Bedford Speedway ยป 2019 Results


September 22nd, 2019

     On the second night of Fallfest 2019, two more drivers added their names to Bedford history by scoring their first ever wins at the track.  Garrett Bard  in a rare Bedford appearance, took the 305 headline event and Nick Bechtell, a Pure Stock graduate, took the Semi Late win in his first ever Bedford start in that class.   Greg Moore used a dramatic last lap charge to take the Limited victory before Jonathan Taylor closed the evening with a dominating EMod win.


    Thirty 305 sprints packed the pits for the rare Saturday Bedford event.  Garrett Bard drew the pole in the pill draw and made the best of his luck.  He got the jump at the start and led all 25 laps.   He had a large lead wiped out by the event’s only yellow flag incident on lap nine, but pulled away again on the restart.


      While Bard led, the entire field battled two and three wide but Bard was in charge.  Drew Ritchey took second and began to close on Bard late, bringing Doug Dotson and Christian Ramsey along. as the leaders danced in and out of lapped traffic.


     Over the last six laps, Ritchey and the others began to close noticeably on the leader,and chopped the lead into a battle.  On the last lap, Dodson made a move to take second from Ritchey but Bard was the winner.  Dodson, Ritchey, Rumsey and Rob Barchey completed the top five.


    Scott Ellerman, Dylan Proctor and Steve Kennewell won the heats.  Reed Thompson took the B.


    After a wild initial start when the field jumbled up at the flag stand and Andy Fries heavily impacted the wall, the Limited event went 25 green flag laps. Clinton Hersh too the lead at the restart and initially pulled away from the field.   


    Greg Moore took second on lap nine and soon brought Kyle Lear into third.  While quite a distance behind, Moore started to close on the leader, gaining a bit each lap.   By lap 20 Moore had closed on the leader and as the pair took the white flag he slipped by for the lead.


     Moore held sway on the final lap top score the win over Hersh, Lear, Tyler Ritchey and Travis Wilson.  Hersh and Moore won the heats.


    Nick Bechtell slipped by pole sitter Travis Calhoun to lead the first lap in his Semi Late debut and held off the gang for the popular win.  Calhoun never gave up the chase and finished second ahead of Greg Hainsey, Chubby Childers and Jarrod Brown.  Brian Stager and Hainsey won the heats.


     Jonathan Taylor drew a front row start  and then turned the EMod event into a Sunday drive on a Saturday.  He led Cody Quarrick early and Alyssa Rowe late in the caution filled event but was never seriously challenged for the lead.


    Rowe was second followed by Mike Altobelli Sr, Ryan Beckett and Chris Cogan.   Beckett won the heat.


305 SPRINT  1  Garrett Bard,  Doug Dodson,  Drew Ritchey,  Christian Rumsey,  Robby Barchey,  Steve Kennewell.  Tyler Dernochek,  Jeremy  Hanson,  Larry McVey,  Landon Price,  Reed Thompson,  Scott Ellerman,  Jake Frye,  Ron Aurand,  Erin Statler,  Zach Newlin,  David Grobe,  Ryan Lynn,  John Fiore,  Kyle Keen,  Devin Adams,  Randy Sterling,  Scott Lutz,  Dylan Proctor,  DNS  Mihael Alleman,  Cassandra Minium,  Kerry heffner, Jim Kennedy,  Brad Mellott


LIMITED 25 LAP  1  Greg Spike Moore,  Clinton Hersh,  Kyle Lear,  Tyler Ritchey,  Travis Wilson,  Tom Decker III Shawn Shoemaker,  Waco Williams,  Bill Stile,  Brad Feight,  Andy Fries,  Josh Whetstone,  DNS  Dale Claycomb


SEMI LATE 20 LAPS  1  Nick Bechtell,  Travis Calhoun,  Greg Hainsey,  Chubby Childers,  Jarrod Brown,  Brian Weyandt J,  Kyle Weyandt,  Josh Baumbarger,  Brad Benton,  Brian Stager,  Brian Shaw.


EMOD 20 LAP  1  Jonathan Taylor,  Alyssa Rowe,  Mike Altobelli J,  Ryan Beckett,  Chris Cogan,  Derek Deusenberry,  Dan Cornman,  Cody Quarrick,  Amber Mills.