Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


August 26th, 2017
    It was a night of first time winners Friday at Bedford Speedway.  Devin Weyandt led the parade by grabbing his first ever Limited feature win with a dominating performance.  Nick Bechtell and Kolby Crawley followed that up with career first Pure Stock and 4 Cylinder wins, while Dan Cornman rose to take the Semi Late victory, his furst in a long time.   In the best finish of the night, Evan Taylor used a dramatic last lap pass to take the EMod win.
    Devin Weyandt used a front row starting spot to grab the initial Limited lead and took off from the field.   Second place runner Brian Lowery brought out the first caution when he stopped on the track on lap three.  That caution also saw the departure of new second place runner Greg Cornell, who ignited a motor in turn two.  
    At that point Curtis Heath emerged in second, but he fell under the relentless pressure of Robby Black,  who had charged up from his seventh starting spot. Black got by Heath on lap seven and took off after the well ahead Weyandt.   After closing slightly over the next few green flag laps, Black really closed up when Weyandt encountered two battling lapped cars on lap 15.   After several heart stopping laps, Weyandt finally burst through the traffic still as the leader.  When Black failed to get by them for another lap,  Weyandt rushed on unhindered for the big win.

    At the finish it was Weyandt, Black, Kadden Smith, who held off furious challenges of Dan Zechman,  and Donnie Farlling.   Black and Weyandt won the heats.
    In the best race of the night, Dennis Perigo led the EMod event from the start while Evan Taylor and Nolan Dalton came from the pack.  Taylor was up to fourth by lap six but was in a wild battle with Drake Troutman and Rich Goodman for second, with Dave Brown in hot pursuit.  
    A quick yellow on lap 14 closed the field with Taylor in second, But Perigo held him off.   Running the high line and banking off the wall several times, Taylor pressed the challenge to Perigo over the last 4 laps.   Going into turn three on the last lap, Taylor made one last wild effort and squeezed by Perigo for the win.  Dave Brown also rallied late to claim third as Dalton’s rush ended at fourth.  Troutman ended up completing the top five.  Dalton and Brown won the heats.
    Dan Cornman who came out of retirement a few weeks ago led the Semi Late event from the start.  He was chased for the duration by two Weyandts, Kyle and Brian Jr and they were joined late by Chris Chamberlain.  In the event which went straight through green, Brian finally got by for second on lap 14 and gave Cornman a run at the finish but fell short at the line.   The first four, Cornman, Brian Jr, Kyle and Chamberlain finished in a close pack, followed by Jim Saylor, doing a cameo appearance in Tom Warren’s car.  Chamberlain and Brian Duffy won the heats.  
    It was the usual mob at the front of the Pure Stock event as Nick Bechtell held off the field.  Josh Frankenberry tried everything on Bechtell, pulling alongside repeatedly, but Bechtell held off the challenges to take the win.  Frankenberry followed in second, ahead of Denny Pittman, Trent Clark and Kyle Beckett.  Pittman and Bechtell won the heats.
    Kolby Crawley held off a six car mob to take the 4 Cylinder finale.    Chris Graybill and Casey Fleegle were the early challengers but Bailey Johnson emerged from the group on the last lap to take second.  Graybill, Fleegle and Joe Means completed the top five after a wild last lap.  Darren Howsare and Graybill won the heats.
LIMITED 20 LAPS  1  Devin Weyandt,  Robby Black,  Kadden Smith,  Dan Zechman,  Donnie Farlling,  Curtis Heath,  Taylor Farlling,  Ron Bottenfield,  Jake Moser,  Travis Group,  Brian Lowery,  Greg Cornell.
EMOD 18 LAPS  1  Evan Taylor,  Dennis Perigo,  Dave Brown,  Nolan Dalton,  Drake Troutman,  Bill Pluts,  Alyssa Rowe,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Rich Goodman,  Bruce Dreistadt,  John Whitfield,  Jamie Kohan,  Justin Milburn,  Todd Goss,  Beau Aikey,  Mike Meck,  Brian Fife,  Chris Rudolph,  DNS  Jonathan Taylor
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Dan Cornman,  Brian Weyandt Jr,  Kyle Weyandt,  Chris Chamberlain,  Jim Saylor,  Jesse Snyder,  Brian Duffy,  Brandon Hoover,  Tom Brady,  Dave Whetstone,  Mark Patterson
PURE STOCK  15 LAPS  1  Nick Bechtell,  Josh Frankenberry,  Denny Pittman,  Trent Clark,  Kyle Beckett,  Erik Weyandt,  Kyle Weyandt,  Barry Weyandt,  Dave Lambert,  Laura Chamberlain,  Ethan Foor,  James Foor,  Nathan Gilliland,  Brad Feight,  Dakota Foor,  Jarrod Brown,  Tyler Ritchey,  DNS  Bill Replogle,  Kyle Deneen
4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Kolby Crawley,  Bailey Johnson,  Chris Graybill,  Casey Fleegle,  Joe Means,  Wayne Brenize,  Darren Howsare,  Rusty Martin,  Steve Frederick,  Todd Price,  Eric Zimmerman,  Bryan Ickes,  Josh Fetters,  Kyle Frankenberry,  Morgan Price,