Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


September 27th, 2020

Four more winners emerged in the second day of Bedford’s Fallfest, but the happiest by far was Brian Lowery who guided his MOPAR to the big Limited win. It was Lowery’s ninth career Bedford Limited win but the first in almost exactly four years and a happy moment for MOPAR fans everywhere.

In other action, Jonathan Taylor rallied late for another EMod win, Dalton Weyant led almost the whole Pure Stock distance and James Fairall took yet another 4 Cylinder win.

Robby Black was on the pole for the Limited 25 lapper and as predicted took the early lead. Ryan Sager was second but Brian Lowery got by for that spot on lap two. Black was already a safe distance ahead and seemed to be pulling away with each passing lap.

Sager meanwhile found himself under heavy attack after Devin Weyandt and late Greg Moore came from the pack to join him. Lap after lap Black stretched out his lead over Lowery while the others fought. but by about halfway Lowery began to chip away at the lead.

Closing slowly at first, but by lap 15 it was obvious that Lowery was catching the leader. After fluidly disposing lapped traffic, Lowery found himself all over Black for the lead. Had the event been the normal 20 lap distance,  Black would have salvaged a narrow win, but Lowery swept by on the outside as the pair hit lap 21.

From that point, Lowery ran off and took the win by over a second at the line. Weyandt and Moore both disposed of Sager on lap 17 and both closed on Black but Black salvaged second at the line. Weyandt, Moore and Shawn Shoemaker completed the top 5 in the event which ran thru all green. Lowery and Sager won the heats.

For the second time in his career, EMod rookie Brandon Householder was the early leader and appeared on his way to the win. Jonathan Taylor clawed his way forward from his 7th starting spot and was all over Householder by lap 6. He slid by for the lead a lap later and was never threatened.

Multiple cautions slowed the event but on each restart the front pair got away. until Taylor scored the 25 lap victory. Jacob Marker ran third behind them, followed by Travis Cottle and Jerry Foster. Marker, Taylor and Cottle won the heats.

After a rough start which saw multiple yellows in the first few laps, Dalton Weyant got by Dalton Ritchey to take charge of the Pure Stock event. Ritchey retired a few laps later but Cheyenne Ranker, Kyle Deneen, Bryce Broadwater and Chuck Clise all took up the challenge of pressure on Weyant. Deneen dropped out on lap 11, but the rest were all over Weyant for the duration.

Weyant never wilted though and held on for the win ahead of Ranker, Broadwater, Clise and Tyke Musselman. As the group took the checkered flag, several cars piled up in turn four, resulting in injury to Rodney Hartman and a destroyed race car. Hie was alert and talking but was transported for observation. Cory Weaver, Musselman and Larry Foor won the heats.

As usual the 4 Cylinder finale was a wild dog fight at the front. Three cars led by Jay Talley battled early until James Fairall joined in. He slid by the gang and took the lead on lap 5 on his way to his fifth win of the season. Talley, Anthony Varner and Harlan Group trailed. Varner, Travis Semple and Talley won the heats.

LIMITEDS 25 LAPS 1 Brian Lowery, Robby Black, Devin Weyandt, Greg Moore, Shawn Shoemaker, Ryan Sager, Chad Myers, Brad McGinnis, Bryan Benton, Ryan Walls, Tom Decker, Eddie Cornett, Tommy Cordell, John Seiler,

RMOD 25 LAPS 1 Jonathan Taylor, Brandon HouseHolder, Jacob Marker, Travis Cottle, Jerry Foster, Alyssa Rowe, Chris Cogan, Steve Axtell, Bill Pluta, Amber Mills, Matt Wallace, Jimmy Iser, Ryan Beckett, Sam Reeder, Mike Meck, Beau Aikey, Rick Potter, Ryan Peer, Blaine Seilers, DNS Doug Stine, Mike Altobelli S

PURE STOCK 20 1 Dalton Weyant, Cheyenne Ranker, Bryce Broadwater, Charlie Clise, Tyke Musselman, Larry Foor, Barry Clark, Andrew Slough, Kieth Killander, Darver Dishong, Anthony Troutman, Cory Weaver, Rodney Hartman, Bill Shehan, Geoff Sosnowski, Jeremy Fama, Derek Hinish, Kyle Deneen, Coltion Walls, Dalton Ritchey, Cole Stickel, Justin Rosenberger,

4 CYLINDER 20 LAP James Fairall, Jay Talley, Anthony Varner, Harlan Group, Todd Price, Colin Welsh, Allen Anderson, Dustin Kinser, David Rough, Kyle Frankenberry, Joe May, Dale Varner, Isaac Komanski, Richard Athey, Dakota Foor, Zachary Pheasant, Dylan Hook., Travis Semple, John Diehl, Jordan McEvy, Dominick Shipley, Jeremy Miller, Ron Crites, Josh Ringer, Jimmy Delozier, DNS Kayla Varner, Joe Kause, David Fairall