Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


October 25th, 2020

The much troubled 2020 racing season began its last hurrah with the annual Keystone cup vent Friday night. Nick Bechtel scored a convincing Semi Late victory, Dalton Ritchey took the Pure Stock event and Darrell Lanigan was the top qualifier for the Saturday portion of the program.

Semi Late occasional visitor Daniel Cornman led the field to the green. But as is usual in Semi Late action, he drew a crowd at the front. Nick Bechtel finally made a successful move as Cornman over shot the runway on lap 4 and led the main to the finish.

Chubby Childers chased Bechtel for several laps but Brian Weyandt Jr rallied late. Weyandt took second on lap nine and ran there to the finish. Childers, Kyle Weyant and Cornman completed the top 5. Weyandt Jr and Bechtel won the heats.

The Pure Stocks ended their 2020 season with one of the wildest and certainly the most memorable event of the year. Action started early as several cars piled up in turn one as the green flew. Dalton Ritchey emerged the leader on the restart and led the distance to score the win. But action was hot and heavy behind him. Contact was heavy and frequent in the pursuing mob as Ritchey led.

When one of the victims retaliated against the offending driver, mayhem ensued, which carried on throughout the pit area as Ritchey completed his winning performance. Charlie Clise, Cheyenne Rinker, Derrick Hinish and Keith Killander completed the top 5. Clise and Barry Clark won the heats

Thirty five Late Models were on hand for qualifying for Saturday’s 60 lap Keystone Cup event. Divided up into two groups, Gregg Satterlee and Darrell Lanigan were the fast timers in each group. Two semi qualifiers were won by Mason Zeigler and Lanigan. Lanigan the survived the roulette wheel of action to win the Dash and claim the pol position for Saturdays event.

SEMI LATE 15 LAPS 1 Nick Bechtell, Brian Weyandt Jr, Chubby Childers, Kyle Weyant, Daniel Cornman, Erik Weyandt, Travis Calhoun, Josh Gustaf, Mark Patterson, John Miller, Ed Bumbarger, Brandon Grubb, Jarrod Brown, Laura Reilly, Bob Jay, Bob Torquato, DNS Alan Riggleman.

PURE STOCK 15 LAP 1 Dalton Ritchey, Charlie Clise, Cheyenne Rinker, Derek Hinish, Keith Killander, Jeremy Fama, Larry Food. Tyke Musselman, Travis Group, Barry Clark, Delmar Donivan, Dalton Weyant, Mike Duck, Cale Martin, Cory Weaver, Kyle Deneen, Andrew Slough, DNS Anthony Troutman Brandon Proudfoot.