Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


June 17th, 2020

 Big Block Modifieds made a return to Bedford Speedway after 44 years Sunday and Garrett Krummert was the happiest  as he scored the 35 lap BRP win.  In EMod action, it was also a long distance traveller as West Virginia’s KC Burdette completed a three race weekend sweep with his Sunday win.  

    It was a pair of 32s, leading the BRP mods to the line as the front row was Chris Rudolf and Jim Rosey.  Rosey took the early lead but it was Garrett Krummert tearing through the field.  He went from sixth to third on lap two and was all over Rosey for several laps. 

    Krummert took second on lap 16, just two before the yellow flew for a 4 car pileup.  While Krummert had visions of a battle for the lead, many were watching Rex King Jr, who had come from 12th starting spot to third in those 18 laps.  But the caution was pivotal for King who pitted with a flat tire during that slow down.

    On the restart, Krummet pounced on the leader and zipped by for a lead he never relinquished.  Rosey and King Jr battled for second for the duration but Krummert ran off to the decisive win.  The top 3 were followed bt 11th starting Chad Brachman and Rick Repiski.  King Jr and Krummert won the heats.

    Evan Taylor led the EMod event to the green and led the early laps.  Mike Altobelli Jr chased Taylor through the early laps but lost distance .  But when Taylor began to catch lapped traffic the chasers closed in.  KC Burdette got by Altobelli in a pack of cars on lap  14, and zipped Taylor for the lead two laps later..  After that he ran off pretty much unchallenged for the win.  Taylor and Altobelli battled during the late laps among the lapped traffic.  Drake Troutman snagged Altobelli On the last lap to take third, ahead of Altobelli and Jerry Foster who started 13th in the field.   Taylor and Altobelli won the heats.

     Cameron Campbell won the Crate Mod event in what became a crashfest featuring ten cautions in the 15 laps.


BRP BIG BLOCKS  35 LAPS  1  Garrett Krummert, Jim Rosey,  Rex King Sr,  Chad Brachman,  Rick Regaski,  Jeremiah Shingledecker,  Rex King Jr,  Dave Murdick,  Paul Kot,  Chris Rudolph,  Jim Henry,  Mark Frankhouser,  Steve Slater,  Brad Rapp,  Shawn Kozer,  Jeff Miller,  Rod Beltz,  Steve Barr,  Ohil Vignor,  Dillon Barr,  DNS  Randy Chronister,  Eric Gobony


EMOD  25 LAPS  1  KC Burdette,  Evan Taylor,  Drake Troutman,  Mike Altobelli Jr.  Jerry Foster,  Ray Kable III,  Justin Cullum,  Brandon Householder,  Carl McKinney,  Mike Altobelli Sr,  Alyssa Rowe,  Mike Duck,  Sam Reeder,  Beau Aikey,  Justin Garlock,  Ryan Beckett,  Brad Kling,  Rick Potter,  Frank DiBella,  


CRATE MOD 15 LAP  1  Cameron Campbell,  Brandon Inglish,  Drake Troutman,  Chris Chamberlain,  Kyle Beckett,  Mike Wallace,  Ed Vogel,  Andy Swope,  Dale Sites,  Dakota Welsh,  Scott Daniels,  Nick Stumbaugh,  Will Marker,  DNS  Josh Kopp