Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


August 10th, 2020

The Bedford Speedway finally cleared out the rained out events from July 10 as well as a complete new show with a special show Sunday night. At the end of the action, those with the biggest smiles were Late Model driver and owner Jeff Rine and Bob Elbin as Rine drove Elbin’s car to both feature wins. The wins were the 30th and 31st of Rine’s Bedford career and he became only the fourth driver ever to win two events in the same day at Bedford.

4 Cylinder driver James Fairall was about as happy as Rine as he scored the first and second victory in his Bedford career. Kyle Deneen took the held over Charlie Walker Memorial Pure Stock but fell short in the regular feature as Dalton Weyant prevailed.

The makeup late Model 25 lapper started off wildly as pole sitter Deshawn Gingrich blasted the wall at the starting line, scattering the entire field but collecting no one else. On the second attempt. Matt Sponaugle took off on the first lap. Rine blasted by Chuck Clise to take second on lap 4 and set off after Sponaugle.

By lap 7 Rine was all over the leader in a replay of the prior week’s event. Like last week Sponaugle held off Rine’s advances but luck departed Sponaugle as his engine died on lap 11, ending his day.

From that point on. Rine ran off from the rest of the field to score the win. He was followed by Clise, Tyler Horst, Nathan Lasalle and Wayne Johnson. Rine and Drake Troutman had won the heats back in July. Only nine of the original qualified cars returned for the makeup, a number lessened after Mike Laughard crashed in warmups and George Dixon had engine issues.

In the regularly scheduled event, Wayne Johnson led he opening lap but was overtaken by Justin Weaver on lap two. Rine arrived in second a lap later and the lead duo began a wild battle at the front. Often running side by side. Rine had the advantage in turn 3 and 4 while Weaver was faster at the other end of the track. Rine actually led lap ten and eleven,before Weaver battled back.

Rine blasted back by on lap 23 but Weaver did not give up. While making another effort, Weaver backed into the first turn wall heavily damaging the 41 and bringing out the red. On the one lap shootout, Rine ran off ahead of Tyler Horst and Clise for the win. Weaver won the only heat race for the diminished field

Kevin Weyandt led the Walter 42 lap race early as the event went 22 laps all green.. Kyle Deneen took over on lap 7 and held on for the distance in an event plagued with over heating issues for much of the field.

Deneen held on through many yellows and a red flag session as Preston Imler flipped, in the last half of the event as almost ever other entrant pitted at least once. Deneen prevailed over 12th started Dakota Foor and 16th started Rodney Hartman at the finish. Heats, run July 10 were won by Deneen and Wetandt.

In the regular event, again Kevin Weyandt led at the start but Dalton Weyant took over on lap two as Weyandt dropped out. It was a mob at the front but Weyant prevailed over Dalton Ritchey and Charlie Clise at the finish, Weyant and Clise won the heats.

Point leader Todd Price led the first lap of the makeup 4 Cylinder event, but James Fairall arrived from his 9th starting spot to lead lap two. He was chased but never passed, holding on for his first ever Bedford win.Darren Howsare and Price trailed.Dominick Shipley, Price and Fairall won the July heats,

Price again led the regular event but Fairall again got by, this time on lap 3. Price gave chase until Darren Howsare took second, but Fairall ran off to his second win of the evening Kayla Varner, Fairall and Michael Kneeland won the heats for the 31 4 Cylinders on hand

LATE MODELS 25 LAPS (makeup) 1 Jeff Rine, Chuck Clise, Tyler Horst, Nathan Lasalle, Wayne Johnson, Deshawn Gingrich, Matt Sponaugle, DNS Mike Laughard, drake Troutman, JT McLanigan, George Dixon, Ernie Millon, Pancho Lawler

LATE MODEL 25 LAPS 1 Jeff Rine, Tyler Horst, Chuck Clise, Wayne Johnson, Justin Weaver, Nathan Lasalle, Deshawn Gingrich, DNS George Dixon, Matt Sponaugle, Mike Laughard

PURE STOCK 42 LAPS makeup 1 Kyle Deneen, Dakota Foor, Rodney Hartman, Larry Foor, Bill Shehan, Dalton Weyant, Cole Stickel, Kevin Weyandt, Reed Stickel, Justin Rosenberger, Charlie Clise, Preston Imler, Dalton Ritchey, Barry Clark, DNS Mike Duck, Bryce Broadwater, Jeff Sosnowski

PURE STOCK 15 LAPS 1 Dalton Weyant, Dalton Ritchey, Charlie Clise, Cheyenne Ranker, Cole Stickel, David Riley, Dakota Foor, Kyle Deneen, Reed Stickel, Barry Clark, Delmar Donivan, Andrew Slough, Larry Foor, Bill Shehan, Travis Group, Kevin Weyandt, Justing Rosenberger, Nathan Hartman, DNS Tyler Musselman, Preston Imler

4 CYLINDER 15 LAP MAKEUP 1 James Fairall, Darren Howsare, Todd Price, Ernie Hewitt, Steve Frederick, Jeremy Miller, Dustin Kinser, Jay Talley, Harlan Group, Dalton Long, Darrin Norris, Jeff Marlett, James Norris, Dominich Shipley, Joe May, Shane Spade, Shawn Oester, Nathan McDermitt, Rhett Stelchek, Christopher Kauffman, John Diehl, DNS Brandon Grubb, Rusty Martin

4 CYLINDER 15 LAP 1 James Fairall, Todd Price, Kayla Varner, dalton Long, Harlan Group, Dustin Kinser, Jay Talley, Darren Howsare, Anthony Varner, Colin Welsh. Jeff Marlett, Joe May, Dale varner, Shawn Oester, Nathan McDermitt, Darren Norris, John Diehl. Shane Spade, Michael Kneeland. Jimmy Delozier, Jeremy Miller, Steve Frederick, Ernie Hewitt, Christopher Kauffman, Kyle Frankenberry, James Norris, Rhett Sherckek, Harold Crawford, DNS Garrett McIntyre Dominick Shipley