Bedford Speedway ยป 2019 Results


August 10th, 2019

     In an event filled with heartbreak, drama and a wild last lap challenge, Nathan Lasalle scored his first ever Late Model feature win at Bedford Friday night.  With the win, Lasalle became the 144th different feature winner in the track’s long history,  and following his famous father Dion’s win over 20 years ago, they became the tenth father son combination winners at the track.

    Lasalle led a night of second generation winners as three of the four victors fit that category.  Kyle Deneen and Drake Troutman were the Pure Stock and EMod winners joining Lasalle.  Only the Semi Late winner Greg Hainsey was A first generation winner.

     After a season of frustration and misfortune, Matt Sponaugle’s low point average earned him a front row starting spot in the Late model 25 lapper.  He grabbed the opportunity and shot off from the field at the start.  Sponaugle drove away from the field in an event slowed only by a quick caution on lap five.

   Behind Sponaugle, Nathan Lasalle got to second and held off a charge from Andy Haus until Jeff Rine displayed one of his patented late race charges.   Rine took third on lap 11 and instantly tore off after Lasalle.

    With Sponaugle well ahead, Rine closed on Lasalle And by lap 16 was all over him for second.  That became an important battle as Sponaugle suddenly shot to the pits on lap 22 with fuel pump issues.

    Sponaugle’s misfortune suddenly made the Rine and Lasalle battle one for the win.   Over the last three laps Rine was all over the youngster but Lasalle held on for the popular win.   In a twist, nervous father Dion Lasalle who was on the stage observing, was allowed to drop the checkered flag on the happy winner.

   Rine was a very close second, followed by Haus, first time visitor Andrew Wylie and Chuck Clise.  Rine and Clise won the heats.

    Again the Semi Late event was the race of the night.   Greg Hainsey was the pole sitter and early leader in the 30 lap extra distance event, but he was immediately shadowed by Bob Jay.  As the pair drew away early,  Brian Weyandt and Bill Replogle were charging forward from the pack

   Five quick cautions dotted the event, but Hainsey held off Jay while Weyandt and Replogle joined in late.   With a four car pack for the lead and tension mounting, Weyandt and Jay banged together on lap 26 resulting in a Weyandt spin.   Replogle moved int o the picture as the field went for the finish.   Coming off the fourth turn for the checkered, Replogle managed to split the two front runners and snag second at the line right on Hainsey’s back bumper.

     With the late rally, Replogle was second, ahead of Jay, Mark Patterson and Chubby Childers.  Weyandt rejoined the field and took seventh.  Patterson and Jay won the heats.

    The Emod 20 lapper started off wild with three cautions in the first two lape, several for multi car events.   Ryan Beckett was the early leader but Drake Troutman took over on lap three.  Evan Taylor grabbed second on lap five but never mounted a serious challenge to Troutman,  who led to the finish.  Taylor, Daniel Cornman, Beckett and Sam Reeder completed the top 5.  Jonathan Taylor and Troutman won the heats.

    Reed Stickel led the opening Pure Stock lap before Charlie Clise took over.  He attracted a crowd at the front as Kyle Deneen, Nick Bechtel and Josh Frankenberry closed fast.  Deneen squeezed by on lap 13 but the four car pack ran tightly.

    Clise paid the price with a spin after contact on lap 14 reducing the lead pack to three. Over the last 6 laps, Frankenberry was all over Deneen  but fell a length short at the finish.  Bechtel, Dalton Ritchey and Jason Haggerty completed the top five.  Frankenberry and Ritchey won the heats.


LATE MODEL 25 LAPS  1  Nathan Lasalle, Jeff Rine,  Andy Haus,  Andrew Wylie,  Chuck Clise,  Jeff Miller,  Curtis Heath,  Travis Wilson,  Matt Sponaugle,  Jeff Johnson,  Tim Smith


SEMI LATE 30 LAP  1  Greg Hainsey,  Bill Replogle,  Bob Jay,  Mark Patterson,  Chubby Childers,  Dave Whetstone,  Brian Weyandt J,  Chris Wolfe,  Kyle Weyant,  Jarrod Brown,  Trent Clark,  Brian Duffy,  DNS  Travis Calhoun.


EMOD 20 LAP  1  Drake Troutman,  Evam Taylor,  Daniel Cornman,  Ryan Beckett,  Sam Reeder,  Doug Stine,  Tom Wakefield,  Justin Milburn,  Amber Mills,  Jamie Kohan,  Bill Pluta ,  Bryce Miller,  David Green,  Travis Cottle,  Jonathan Taylor,  DNS  John Whitfield


PURE STOCK 20 LAP  1  Kyle Deneen,  Josh Frankenbberry,  Nick Bechtel,  Dalton Ritchey,  Josh Haggerty,  Charlie Clise,  Reed Stickel,  Dalton Weyandt,  Scott Sipes,  Keith Killander,  DNS  Cory Weaver