Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


July 8th, 2017
On a night when Bedford Speedway honored all the past Late Model winners, Chuck Clise rose to the occasion to score the big 25 lap victory.  Clise’s win was his first at the track since July of 2016 which had ironically come on another historical moment, the track’s 80th anniversary event.  It was Clise’s fifth career trip to the Bedford stage in the track’s 602nd ever event.
   In other action, Jonathan Taylor came from deep in the field to score another EMod win, Jesse Snyder took another Semi Late win and big 2017 class stars Wayne Brenize and Darren Howsare split the 4 Cylinder twin 10s.
    On a track wet and fast after a rain delay, Chuck Clise shot around pole sitter Dave Troutman at the start and ran off to a lead he never relinquished.  DJ Troutman emerged in second on lap two and chased Clise for the duration, alternately closing then falling back over the first 20 laps.   A quick caution for Dave Troutman on lap 20 closed the field but Clise ran away from Troutman on the restart to score the win.   

    Matt Sponaugle came on late to take third ahead of Chad Hollenbeck and Nathan Lasalle, who scored his best ever Late Model finish.  The Troutmans split the qualifying heats.
    John Whitfield was the early EMod leader but Jonathan Taylor shot from the field to run him down by lap four.  Taylor shot by a lap later and ran off to yet another win.  Whitfield found himself fending off the charge of last week’s winner Beau Aikey and Alyssa Rowe for the duration but held on to take his career best finish at second.
     Aikey, Rowe and Dacron Powell completed the top 5.  Taylor and Bill Pluta won the heats.
     Brandon Hoover was the early Semi Late leader, holding on through two yellows in the first two laps.  Jesse Snyder got by on lap three for the lead and left Hoover to fend off Bill Replogle and later Bob Jay who came from eighth in the field.  Jay took second on lap 7 and chased after Snyder.
     Semi Late action was halted wildly on lap 12 as Tom Brady flipped down the frontstretch, causing the red flag.   On the restart with three to go, Snyder managed to best Jay to the finish.  But Jay’s car has issues in the post race tech line and Hoover was moved upto second in the final rundown.   Brian Weyandt Jr, Justin Michael, and Travis Calhoun completed the top 5.  Hoover and Jay won the heats.
     The 4 Cylinders completed the evening with a twin 10 lap format.  Wayne Brenize went from fifth to first on the first lap to lead the entire first 10 lapper.  He was trailed by Chris Graybill, Zack Wissinger, Darren Howsare and Kolby Crawley
    After Brenize drew to invert 5, Darren Howsare was on the front row for the second 10.  In the best race of the night,  Howsare led a four car battle at the front for theduration before prevailing.   Graybill, Crawley and Brenize traded the spots behind Howsare with Steve Frederick in hot pursuit before finishing in that order.  Brenize and Graybill won the heats.
    In honor of the track’s 600th Late Model event a few weeks ago, all the former feature winners were honored with a pre race get together and group picture at intemission.  Although the threatening gloomy weather hurt the participation,  a good time was had by all.
  LATE MODELS  25 LAPS  1  Chuck Clise,  DJ Troutman,  Matt Sponaugle,  Chad Hollenbeck,  Nathan Lasalle,  Jeff Rine,  Dave Troutman,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Jeff Johnson,  Andy Haus,  Wayne Johnson,  DNS  Curtis Heath,  Kyle Lee
EMOD  18 LAPS  1  Jonathan Taylor,  John Whitfield,  Beau Aikey,  Alyssa Rowe,  Dacron Powell,  Bill Pluta,  Rich Goodman,  Mike Corbin,  Drake Troutman,  Chris Rudolph,  Mike Meck,  Darrell,  Edwards,  Mike Altobelli Sr,  Jamie Kohan,  Justin Milburn,  SEMI LATE 15 LAPS  1  Jesse Snyder,  Brandon Hoover,  Brian Weyandt jr    Justin Michael,  Travis Calhoun,  Jarrod Brown,  Cale Martin,  Dave Whetstone,  Tom Brady,  Boyd Brode,  Mark Patterson,  Bill Replogle,  Chris Wolfe,  DQ  bob Jay
4 CYLINDER 10 LAPS  1  Wayne Brenize,  Chris Graybill,  Zack Wissinger,  Darren Howsare,  Kolby Crawley,  Todd Price,  Steve Frederick,  Kyle Frankenberry,  Morgan Price,  Phil Best,  Josh Fetters,  Bryan Ickes,  DNS  Rusty Martin
4 CYLINDER 10 LAPS  1  Darren Howsare,  Chris Graybill,  Kolby Crawley,  Wayne Brenize,  Steve Frederick,  Bryan Ickes,  Josh Fetters,  Kyle Frankenberry,  Todd Price,  Zack Wuissinger,  Phil Best,  DNS  Morgan Price, Rusty Martin