Bedford Speedway ยป 2018 Results


September 30th, 2018

  Although Friday qualifying was dominated by speedway visitors,  track regular Jeff Rine defended the home turf by grabbing the Keystone Cup at Bedford Saturday night. after starting deep in the field.   The win was his fourth of the season and the 26th of his career at the track in the potent Bob Elbin owned car.   The 60 lap romp was worth $15,000 to the team.  In other action, In other action, Greg Moore dominated the Limited Late Model event and first time visitor Casey Fritz, came from Zanesville Ohio to close the season with a EMod win.

    Friday’s dash winner Austin Hubbard  brought the potent field to the green and took the first lap lead in the event.  Ross Robinson chased Hubbard early ahead of Tyler Bare and Amanda Whaley.   Robinson caught Hubbard and after several laps of close action, he took the lead on lap 12.  When the first caution of the race occurred  a lap later for a slowing Kyle Lear,  Rine was still buried in the pack, running tenth.

      On the restart, as Robinson and Hubbard battled at the front, Rine began his charge forward.  Over the next 20 all green flag laps,  Alex Ferree managed to begin closing on the lead battle, but Rine was coming fast.  Rine took fourth on lap 25 but was almost a straightaway behind the stirring three car battle for the lead.

   In only five laps Rine ran down the leaders and joined in on the fun.   Dancing around lapped traffic,  Rine took third from Ferree on lap 33, second from Hubbard on lap 35 and zoomed by Robinson  a lap later.  Several cautions interrupted the event over the next few laps, the most serious occurring on lap 39 when Bare got turned on the back stretch,  but Rine held sway.

     Hubbard got back by Robinson on lap 39 for second, just before the last slow down of the event, but Rine was gone.   Over the last 20 laps, Rine was on a rail, running off from the field to score the popular win.  Hubbard, Robinson and Ferree trailed at the finish.  Gene Knaub rallied late and moved up to grab fifth at the line.  Allen Brannon, Andy Haus, DJ Troutman, Matt Cosner and Ralph Morgan completed the top ten.

   After the qualifying on Friday, Matt Sponaugle and and Reese Masiello took the Saturday last chance events.

     A full field of 32 Limited were on hand for their season closer.   Greg Spike Moore led that field to the green and went pole to pole in the 20 lapper which had no cautions.    Behind him as he sped off, a wild battle raged for second as 4 cars went at it.  Dancing around deep lapped traffic as the laps wound down,  Donnie Farlling managed to snare second on the last lap to  finish ahead of Paul Cursey George Dixon and Dylan Yoder, who joined in that battle after starting 10th in the field.   The race went  all the way green and every starter was around for the finish.

     Farlling, Tyler Ritchey and Cursey won the heats, one of which wa interrupted by a vicious crash by Curt Dunn in turn three.  Kurt Zimmerman won the B.

     First time EMod visitors Casey Fritz and Booper Bare drew front row starting positions and ran together for the duration of tat feature.   Bare several times ran up along side Fritz but couldnt eek by.     Quite a few cautions, none serious dotted the event, but Fritz held off Bare for the duration for the win.    Bill Pluta Dave Brown and Alyssa Rowe completed the op five in the last event of the 2018 season.   Fritz and Drake Troutman won the heats.



LATE MODEL 60 LAPS  1  Jeff Rine,  Austin Hubbard,  Ross Robinson,  Alex Ferree,  Gene Knaub,  Allen Brannon,  Andy Haus,  DJ Troutman.  Matt Cosner,  Ralph Morgan,  Justin Weaver,  Jason Covert, Dan Stone,  Bryan Bernheisel,  Dan Angellichio,  Robby Black,  Matt Sponaugle,  Chuck Clise,  Reese Masiello,  Amanda Whaley,  Dylan Yoder,  Tyler Bare,  Darryl Hills,  Kyle Lear, Nathan Lasalle.  DNSDillon Stake,  Kirk Baker,  Bob Gordon,  Larry Baer,  Paul Cursey,  Spike Moore,  Tom Decker J,  Travis Cottle,  Colby Frye,  Mark Pettyjohn,  Marvin Winters,  Travis Stickley,  Dave Stamm,  Climton Hersh,  Darrass Deneen,  Andy Anderson,  Scott Palmer,  Kyle Lee,  Jeff Johnson,  Dave Troutman,  Andy Fries


LIMITED 20 LAPS  1  Greg Moore,  Donnie Farlling,  Paul Cursey George Dixon,  Dylan Yoder,  Tyler Ritchey,  Devin Frey,  Curtis Heath,  Brian Shuey,  Clinton Hersh,  Devin Weyandt,  Dylam Lewis,  Brad McGinnis,  Taylor Farlling,  Kadden Smith,  Ryan Sager,  Bryan Benton,  Justin Michael,  Brad Feight,  Drew Weisser,  Kurt Zimmerman,  Alyssa Rowe,  Brandon Seibert,  Derrike Miller,  DNS  Eric Hodell,  Gage Whitsell,  Madeline Miller,  Jason Mllen,  Matt Murphy,  Curt Dunn,  Cameron Benyou


EMOD 20 LAPS  1  Casey Fritz,  Boopr Bare,  Bill Pluta,  Dave Brown,  Alyssa Rowe,  Joe Pluta,  Amber Mills,  Ryan Peer,  Justin Milburn,  Sam Reeder,  Ridge Bookwalter,  Wyatt Marker,  Jamie Kohan,  Mike Meck,  Drake Troutman,  Chris Graybill,