Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


August 21st, 2021

The USAC wingless sprint cars headlined the Friday show at /Bedford and the star of the show was Alex Bright who devastated the field in their 25 lap event. Also on the program were the visiting Mid Atlantic Modifieds where Mike Altobelli defended the home turf with a come from behind win.

In other action, Nick Bechtel tightened the Semi Late point race with his Semi Late win while Cole Stickel and Charlie Clise took Pure Stock wins.

The wingless event started off wildly when the second row starters got jumbled up in turn one. The action that ensued collected nine cars including Steve Drevici who flipped.

In the fractured restart line up Ken Miller led the first lap but Alex Bright took over on lap two. A quick caution closed the field a lap later and that was the last look the racers got of Bright.

When the event went almost 20 laps all green, Bright ran off and hid from the field. Briggs Tanner got by Miller for second place on lap 10 but never closed on the leader. By the time of the checkered flag, Bright was almost a half lap ahead over Danner and Miller. Nash Ely and Joe Amantee trailed. Miller and Bright won the heats.

Justin Cullum was the early EMod leader in what became a cautionfest. With each restart, Cullum was able to get away from Dale Smith and Steve Axtel, but Bedford point leader Mike Altobelli was lurking.. After Some serious challenging, Altobelli got by Axtell on lap 6 and Smith on lap 8.

After that Altobelli set out after Cullum. He closed quickly and slid by for he lead on lap 12. After that Altobelli raced on unchallenged for the win. Cullum, Smith, and Axtel trailed. TJ Dehaven completed the op 5 Altobelli, Cullum and Daniel Cornman won the heats.

Mark Patterson led the Semi Late 30 lap event early but he attracted a crowd at the front. Travis Calhoun got by Patterson on lap 6 and appeared headed for the win. as Petterson, Bob Jay Nick Bechtel and Greg Hainsey all battled in his wake. When Patterson dropped out on lap 8, Jay emerged as the leader of that group, but Nick Bechtel got by for second after a lap 12 restart.

Calhoun and Bechtel got away from the field and had it been the usual 15 lap race Calhoun would have been the happy winner. But with the extra laps, Bechtel was able to get by on lap 18 and score the win. Josh Gustaf made a charge from the pack highlighted by a last lap attack to take second over Calhoun by a foot. Jay and Hainsey trailed. Patterson and Brian Weyandt Jr won the heats.

In the opening act of the program, the makeup race from last week, Cole Stickel won his first ever Pure Stock feature. Jeremy Fama led the first few laps before Stickel got by on lap 4. When he took over the lead he brought a mob along with him led by Charlie Clise and Dalton Weyant.

Lap after lap Clise and Weyandt challenged Stickel often one or the other drawing along side, but Stickel held on. Barry Clark caught the gang late and joined in on the fun challenging Stickel. Tension mounted as the gang encountered a lapped car on the last lap. As they came off the fourth turn in flight formation surrounding the lapped car, Stickel held them off for the big win. Weyant edged Clise for second at the line, followed by Clark and Kyle Deneen. Cody Jarvie and Clise won the heats run on August 13..

In the regularly scheduled Pure Stock event Cody Jarvie took the early lead but it was an 8 car mob at the front. Charlie Clise, after starting 7th worked his way into the mob and threaded his way through. Clise finally emerged and challenged Jarvie, getting by on lap 11.

But Derek Hinish and Barry Clark also got by and the trio ran off from the others. Although Hinish and Clark gave Clise serious threats over the last five laps, Clise held on for the win. Hinish, Clark, Jarvie and Denver Dishong trailed. Clise and Kyle Deneen won the heats.

USAC WINGLESS SPRINTS 25 LAPS 1 Alex Bright, Briggs Danner, Kenny Miller, Nash Ely, Joey Armatee, /Bruce Buckwalter, Mike Thompson, Troy Fraker, Aiden Borden, Chris Allen, Billy Ney, Christian Bruno, Tommy Kinzman, Damon Paul, Steven Drevicki.

MID ATLANTIC EMOD 25 LAP 1 Mike Altobelli. Justin Cullum, Dale Smith, Steve Axtel, TJ Dehaven, Mitch Thomas, Jerry Foster, Jacob Whitt, Daniel Cornman, Ray Kable, Tom Wakefield, David Green, Blaine Sellers, Kyle Beckett, Frank Dibella, John Whitfield, Mike Meck, Michael Wilhelm.

SEMI LATES 30 LAP 1 Nick Bechtel, Josh Gustaf, Travis Calhoun, Bob Jay, Greg Hainsey, Laura Chamberlain, Andrew Stough, Erik Weyandt, John Miller Laura Reilly, Mike Desch, Bill Pluta, Brian Weyandt Jr, Kyle Weyandt, Mark Patterson, DNS Bill Replogle.

PURE STOCK MAKEUP 15 LAPS 1 Cole Stickel, Dalton Weyant, Charlie Clise, arry Clark, Kyle Deneen, Jeremy Fama, Anthony Fama, Denver Dishong, Rodney Hartman, Cody Jarvie, Reed Stickel, Larry Foor, Derrick Hinish, Bill Shehan, DMS James Norris,

PURE STOCK 20 LAPS 1 Charlie Clise, Derek Hinish, barry Clark, Cody Jarvie, Denver Dishong, Dalton Weyant, Cole Stickel, Dalton Ritchey, Ryan Beckeyy, Larry Foor, Jeremy Fama, Stanley Price, Russ Hartman, Bill Shehan, Braxton Mongold, Anthony Fama, Reed Stickel, Kyle Deneen, DNS James Norris.