Bedford Speedway ยป 2018 Results


July 7th, 2018

    Jeff Rine scored another  big win as he took the Tri Track closer at Bedford Friday night.  The event, also known as the Milt Miller classic, was Rine’s third of the season and added to his already healthy point lead.  In other action, Drake Troutman, Bill Replogle and  Todd Price win support events.

    By the luck of the draw, Jeff Rine started on the pole in the Late Model 30 lapper.  He got the drop on Dylan Yoder at the start and pretty much left the field in his wake.  After two quick cautions in the first two laps, the field went to lap 10 before slowing again.  Rine got away as Matt Cosner moved in to battle Yoder.     Cosner got by Yoder on a lap 10 restart, but the man on the move was Jared Miley, who was already up to third after passing Yoder on lap 12.    

    By about lap 20, Rine began to encounter heavy lapped traffic.   Cosner began to close quickly, but Mile was closing on both of the leaders.   Miley’s hopes of a successful charge took a turn for the bad after he banked off the turn one wall on lap 23.   Although it was a hard impact, Miley recovered without losing a spot but lost touch with Cosner.

     Over the last 20 laps, Rine was able to survive the lapped traffic to take the win over Cosner.  Miley, Tyler Bare and Yoder.    Alex Ferree, Yoder and Cosner won the heats.

    Jesse Snyder was the early Semi Late leader and he held off a six car mob.  Greg Hainsey was the first to chase Snyder, but Hainsey, on lap 9 and later Chris Chamberlain on lap 10, spun while running second.  That placed persistent Bill Replogle in the chase position behind Snyder.   That became fortuitous as Snyder;’s car cut off on lap 18 in front of the field.

       After Replogle took the lead it was like old times as Replogle battled at the front with a Weyandt, this time Brian Jr, like many races in the 90s.  Replogle held off Weyandt for the 25 lap win, ahead of Travis Calhoun, Bob Jay and Kyle Weyandt, who came from the rear of the field twice.  Replogle and Chamberlain won the heats.

     A short Emod field produced the most bizarre event of the evening.   The Harding racing team of Brian Duffy and Mike Altobelli Jr headed the field early.  Duffy held off every challenge on Altobelli for 19 laps until he came up with  flat tire.   Altobelli appeared home free with yet another 2018 win until he also suffered a flat tire on lap 23.  That allowed Drake Troutman to rush to his second win of the season.  Jamie Kohan posted a career best finish at second, ahead of Duffy, Justin Milburn and Mike Meck.   

    Todd Price survived a couple quick early cautions, then ran off to win the 4 Cylinder closer.   Bill Shehan started near tthe back, then survived a wild 360 spin in traffic , coming from the rear a second time to score second at the line. Rusty Martin, Chris Reckner and Steve Frederick completed the top 5.  Shehan and Price won the heats.


LATE MODEL 30 LAP  1  Jeff Rine, Matt Cosner,  Jared Miley,  Tyler Bare,  Dylan Yoder,  Robby Black,  Alex Ferree,  Colby Frye,  Andy Haus,  DJ Trtoutman,  Mike Lupfer,  WaynJohnson,  Nathan Lasdalle,  Dave Stamm,  Travis Wilson,  Tyler Horst,  Larry Baer,  Matt Parks,  Chuck Clise,  Todd Weldon,  Dave Troutman,  Matt Sponaugle,  Jeff Johnson,  DNS  Ralph Morgan,  Jayme Beck


EMOD  25 LAP  1  Drake Troutman,  Jamie Kohan,  Brian Duffy,  Justin Milburn,  Mike Meck,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Sam Reeder


SEMI LATE 25  1  Bill Replogle,  Brian Weyandt,  Travis Calhoun,  Bob Jay,  Kyle Weyandt,  Chris Chamberlain,  Mark Patterson,  Josh Bloom,  Brad Boyd,  Shawn Wyles,  Tom Brady,  Scott Sturtz,  Jesse Snyder,  Greg Hainsey,  Chris Wolfe,  DNS  Dave Whetstone,


4 CYLINDER  20 LAP  1  Todd Price  Bill Shehan Rusty Martin Chris Reckner Steve Frederick  Bryan Ickes,  Jordan Perino,  Dustin Kinser.  Isaac Kormanski,  Shawn Oester,  Anthony Varner,  DNS  Dale Varner.