dave Whetstone,  Brandon Hoover,  Boyd Brode,  Cale Martin,  DNS  Mark Patterson
PURE STOCK 15 LAP    Erik Weyandt,  Brad Feight,  Dave Lambert,  Tyler Ritchey,  Joe Dearmitt,  Barry weyandt,  Jim Dearmitt,  Kyle Weyandt,  Denny Pittman,  Trent Clark,  Brad Hoffman,  Preston Imler,  Kevin Weyandt,  Josh Frankenberry,  Laura Chamberlain,  James Foor,  Nick Bechtell,  Jason Haggerty,  Matt Brode,  Joe Means  DNS  Dakota Foor, Owem Baughman
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP   Casey Fleegle,  Wayne Brenize,  Chris Reckner,  Kolby Crawley,  Phil Best,  Steven Martin,  David Reaugh,  Brian Ickes,  Steve Frederick,  Rusty Martin,  DQ  Todd Price  DNS  Dave Harclerode.