Bedford Speedway » 2018 Results


June 9th, 2018

    Steve Drevicki  etched his name in the Bedford Speedway record books as he won both the USAC midget and USAC sprint events in the same night Friday.  It was only the 6th  time in track history that a driver stood in Bedford’s Victory Lane twice in the same night, and only the second time its been done in two different divisions.


     In other action, Mike Altobelli Jr scored another Emod win, Nick Bechtell took the Pure Stock event and Casey Fleegle put the PT Cruiser in Victory Lane in 4 Cylinder action.


   By the luck of the draw,Steve Drevicki started on the pole in the USAC midget event.  He took the lead at the start and pretty much dominated the action.  Ryan Greth came from the pack and closed on the leader in the later laps, but his day ended when he headed pitside on lap 16.


    After that Drevicki ran off to the undisputed win.  Andrew Layser, Kenny Miller, Shawn Jackson and Jason Rice trailed.  Alex Bright won the heat for the field of cars.


    Steve Drevicki’s USAC sprint car victory was far more dramatic and came at the expense of Bedford hard luck driver Eddie Strada.


    In the URC visit to the track last month, Strada had led the feature for 20 laps before getting over taken  for the win.   In only his second Bedford visit Friday night he flipped and destroyed his 5G on the very first lap of the warmup session.  But Strada also had his URC car in the pits and the crew went to work taking off that wing and preparing that car for wingless action.


     With an apparent change of luck, Strada drew the pole position for the USAC sprint race and darted off into the lead.    Strada was able to pull away from the pack on each restart as the event became a cautionfest along with two red flag events.


    Strada led easily as a wild three car battled raged for second among Carmen Perigo, Chandler Leiby and eventually Steve Drevicki.   Drevicki Managed to move by Leiby on a lap 10 restart and took second from Perigo on lap 15.   But he could only chase  Strada , who survived three cautions in the last six laps for the apparent win.


    But Strada’s horrid luck continued at Bedford as his car came up light on the scale.  After several; attempts, the car was still at least 10 pounds light, less than the weight of the discarded wing of the car.     That allowed the surprised Drevicki to make it a double visit to the stage.   The record will show Drevicki the winner, ahead of Leiby, Perigo, Joey Biosi and Mark Bitner.     Biosi and Perigo won the heats.   


    Bill Unglert joined Strada as flip victims with a wild ride in turn three  early in the event.


     As the most recent winner. Mike Altobelli Jr was handicapped deep in the Emod field but came forward in a rush.   Rick Singleton was the early leader but Altobelli was second by lap  three.   He hounded Singleton and shot by for the lead on lap six as Singleton’s motor began to make bad noises.


      From that point on, Altobelli completely controlled the event.  Singleton retired on lap 17  allowing Drake Troutman, who battled Beau Aikey the entire distance, to come up with a second place finish,  Aikey was third ahead of Alyssa Rowe and Jamie Kohan.   Aikey and Troutman won the heats.


    It was a six car mob at the front of the pure Stock event, led by pole starter Dalton Ritchey.  Nick Bechtell methodically worked through the mob and slid by Ritchey on lap 11.   Shawn Shoemaker had arrived from eighth and followed Bechtell by Ritchey,  Denny Pittman arrived from his 12th starting position  and followed a lap later and the group ran in that order to the finish,    Josh Frankenberry and Ritchey completed the top five.


     Bechtell and Shoemaker won the heats.


    Casey Fleegle got by Chris Reckner on lap two and led the distance in the 4 Cylinder finale.  Ninth starter Wayne Brenize made a late race charge to finish second, ahead of a group of Steves, Martin Sr,  Martin Jr and Frederick.  Martin Jr, Dustin Kinser and Brenize won the heats.  Raymond Siegnye, making his first ever start had a thrill as he managed to flip over in turn one on the first lap of the event.


USAC MIDGETS  20 LAPS  1  Steve Drevicki,  Andrew Layser,  Kenny Miller  Shawn Johnson,  Jason Rice,  Brett Conklin,  John Anderkin,  Ryan Greth,  Alex Bright  DNS  Reed SaLony


USAC SPRINT 25 LAPA  1  Steve Drevicki,  Chandler Leiby,  Carmen Perigo,  Joey Bosci.  Masrk Bitner,  Ryan Greth,  Troy Hivner,  Ryan Quackenbush,  Heidi Hedin,  BNryan Reed,  Trevor Kobylarz,  Larry McVay,  Eric Jennings,  Bob Garvey,  Bill Unglert,  DNS  Chris Allen,  DQ  Eddie Strada.


EMOD 18 LAPS  1  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Drake Troutman,  Beau Aikey,  Alyssa Rowe,  Jamie Kohan,  Dennis Perigo,  Ken Singer,  Rick Singleton,  Mike Meck,  Ken Sumner,  Dan Cornman.


PURE STOCK 15 LAP  1  Nick Bechtell,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Denny Pittman,  Josh Frankenberry,  Dalton Ritchey,  Brad Nesline,  Kyle Weyandt,  Laura Chamberlain,  Delmer Donivan,  Nathan Gillilland,  Erik Weyandt,  Barry Weyandt,  James Foor,  Charlie Clise,  Reed Stickel,  Darren Howsare,  Cole Stickel,  Trent Clark,  Dakota Foor,  DNS  Tyler Thomas


4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS  1  Casey Flergle, Wayne Brenize,  Steve Martin,  Steven Martin,  Steve Frederick,  Kyle Frankenberry,  Chris Graybill,  TJ Cornell,  Dalton Long,  Wyatt Marker,  Adam Powell,  Travis Heavner,  Kevin Banzhe,  Todd Price,  Bryan Ickes,  Jordan Perino,  Derek Iser,  Jason Edniston,  Jeremy Miller,  Chris Reckner,  Bill Shehan,  Carl Redinger,  Raymond Siegny,  DNS  Morgan Price  DQ  Dustin Kinser.