Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


September 26th, 2021

    The two day Troutman Tribute took an unexpected turn but produced two happy winners in Saturday action at Bedford.     Dalton Ritchey took the Pure Stock event before Kyle Strickler thrilled the fans with his first ever Bedford  win in the EMOD headliner. Those races were run after a surprise rain shower caused a 2 hour rain delay in the program. 

   The two contested events after the rain delay ran the program into curfew violation territory, causing the 305 event and the EMod non qualifier event to be scrubbed.  With no compatible date for the 305s to return, and little desire among the EMod drivers to return for the posted non qualifier purse, it was determined  that the offered money in each class was divided up among all the entrants and the races cancelled.

     After track crew members  rescued the Bedford track surface after the rain delay,  the first event was the scheduled Pure Stock event.   By the luck of the draw in the non point event,  champion Dalton Weyant  started on the pole and led the event early.   Weyant pulled ahead early as the field  tepidly negotiated the post rain surface, but Dalton Ritchey  and several others  emerged from the pack and ran Weyant down by lap 4.

     When Weyant slid high on lap 4, Ritchey slipped by and then ran off to score the 15 lap win.  Ryan Beckett rallied late to snare second from Weyant on lap 12, but he was unable to run down Ritchey for the win.  Derrick Hinish came from ninth to take third at the finish ahead of Weyant and Barry Clark.  Clark, Weyant and Beckett won the heats.

    With the earlier rain action, the EMods inherited a fast hammer down racing surface and they responded with hammer down action.  Kyle Strickler and Dave Hess brought the field to the green and Strickler took the early lead.  Hess was all over Strickler  actually getting along side several times,  but it was Adam Stricker who shot by into the lead on lap nine.

    The trio up front drew Friday winner Nick Hoffman who had started sixth and was coming forward fast.   Strickler and Hess battled for the opportunity to challenge Strticker with Hoffman challenging them.  

    Finally free of Hess by lap 17, Strickler concentrated on Stricker.  The pair swapped the lead several times with full speed wild moves but Stricker led each lap at the line.  Finally on lap 28, Strickler whipped by for the lead and was able to hang on to it.

   In those late laps Hess rallied to rejoin the battle with Stricker, but Hoffman was getting faster with each lap.  While battling for second,  Hess fell victim to Hoffman on lap 37.   Over the last two laps, as Strickler ran toward the win, Hoffman  moved in on Stricker, snagging second place in a photo finish at the line.

    Adam Stricker took third ahead of Hess and Drake Troutman.  Troutman, Joel Watson,  David Stremme and Mike Altobelli won the heats.  Hess won the dash.  Mitch Thomas won the first B main while Jessie Wisecarver took the second B, cut to 13 laps when the shower hit the track.


  PURE STOCK 15 LAPS  1  Dalton Ritchey,  Ryan Beckett,  Derrick Hinish,  Dalton Weyant,  Barry Clark,  Jim Frost,  Charlie Clise,  Jeremy Fama,  Geoff Sosnowski,  Cody Jarvie,  Zach Frost,  Denver Dishong,  Brian Shingleton,  Bill Shehan,  Tom Lewis,  Charles Jones,  Cole Stickel,  Anthony Fama,  Mason Replogle,  Brian Shaw,  Jason Haggerty,  Corey Weaver,  DNS  Keith killander,  Rodney Hartman,  Franklin Foor

EMOD 39 LAPS  1  Kyle Strickler,  Nick Hoffman,  Adam Stricker,  Dave Hess,  Drake Troutman,  George Dixon,  Koel Watson,  Eddie Carrier,  Jared Spalding,  Alyssa Rowe,  Mitch Thomas,  Colton Shaw,  Garrett Stewart,  Ryan Ayers,  Brent Rhebergen,  Ty Rhoades,  Nate Young,  Seth Daniels,  David Stremme,  Dan Davies,  Jesse Wisecarver,  KC Burdette,  Mike Altobelli,  Carl McKinney,  David Green.  DNq  Jonathan Taylor,  Jacob Whitt,  Todd Neilheiser,  Evan Taylor,  Troy Johnson,  Brandon Householder,  Denny Perigo,  Ed Vogel,  Jeff Solinger,  Justin Milburn,  Dacron Powell,  Blaine Sellers,  Tommy Hughes,  Troy Loomis,  Jerry Foster,  Steve Axtell,  Amber mills,  Joe Phillips,  Jacob Marker,  Michael Wilhelm,  Austin Holcomb,  Travis Creech