Bedford Speedway » 2019 Results


September 2nd, 2019

Bedford Speedway completed its second show of the
Labor Day weekend and four of the seven victors scored
their first ever wins at the track. First timers Larry McVey
and Garrett Bard scored the wins in 305 action while
Tyler Ritchey and Bruce Broadwater scored first time
wins in Limited and Pure Stock races. Comparative old
hands Donnie Farlling (Late Model Sportsman),Travis Calhoun (Semi Late)
and Ryan Peer (Four Cylinders) took the remaining wins.

Reed Thompson was the early leader in the 305 event,
a rainout make up from July 21, but Larry McVey soon
chased him down The pair ran one two for many laps
until Thompson’s car gave up on lap 15.
McVey inherited the lead but had to hold off the late
charge from Drew Ritchey to secure the win. Ryan Lynn,
Matt Kline and Scott Lutz trailed. Ron Aurand and McVey
had won the heats back on July 21.

In the regularly scheduled 305 event, Scott Lutz led
from the pole seemingly effortlessly, until Garrett Bard
put on a late race charge. Om the white flag lap, Bard
made a wild move and snared the win from Lynn. Drew
Ritchey rallied to come home third followed by Scott Lutz 
and Brad Mellott. Bard and Mellott won the heats, the
first of which was highlighted by a wild flip and fire by
Bob Garvey.

Travis Wilson was the early leader in the makeup
Limited event but he drew a crowd. When Wilson
slipped just a bit on lap nine, both Tyler Ritchey and
Andrew Yoder zoomed by, dropping him to third.
Ritchey then held off Yoder to score the win followed
by Donnie Farlling, Wilson and Taylor Farlling. Yoder and
Matt Parks had won the heats run back on July 21.

In the regularly scheduled Limited event, Donnie
Farlling started on the front row and easily led the
distance. He was chased to the end by Clinton Hersh,
Taylor Farlling, last place starter Andrew Yoder and
Devin Frey. Ritchey and Devin Weyandt won the heats.

Travis Calhoun easily won the Semi Late event. He was
chased late by Brian Weyandt Jr while Chubby
Clilders,Bob Jay and Mark Patterson trailed. Weyandt
and Patterson won the heats.

The Pure Stock event was the curfewed event from
Friday. The drivers, not originally scheduled for the
Sunday show were given complimentary passes to return
on the second day.

Bryce Broadwater made great use of his starting
position to lead the distance in his first ever win. Kyle
Deneen came from deep in the pack to run Broadwater
down in the closing laps but he could not force an error
and settled for second ahead of Charlie Clise,Dalton
Weyandt and Dalton Ritchey, who spun earlier while
running third. Broadwater and Ritchey won the heats.

The Four Cylinder event ended the evening with early
leader Darren Howsare leading the way, It became a
three car scrum when point battlers Ryan Peer and
Wayne Brenize arrived at the front. Peer survived a wild
three car wide move and took the lead on lap 5. It took
Brenize five more laps to get by Howsare and he could
not catch Peer before the laps ran out. Peer and Brenize
won the heats

The program started over an hour late after a heavy
afternoon shower hit the area. But was entirely
completed by 1130

305 MAKEUP 1 Larry McVey, Drew Ritchey, Ryan Lynn,
Matt Kline, Scott Lutz, Ron Aurand, Robbie Bartchey,
Brad Mellott, Jason Spicer, Reed Thompson, Dylan
Proctor, Garrett Bard, Steve Kennewell, DNS Johnathan
Jones, Dylan Shatzer, Randy Sterling


305 Feature 1 Garrett Bard, Ryan Lynn, Drew Ritchey, Scot Lutz,
Brad Mellott, Roger Irvine, Larry McVey. Kyle Keen,
Ron Aurand, Matt Kline. Todd Lynn, Josh Spicer, Jim
Kennedy DNS Robby Bartchy. Steve Kennewell Bob

Late Model Sportsman MAKEUP 1 Tyler Ritchey, Donnie Farlling,
Travis Wilson, Taylor Farlling, Todd Snook, George
Dixon, Kenny Yoder, Brad Feight, Devin Weyandt, Devin
Frey, Matt Parks DNS Brad NcGinnis, Matt Murphy,
Cody Lawler, Dan Zechman, Greg Cornell, Robby
Black, Curtis Heath

Late Model Sportsman 1 Donnie Farlling, Clinton Hersh, Taylor
Farlling, Andrew Yoder, Devin Frey, Ryan Sager, George
Dixon, Devin Weyandt, Tyler Ritchey, Gage Whitsell,
Kenny Yoder, Brad Feight, Rick Singleton, Travis Wilson,
Devin Grubb

SEMI LATE 1 Travis Calhoun, Brian Weyandt Jr, Chubby
Childers, Bob Jay, Mark Patterson, Greg Hainsey, Kyle
Weyandt, Bill Replogle, Cale Martin, Jarrod Brown

PURE STOCK 1 Bryce Broadwater Kele Deneen, Dalton
Weyandt, Dalton Ritchey, Justin Rosenberger, Larry
Foor, Josh Frankenberry, Cole Stickel, Reed Stickel
Mason Replogle, DNS Brian Shingleron, Tyke
Musselman, Todd Woodward

FOUR CYLINDER 1 Ryan Peer, Wayne Brenize, Darren
Howsare, Ernie Hewitt, Doug Cornath, Rusty Martin,
Dustin Kinser, Bill Shehan, Jeff Marlett, Steve Frederick,
Harold Crawford, Jay Talley, Ron Wicks, Todd Price DNS
Dan Stein