Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


October 23rd, 2021

Kyle Weyandt, Mason Zeigler and Jeff Rine were  happy winners as the Keystone Cup weekend began at Bedford Friday night.  Weyandt took the honors in the special Semi Late event, while Zeigler and Rine each won Late Model qualifiers for the big Saturday 60 lap Late Model event.  Then a surprise rain shower moved in and caused the rest of the festivities to be postponed.

    By the luck of the draw in the non point event, Kyle Weyandt started on the pole for the Semi Late event.  He took the lead at the start as the event took a ragged turn in the first few laps.  Seven slowdowns spotted the first six laps of the feature,two for Bill Replogle who was having issues.

   Weyandt prevailed on each restart as Khi Swangeer  challenged.   That challenge ended as Swanger and Mike Desch tangled  with Desch flipping in turn 4.   From that point things settled down with Travis Calhoun the new challenger.

    Calhoun trailed Weyandt for the distance, finishing second, ahead of Reologle, who came from the rear, Devin Weyandt and Mark Patterson.  Devin Weyandt and Calhoun won the heats.

  The two Late Model 20 lap qualifiers were lined up directly from time trial results.  Mason Zeigler,  who set fast time overall,  started on the pole of qualifier 1 and then pretty much devastated the field.    Andy Haus started and ran second for the duration but was never a threat to the fleet Zeigler.  Jason Covert advanced to third and led  the other qualifiers Jared Miley, Ryan Montgomery, Alex Ferree,  Trevor Feathers,  Jason Miller and Kyle Lee across the line.

    Second fastest qualifier Jeff Rine led the second event to the green and took the early lead.    Visitor Scott Bloomquist caught Rine but  never mounted a serious challenge before the pair finished in that order.  Max Blair finished third ahead of other qualifiers Rick Eckert,  Colton Burdette,  Matt Cosner Colton Flinner,  Jamie Lathroum and Brian Bernheisel.

    The rest of the 42 car entries will get one last chance to qualify in Saturdays last chance events.

   As the Pure Stock feature was on the pace lap, a surprise shower hit the track halting things.   With  that intrusion, the Pure Stock and 4 Cylinder features were  postponed and will be run as a Sunday extra.


SEMI LATE 20 LAPS,   1  Kyle Weyandt,  Travis Calhoun,  Bill Replogle,  Devin Weyandt,  Mark Patterson,  Daniel Cornman,  John Miller,  Chuck Renner,  Dennis Collins,  Andrew Stough,  Tony Catlett,  Khgi Swanger,  Laura Chamberlain,  Bill Pluta,  Mike Desch,  Cale Martin,  DNS  Steve Varner,  Nick Bechtel,  Laura Reilly


LATE MODEL #1  Mason Zeigler,  Andy Haus,  Jason Covert,  Jared Miley,  Ryan Montgomery,  Alex Ferree,  Trevor Feathers,  Jason Miller,  Kyle Lee,  Ross Robinson,  Dan Stone,   Gegg Satterlee,  travis Stickley,  Jeff Miller,  Gary Stuhler,  Dylan Yoder,  Eddie Carrier,  Jim Yoder,  Dave Stamm,  Chuck Clise,  Justin Weaver.


LATE MODEL #2  1  Jeff Rine,  Scott Bloomquist,  Max Blair,  Rick Eckert,  Colton burdette,  Matt Cosner,   Colton Flinner,  Jamie Lathroum,  Brian Bernheisel,  Tom Smith,  Drake Troutman,  Clinton Hersh,  Shawn Jones,  Spike Moore,  Wayne Johnson.  John Wayne Weaver,  Nathan Lasalle,  Tom Decker,  Tom Decker III,  Mike Lupfer,  Matt Murphy,  DNS  Eric Hamilton.