Bedford Speedway » 2017 Results


May 1st, 2017
    Trey Sparks rolled into Bedford Sunday as the AllStar Sprints made the last stop on their Pennsylvania  weekend, and before he left he had scored the big win.  It was is first ever Bedford victory as well as his first ever AllStar win.   In other Sunday action, Kyle Weyandt took the Pure Stock race while Casey Fleegle turned the tables by winning the 5 Cylinder finale in the tech line, the way he had lost in Friday action.
    Lucas Wolfe led the Sprint cars to the start and took the initial lead, before Ryan Smith took a wild spin and wall collision in turn one on lap two.   On the restart,  Trey Stark got the jump on Wolfe and zoomed into the lead, a position he held until the red flag halted proceedings on lap 5.  
    At that time a tangle which started near the front of the field scattered everyone and ended up with the cars of TJ Stutts and Caleb Armstrong  entangled  on the backstretch .  The red flag delay to clear up the mess took quite a while and saw the retirement of both drivers as well as Dan Dietrich.
    On the restart, Starks ran away as Dale Blaney and Wolfe traded second position.   When the last 20 laps went all green, the leaders found themselves embroiled in mass lapped traffic to add to the excitement.  Blaney and Wolfe traded second and held off a fast closing Tim Shaffer.
   At the finish,   Starks ran off to a two and a half second win over Blaney, Wolfe and Shaffer.  Dan Shetler was fifth.  Stetler, Wolfe, Logan Wagner and Starks won the heats.  Wolfe and Armstrong won the dashes.  Carl Bowser won the B.
    Dave Lambert led the herd of Pure Stocks to the line but e was hounded from the start by Kyle Wwyandt and about a dozen others.  On lap 8, Weyandt slid by for the lead and was never headed.  Lambert held on for second in the event which featured only one quick caution.  Brad Feight, Joe Dearmitt and Jim Dearmitt trailed.  Feight and Joe Dearmitt won the heats.
     In a repeat performance of the Friday event, Casey Fleegle and Darren Howsare battled the 4 Cylinder duration.   Howsare won with Fleegle in tow,  But in a reversal of the Friday event, Howsare failed the tech inspection and Fleegle took the win.   Wayne Brenize, Mike McDonald, Rusty Martin and Bryan Ickes trailed.  There were no heats.
ALLSTAR SPRINTS  25 LAPS  1  Trey Sparks,  Dale Blaney,  Luas Wol;fe,  Tim Shaffer,  Dan Shetler,  Cole Duncan,  Caleb Helms,  Josh Baughman,  Billy Dietrich,  Greg Hodnett,  Mark Smith,  Logan Wagner,  Max Stambaugh,  Mike Wagner,  Brandon Spithaler,  Carl Bowser,  Tyler Esh.  Chad Kemenaugh,  Jordan Mackinson,  Roger Campbell,  Dane Lorenc,  George Hobaugh,  Caleb Armstrong,  Dan Dietrich,  TJ Stutts,  Ryan Smith,  DNS  Brandon Matus,  George Streaker,  Brent Matus,  Hunter Mackison,  Ryan Linder,  John Garvin,  TJ Michael,  Coleman Gulik,  BNradley Howard,  Cale Grubb
PURE STOCKS 15 LAPS  1  Kyle weyandt,  Dave Lambert,  Brad Feight,  Joe Dearmitt,  Jim Dearmitt,  Tyler Ritchey,  Denny Pittman,  Barry Weyandt,  Trent Clark,  James Foor,  Brad Hoffman,  Laura Chamberlain,  Erik Weyandt,  Josh  Frankenberry,  Dakota Foor,  DNS  Kevin Weyandt,  Joe Means.
4 CYLINDER  1  Casey Fleegle,  Wayne Brenize,  Mike McDonald,  Rusty Martin,  Bryan Ickes,  Phil Best,  Kolby Crawley,  DQ  Darren Howsare, Todd Price