Bedford Speedway » 2018 Results


September 3rd, 2018

    Bedford ended up the regular season and point season in a big way Sunday night as early season rainout makeup events forced a big seven feature program Sunday night.   It was a night to remember for two driver as they scored Bedford career first wins in Mason Dixon Limited action, Devin Hart and Brian Shuey.  Jeff Miller and Jonathan Jones scored career second Bedford wins in the 305 events, while Bob Jay and Tom Warren scored semi Late wins before Dustin Kinser ended the evening with a 4 Cylinder conquest

    Shawn Jones started the first Limited event, a makeup from August 17, on the pole.He made the best of his good luck and ran off from the field early.  Behind him, the pack was competitive as Devin Hart (from sixth) and Justin Weaver (from 11th) sliced through the field.

    Hart made it to second place by getting around Kadden Smith on lap five, but Jones was long gone and extending his lead with each passing lap.   Weaver Had moved up to fourth by lap 18 in heavy lapped traffic and was riding there when Jones’ evening went up in smoke with engine issues.

    At that point Hart inherited the lead ahead of Devin Weyandt and Weaver.  He held on for the win  while Weyandt held off Weavers advance to grab second at the line.  Smith and George Dixon completed the top five.  Mike Walls, Jones and Greg Moore had won the heats back in August.

    In the regularly scheduled event, Brian Shuey got the jump on pole sitter Devin Frey and led the distance.  But the win was not easy.  George Dixon snagged second on lap 5 and made the big move for the lead one lap later.   Shuey and Dixon ran pretty much side by side for seven laps until  Dixon faded a bit by lap 11.  

     That allowed a fast closing Justin Weaver to attack Dixon and he moved into second on lap 15.  It took Weaver about a lap to close on Shuey, but he brought a revitalized Dixon with him.  The trip ran in a group with Frey closing as the laps ran off,   Weaver made a last lap rush at Shuey but fell short at the line.  Dixon, Frey and Devin Hart  completed the top five.  Shuey, Clinton Hersh and Weaver won the heats.

     The makeup 305 event started out with a bang as five cars piled up in turn one at the start with three flipping  or tipping over.  Ray Sheetz and Eric Husik got the worst of it with Husik actually hitting the boards outside the track before flopping back in.   Jim Kennedy and Jonathan Jones were also involved.

    On the restart, Jeff Miller took off with Dylan Shatzer in pursuit.  The pair ran that way until a lap eight yellow.  On that restart, Steve Kennewell got a run on Shatzer and took second.  Josh Dressler, who started ninth in the field also got by Shatzer and the top four ran that way to the end.  Jonathan Jones recovered from the first lap mayhem to rally for fifth at the line.  Kennewell, Shatzer and Miller had won the heats back in August.

    Jonathan Jones continued his hot run in the regular event.  He started on the pole and led the distance in what became a crashfest.  This one took three tries to get started which included a wild turn three flip by Nathan Gramley.   Seven cautions as well as the red flag interrupted the event, but Jones held on for the duration

    Jeff Miller chased him down but could not make a challenge.  The end came not a minute too soon for Jones who ran out of fuel as he crossed the finish line.  Miller was second, ahead of Greg Dobrosky, Rob Bartchey and Drew Ritchey, who came up light on the scale.  Jones, Dressler and Shatzer won the heats.

    After a season of frustration, Tom Warren started in the pole in the makeup Semi late event.  He led a six car mob lap after lap as the tension mounted.  Brian Weyandt Jr was all over Warren but could not make the successful pass.  But things went awry for Weyandt on lap 11 as he suffered a flat tire.  As Weyandt wrestled his car for control,  he was hit by Dave Whetstone and flipped over.  

    The restart featured another Weyandt, Kyle, on Warren’s tail, But Bob Jay was on the move.  He took Weyandt with a lap to go and slid by Warren for the win at the finish line

.  Warren, Weyandt, Jesse Snyder and Bill Replogle were the top five.  Snyder and Replogle had won the heats back in August.

    Warren again started on the pole in the regularly scheduled even and avoided the last lap drama.  He led the distance with Greg Hainsey in pursuit.    The point battle was superclose between Bill Replogle and Jesse Snyder and the two ran bumper to bumper for the entire event until Snyder suffered a flat on lap 8 and hit the wall.

