Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


June 5th, 2021

Jeff Rine rallied late then ran off to score another Late Model win at Bedford Friday night. The win was the second of the season for Rine as he became the first multiple Late Model winner of 2021, and the 33rd of his career at the track. Rine is now second in career Bedford wins only a few behind he legendary Scott Haus.

In other action in the wild night of Bedford, action, Brian Weyandt Jr survived a race long battle to win the Semi Late event, George Dixon survived a last lap attack to post a near photo finish in EMod action, Barry Clark emerged from a mob for the Pure Stock win and Colin Welsh won the 4 Cylinder finale.

Pole sitter Nathan Lasalle, fresh from a grinding crash last week led the Late Model field to the green and was the early leader ahead of Chuck Clise. The pair ran that way early as Jeff Rine came from the pack in a hurry. Rine took third from Matt Sponaugle on lap three and almost immediately charged up to challenge Clise.

After several laps, of harassment, Rine took the second spot on lap nine but Lasalle seemed safely ahead. Without the aid of a caution flaf, Rine began to close on Lasalle, slowly at first, but noticeable as the laps rolled by.. On lap 12 he shot by for the lead. After that Rine put it on cruise control and ran off to a massive lead at the finish of the 25 laps.

Behind the leader, Matt Sponaugle and Andy Haus descended on Clise and wrestled for that spot. Sponaugle was able to slip by Clise in traffic on lap 19 then hold off a late charge from Haus to capture that spot at the finish. Jim Bernheisel and Lasalle completed the top 5. Clise and Bernheisel won the heats.

Laura Chamberlain was the early Semi Late leader but Travis Calhoun and Brian Weyandt Jr clawed their way through the pack to run her down. Running pretty much side by side every lap, the pair were all over Chamberlain by lap 8/ The trio ran in flight formation with Chamberlain leading and the other two side by side for several laps until Chamberlain spun i on lap 11.

Now battling for the lead, Calhoun and Weyandt resumed their battle with Weyandt taking it at the finish. Calhoun settled for second, ahead of Chubby Childers, Bill Replogle, who started last in the field, and Jarrod Brown. Weyandt and Calhoun won the heats.

George Dixon started third in the EMod event but led the first lap over Drake Troutman. Dixon stretched out a lead as Mike Altobelli Jr and Jonathan Taylor caught Troutman and battled. Altobelli secured third on lap 11 and battled with Troutman before getting by on lap 15.

Dixon’s lead seemed safe until a yellow on lap 18 closed the field. On the two lap shootout, Altobelli was all over Dixon but fell less that a length short at the line. Taylor, Troutman and Jacob Whitt completed the top 5. Troutman and Altobelli won the heats.

It was an all Stickel front row as the Pure Stocks came to the green and the family controlled the early laps. Cole led and Reed challenged, but they drew a crowd at the front. At one point over half the field was in a herd at the front as the Stickels led.

Finally Barry Clark split the Stickels and shot by for the lead on lap 12. Clark then got away from the mob to score the win. Dalton Weyant completed his run from eighth by slipping by for second with two laps to go. Cole Stickel was third followed by Reed Stickel and Denver Dishong. Clark and Kevin Weyandt won the heats.

By comparison, the 4 Cylinder finale was docile. Colin Welsh grabbed the lead at the start and led the distance as the field self destructed behind him. Jay Talley and Dalton Long rallied late to secure second and third at the line. Todd Price and Harlan Group completed the top 5. Welsh and Price won the heats.

LATE MODEL 25 LAPS 1 Jeff Rine, Matt Sponaugle, Andy Haus, Jim Bernheisel, Nathan Lasalle, Chuck Clise, Dave Stamm, Wayne Johnson, Larry Neiderer, DNS Drake Troutman

EMOD 20 ;AP 1 George Dixon, Mike Altobelli Jr, Jonathan Taylor, Drake Troutman, Jacob Whitt, Kele Beckett, Ed Vogel, Alyssa Rowe, Matt Wallace, John Whitfield, Ryan Beckett, Mike Meck, Bryan Miller, David Green, Anthony Lupini

SEMI LATES 15 LAPS 1 Brian Weyandt Jr, Travis Calhoun, Chubby Childers, Bill Replogle, Jarrod Brown, Kyle Weyandt, John Miller, Mark Petterson, Nick Bechtel, Laura Chamberlain, Erik Weyandt, Laura Reilly, Cale Martin.

PUR STOCK 15 LAPS 1 Barry Clark, Dalton Weyant, Cole Stickel, Reed Stickel, Denver Dishong, Dakota Foor, Charlie Clise, Kevin Weyandt, Geoff Sosnoski, Jeremy Fama, Bill Shehan, Anthony Fama, James Norris, DNS Kyle Deneen

4 CYLINDERS 12 LAPS 1 Colin Welsh, Jay Talley, Dalton Long, Todd Price, Harlan Group, Shawn Smith, Tommy Hughes, Tawney Group, Joe May, John Diehl, Keeshawn Dempsey, Ernie Hewitt, George Shore, Dustin Kinser, DNS Darren Chesney.,