Bedford Speedway ยป 2019 Results


May 18th, 2019

    Jeff Rine started 2019 the way he ended 2018 at Bedford as he cruised to the big win in the first Late Model event of the season.  It was his 27th career win at the track, tying him with Gary Stuhler for third on the all time win list.  Joining Rine in Victory Circle was David Stremme, who came from North Carolina and devastated the talent loaded Renegades Modified field.

     In other action, Bob Jay led the distance for the Semi Late victory and Ryan Peer rallied late to claim the 4 Cylinder finale

     Jeff Rine and Matt Sponaugle were the front row starters in the Late Model 25 lapper, and Sponaugle got the jump at the start.  Sponaugle led Rine and third place runner Andy Haus easily as the field was slowed several times for minor incidents in the early laps, the oddest of which occurred on a lap 7 restart as Justin Kann hit the restart cone and ended up dragging the long  cone rope until he was sent to the pits.

     Sponaugle was still the leader as the field took off again on lap 12, but this time Rine was much more competitive.  He was all over Sponaugle for two laps until Sponauigle himself was the cause of the next caution as his car broke in turn four on lap 14.

    On what was to be the final restart of the event, Rine held off a pesky Haus . at the front until Haus slowed dramatically on the last lap, allowing Matt Cosner to claim second at the line.  DJ Troutman and Chuck Clise trailed the duo while Kann rallied after the rope removal to complete the top five.   Troutman and Rine won the heats.

    David Stremme started third in the Renegade event but had the lead on the first lap.  Seth Daniels jumped into second but was unable to close on Stremme, who opened up a decent lead as the entire field jostled for positions.  Eddie Carrier climbed into third place by lap 16 and gave Daniels a battle until Daniels spun in turn two on lap 21.

     Stremme again shot ahead of the field on the restart and led the last nine laps to score the win in his first ever Bedford appearance.  Carrier,  was second as Bedford regulars Drake Troutman, Mike Altobelli and Evan Taylor completed the top five.   Dan Davies, Carrier, Taylor and Stremme won the heats for the 35 entered cars, Mark Dixon won the B.

    The Semi Late event was a classic Ford and Chevy battle as Bob Jay and Bill Replogle went at it from the start.  Jay led but Replogle gnawed at his bumper,  several times getting alongside but failing to secure the lead.

     Jay scooted away after Replogle  overshot the runway in turn four on lap 12 and fell back into the clutches of the third place battlers.  Over the last three laps Jay ran off to score the win over Replogle, Chubby Childers, Travis Calhoun and Brian Weyandt Jr.  Weyandt and Calhoun won the heats.

     Wayne Brenize led a three car breakaway in the 4 Cylinder finale with Josh Ringer and Ryan Peer in pursuit.   Peer took second on lap seven as Ringer fell back and pressured Brenize.  On the last lap Peer made a wild inside move in turn two and scooted for the last lap win.  Brenize, Ringer, Todd Price and Steven Martin completed the top five.  Ringer and Brenize won the heats.

    In typical 2019 fashion,  For the ninth consecutive Friday night rain was a part of the festivities,  It sprinkled lightly throughout the Modified event and began to rain hard after completion of racing activities.


LATE MODEL 25 LAPS   Jeff Rine,  Matt Cosner,  DJ Troutman,  Chuck Clise,  Justin Kann,  Andy Fries,  Andy Haus,  Matt Sponaugle,  Dave Troutman,  Jeff Johnson,  Wayne Johnson,  Nathan Lasalle,  Jeff Miller,  


RENEGADES EMOD 30 LAP  David Stremme,  Eddie Carrier,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Drake Troutman,  Evan Taylor,  Travis Dixon,  Randy Hall,  Brayden Berry,  Jimmy Jessmer,  Chad Rousch,  Rick Hulson,  Carl McKenney,  Rich Michael,  Mitch Thomas,  Mark Dickson,  Allen Brannon,  Bill Pluta,  Jonathan Taylor,  Seth Daniels,  Daniel Cornman,  Dan Davies,  KC Burdette,  Justin Hart,  Daniel Hill,  Michael McGee  DNS  Amber Mills,  Ray Kable III,  Ryan Beckett,  Cody Oliver,  Hunter Nestor,  Tommy Fleegle,  Mike Meck,  Justin Milburn,  Rich Goodman,  Matt Cosner


SEMI LATE 15 LAPS    Bob Jay,  Bill Replogle,  Chubby Childers,  Travis Calhoun,  Brian Weyandt Jr,  Trent Clark,  Mark Patterson,  Jarrod Brown,  Lonnie Buttry,  Kevin Weyandt,  DNS    Greg Hainsey


4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS  Ryan Peer,  Wayne Brenize,  Josh Ringer,  Todd Price,  Steven Martin,  Devon Iser,  Dustin Kinser,  Kevin Banzhoff,  Delmar Donivan,  Issac Kormanski,  Adam Plubell,  Kenneth Wilson,  Jay Talley,  Bryan Ickes,   Jeff Merlett,  Bill Shehan,  Travis Heavner,  Douglass Conrad,  Jeremy Miller,  Nicholas Stambaugh,  Ernie Hewitt,  Crawley