    With his point rival out of the way, Replogle rallied for third at the line behind Warren and Hainsey and ahead of Tom Brady and Whetstone.  Snyder and Jay won the heats.

    With the curfew approaching, the 4 Cylinder event went all green to end the evening.  Dustin Kinser went flag to flag but held off a furious last lap rush from Wayne Brenize to seal the deal.  Justin Williamson and Todd price trailed. Price secured the 2018 track title with the finish.  Williamson and Brenize won the heats

Scott Rickrode won the special event for the Pen Mar vintage cars.  Gene Wrightstone won the exhibition heat. 


LIMITED MAKEUP 20 LAPS  1  Devin Hart  Devin Weyandt.  Justin Weaver,  Kadden Smith,  George Dixon,  Eric Irvin,  Daulton Bigler,  Clinton Hersh,  Donnie Farlling,  Dylan Lewis,  Brad McGinnis,  Devin Frey,  Ryan Sager,  Greg Moore,  Brad Feight,  Ron Bottenfield,  Curtis Heath,  Shaun Jones,  Mike Walls,  DNS  Bailey Johnson,  Eddie Cornett,  Robby Marhefka,  Brian Lowery,  Mike Murphy


LIMITED 20 LAP  1  Brian  Shuey,  Justin Weaver,  George Dixon,  Devin Frey,  Devin Hart,  Daulton Bigler,  Brad McGinnis,  Taylor Farlling,  Kadden Smith,  Clinton Hersh,  Greg Moore,  Donnie Farlling,  Mike Walls.  Devin Weyandt,  Dylan Lewis,  Frank Gordon,  Tyler Ritchey,  Curtis Heath,  Gage Whetsel,  Brad Feight,  Ryan Sager,  Cory Lawler,  Bryan Benton,  Dale Claycomb

DNS  Ron Bottenfield, Eric Irvin, Shawn Jones


305 MAKEUP  20 LAPS  1  Jeff Miller,  Steve Kennewell,  Josh Dressler,  Dylan Shatzer,  Jonathan Jones,  Scott Ellerman,  Ryan Lynn,  Reed Thompson,  Nathan Gramley,  Rob Bartchey,  Ron Aurand,  John Walp,  Jim Kennedy,  Drew Ritchey,  Ray Sheetz,  Eric Husick,  


305 20 LAPS  1  Jonathan Jones,  Jeff Miller,  Greg Dobrosky,  Rob Bartchey,  Reed Thompson,  Larry McVey,  Ron Aurand,  Colt Lepley,  Scott Ellerman,  Jacob Gamole,  John Walp.  Steve Kennewell,  Josh Dressler,  Bob Garvey Jr,  Ryan Lynn,  Cale Reigel,  Dylan Shatzer,  Roger Irvine,  Nathan Gramley,  DQ  Drew Ritchey  DNS  Kyle Smith,  Jim Kennedy,  Eric Husick,  Ray Sheetz


SEMI LATE MAKEUP 15 LAPS  1  Bob Jay,  Tom Warren,  Kyle Weyandt,  Jesse Snyder,  Bill Replogle,  Scott Sturtz,  Greg Hainsey,  Chubby Childers,  Tom Brady,  Brian Weyandt Jr,  Dave Whetstone,  Mark Patterson,  


SEMI LATE 15 LAPS  1  Tom Warren,  Greg Hainsey,  Bill Replogle,  Tom Brady,  Dave Whetstone,  Scott Sturtz,  Mark Patterson,  Kyle Weyandt,  Robert Thompson,    Mike Benton,  Chris Wolfe,   Tyke Musselman,  Travis Calhoun,  Bob Jay,  Jesse Snyder,  Chubby Childers  DNS  brian Weyandt J


4 CYLINDER 15 LAP  1  Dustin Kinser,  Wayne Brenize,  Justin Williamson,  Todd Price,  Bill Shehan,  Dale Varner,  Rusty Martin,  Dalton Long,  Wyatt Morker,  Charles Stahlman,  Travis Simple,  Ernie Hewitt,  Isaac Kormanski,  Keith Wilson,  Kark Bailey,  Eric Zimmerman,  Anthony Varner,  Dominick Shipley,  


VINTAGE 10 LAPS  1  Scott Rickrode,  John Marks,  Mike Beidel,  Paul Bacchus,  Randy Minnich,  Gene Wrightstone