Bedford Speedway » 2022 Results


May 30th, 2022

Bedford Speedway’s annual Memorial Day celebration was reduced to  a one day show Sunday after  rain on Friday,    and the big winners were Matt Parks and  Scott Lutz.   Parks’ win came easily after dominating the Limited event  but Lutz  eked out a narrow win the in 305 sprint thriller.

In other action,  Drake Troutman won the EMod event  and Jeff Paulson  won the special Vintage car race before Shawn Smith completed the evening  with a 4 Cylinder win.

Pole sitter Spike Moore was the early Limited leader, pulling away as the field jostled for the runner up position.    Devin Weyandt was there and inherited the lead when Moore suddenly retired on lap three.  But his lead lasted only one lap as Matt Parks was on a mission.  Parks blasted by Weyandt  a lap later and then wired the field,  running off to a huge lead before a yellow closed the field on lap 15.

While Parks led,  the battle was for second as Weyandt held off first Justin Weaver, then a determined Robby Black for the duration.  Black  and Taylor Farlling has a epic battle before  Black got away from him and took third from Weaver on lap 15 but Weyandt was able to repel his advances and score second at the line.  Black,   Weaver and Farlling completed the top 5.  Weyandt and Moore won the heat

The road was much tougher for Scott Lutz in 305 action.  He went from fourth to the lead on lap one but  was hounded every inch of the way by Brad Mellott.     Mellott several times drew even with  Lutz,  even pulling slightly ahead at one point but Lutz officially led every lap.

Tension mounted in the waning laps as third place runner  Josh Spicer  closed on the pair and became a threat,  along with fast closing Jarrett Cavolet, but the laps ran down with Lutz holding on for the win.   Mellott, Spicer, Cavolett and  Steve Kenewell completed the top 5.    Spicer and Kennewell,  with a wild last lap pass won the heats.

Drake Troutman started the EMod event  fifth  but caught and slid by Alyssa Rowe on lap  4.  From that point on he  showed the way as Mike Altobelli and George Dixon battled heavily for second.     They traded that spot between themselves several times, often dancing through lapped traffic, before Dixon secured that spot at the finish.     Mike Franklin came from deep n the field to take fourth while Rowe was fifth at the line.  Altobelli and Travis Clower won the heats.

Front row starter Shawn Smith led the 4 Cylinder event  the entire distance, but all eyes were on the wild battle for second as six cars ran in a mob.  Eighth starter Colin Welsh caught and wormed his was through that pack to get to second on lap 11.   He suddenly closed on Smith on the last lap but Smith prevailed for the win.  Jay Talley led  Darren Howsare and  Jim Burt across the line to complete the top 5.   Howsare and Talley won the heats,

Jeff Paulson led the Vintage car event from beginning to end, taking the win over Mark Hahn and Jim  Kirkwoon.


LIMITEDS  20 LAPS  1  Matt Parks,  Devin Weyandt,  Robby Black,  Justin Weaver,  Taylor Farlling,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Brian Lowery,  Ryan Sager,  Bryce Broadwater,  Devin Hart,  Doug Legum,  Spike Moore,


305  20 LAPS  Scott Lutz,  Brad Mellott,  Josh Spicer,  Jarrett Cavolet,  Steve Kenewell,  Alyssa Rowe,  Ron Aurand,

Jay Fry,  Logan Jones,  Reed Thompson,   Matthew Kline,  Dakota Schweikert,  Tyler Cochran,  Frank Rusnak,  Ryan Lynn,  Jim Kennedy,  Dale Schweikert.


EMOD  20 LAPS    Drake Troutman,    George Dixon,  Mike Altobelli,  Mike Franklin,  Alyssa  Rowe,  Jacob Marker,  Travis Clower,    Brandon Hoover,  Mike Chizobko,   Ryan Dolan,  David Green,  Johyn Whitfield,  Mike Meck,  Rodney Hartman,  Dan Patterson,  DNS  TJ  Dehaven


4 CYLINDER  12  LAPS  Shawn Smith  Colin Welsh,  Jay Talley,  Darren Howsare,  Jim Burt,  Mike Boring,  Ernie Hewitt,  Jeff Marlett,  Keshawn Dempsey,   Jason Woods,  Tommy hughes,  Shawn Metty,  Dustin Stine,  Matthew Jones,   Paul Shore,   Jimmy Delozier,  George Shore,  Richard Athey,  Adam Plubell,  George Shore Jr,  Todd Price,   DNS  Dwaine Wotring,  Luke  Hribar.


VINTAGE  15 LAPS  Jeff Paulson,  Mark haha,  Jim Kirkwood,  Gene Wrightstoe,  John Marks,  Hugh Wright,  Jon Lines.