Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


September 4th, 2021

Although mid week flooding at the track made things look bleak, the Bedford track crew prevailed and had things ready for the annual Labor Day weekend 55 Friday night.

By far the happiest guy on the grounds was Michael Norris, who fought hard to score his first ever Bedford win in the prestigious event. Norris became the 150th different Late Model feature winner at the track and took home $12,000 for his efforts. After Norris scored his first win, Mike Altobelli scored yet another EMod win with late race drama.

Norris and Max Blair brought the stout Late Model field to the green flag and Norris grabbed the early lead. with Blair in pursuit. When Norris stumbled while lapping a car on lap 7, Blair made a wild move and slipped by for the lead. The pair were running in that order when the only yellow in the race flew on lap 11.

By that time, many eyes were on Gregg Satterlee who had taken the last spot in the B feature and had started 21st in the field. Satterlee and Mason Zeigler were coming forward fast with Satterlee already up to 11th at the caution.

Blair held the lead on the restart but Norris never gave up, shadowing him every lap.while Zeigler and Satterlee moved into the top ten. Norris dogged Blair lap after lap as the pair dodged among lapped traffic repeatedly. After trying many times to zip Blair on the inside,Norris got a great rub and flew by on lap 38 to take the lead.

By that time Satterlee had disposed of Zeigler and was in the top 5 and everybody was noticing. Satterlee made some big moves and grabbed third on lap 40 and began closing fast on the leaders. By lap 44 Satterlee had closed on the leaders as they negotiated traffic.

Satterlee got by Blair a lap later but Norris had cleared the traffic and moved out ahead. It took Satterlee a couple laps to also clear the traffic and he set out after Norris. But over the last five laps Satterlee failed to close on the leader as Norris raced to the big win.

Blair held on for third behind the leaders and ahead of a pair of 2s as Dan Stone and Justin Weaver ended a race long battle to complete the top 5. Fast timer Max Blair, Norris, Ryan Montgomery and Mike Lupfer won the qualifying heats. Montgomery subsequently had issues and failed to start the feature. Shaun Jones and Rick Eckert won the joint B events.

Late Model point leader Jeff Rine was not a factor in the 55, finishing 6th, but he clinched the 2021 track title.

The evening ending EMod event was a real nail biter with a surprise ending. Daniel Cornman was the early leader but 7th starter Keith Jackson moved in to challenge early. Jackson slid by Cornman on lap 6 and appeared on his way to his first Bedford win.

But current point leader Mike Altobelli was on the move as usual, He arrived in second on lap 8 but amazingly he could not close on Jackson. Lap after lap Altobelli chased Jackson but could not catch him. Then suddenly on lap 23 with two to go, Jackson’s car broke in turn 4 and his run ended.

Altobelli easily ran off for he last two laps to score another win and also ice down the 2021 track title. Behind Altobelli, Drake Troutman, Cornman, Jacob Marker and Amber Mills completed the top 5. Troy Johnson and Altobelli won the heats.

LATE MODEL 55 LAP 1 Mike Norris, Gregg Satterlee, Max Blair, Dan Stone, Justin Weaver, Jeff Rine, Jared Miley, Mason Zeigler, Jason Covert, Tim Smith, Chuck Clise, Matt Sponaugle, Andy Haus, Brian bernheisel, Nathan Lasalle, Dave Stamm, Shaun Jones, Rick Eckert, Trevor Feathers Dylan Yoder, Mike Lupfer, Kyle Lee Wayne Johnson, Deshawn Gingrich, DNS Ryan Montgomery DNQ Jeff Miller, Jason Miller, Brian Booze, Scott Flickenger, Larry Neiderer, Greg Moore, Drake Troutman

EMOD 25 LAP 1 Mike Altobelli, Drake Trroutman, DanielCornman, Jacob Marker, Amber Mills, Troy Johnson, Khi Swanger, Alyssa Rowe, Denny Perigo, Ed Vogel, David Green, Keith Jackson, Nolan Dalton, Travis Clower, Nick Stumbaigh, Mike Meck, Blaine Sellers.