Bedford Speedway » 2023 Results


June 3rd, 2023

Sometimes it pays to be lucky as well as good.  Tim Smith proved that Friday at Bedford after he led early, lost the lead but rallied late to claim the Late Model win at Bedford Friday night. After getting a late start on the season,  it was Smith’s first win of 2023 and third career Bedford win.

In other action, Ryan Sager led pole to pole to grab the limited win, his first since 2020, Bill Replogle, after a season of frustration, took the Semi Late win, and Kyle Beckett took the Pure Stock event before Shawn Smith ended the evening with a 4 Cylinder win.

Bryan Bernheisel  burst from third to lead the opening lap but his thrill was short lived as Tim Smith shot by on lap three.   He was almost instantly hounded by Spike Moore at the fromt but the man on the move was Jeff Rine, who boomed from 7th to third by lap 5.    Rine got by Moore two laps later and set out after Smith.

After a spirited battle, Rine got by for the lead on lap 9 and appeared enroute to his record setting 38th career Bedford win.  Smith remained on hot pursuit but Rine pulled to pull away over the next two laps.   Then, on lap 12, the usually bulletproof 92 broke and Rine drifted to a halt in turn three,  That placed Smith back in the lead with Moore again chasing.

Behind the action up front, Kyle Lee, who had started beside Rine in row 4, was clicking off positions one by one.   After battling Bernheisel, he got to third on lap 22 and was all over Moore the last three laps,  but Smith was  safely ahead.

At the finish, Smith took the win by about two seconds over Moore and Lee. Bernheisel and Matt Sponaugle completed the top 5.   Moore and Rine won the heats.

The Limited event started with a bang as Eddie Cornett crashed heavily into the turn one wall At the completion of lap one, a move which collected quite a few others and necessitated a lengthy red flag.

Ryan Sager took the initial lead  and made it look easy for most of the event, leading the distance.  But late in the race, by about halfway Devin Weyandt moved in and gave Sager fits.  And in the distance, Taylor Farlling was coming fast.    Sager repelled every challenge to hold the lead but drama unfolded as the caution came out on lap 19.  The one lap shootout jumbleid things as Weyandt made a move for the lead but it failed.  Farlling got by for second only to be nipped at the line by Kyle Lea.

Sager took the win over Lear and Farlling.  Brian Lowery rallied for fourth ahead of Weyandt at the line.   Heats went to Casey Steinoff and Weyandt.

Bill Replogle, who has had a season of wrecks and mechanical issues,  was rewarded with the pole position in the Semi Late event.  He led from the start but the first two laps he was side by side with a pesky Bradlee Mears before getting away.   Travis Calhoun chased Replogle early before Josh  Bumberger moved in to take up the challenge.  But Repologle withstood all his efforts and held on for the win.   John Miller, Brian Weyandt Jr and Calhoun trailed.  Replogle and Bumberger won the heats..

Kyle Beckett was the initial Pure Stock leader in an event which featured its own red flag delay.    A blown engine as the field completed lap three sprayed a mess all over the front stretch and much of the field went spinning and piling up into the turn one wall causing a lengthy cleanup.

When things resumed, Beckett held the lead over a 5 car chase squadron.   Dalton Ritchey trailed him and made several attempts to wrest the lead before he was joined by Charlie Clise and Denver Dishong who came e from deep in the field, But Beckett held on for the win.   Ritchey Clise and Dishong trailed.  Cody Jarvie was fifth.  Beckett and Dishong won the heats.

Ther 4 Cylinder event started with a similar mess in about the same as the Pure Stock race, this one coming on  the first lap.   When things resumed, Todd Price led the first two 4 Cylinder laps before Shawn Smith got by.  From that point on, the field strung out as Smith led to the finish.  Derek Long took second at the line ahead of Jim Burt, Austin Burt and Steve Delozier.  Smith and Dominick Hoover won the heats.


LATE MODEL 25 LAP   Tim Smith,  Spike Moore,  Kyle Lee,  Bryan Bernheisel,  Matt Sponaugle,  Bryan Booze,  Chuck Clise,  Wayne Johnson,  Jim McBee,  Ron Fink,  Matt Murphy,  Jeff Rine,  Allen Labby,  Ernie Millon  DNS  Nathan Lasalle, Colin Knaub


LIMITED  20 LAP     Ryan Sager  Kyle Lear,  Taylor Farlling,  Brian Lowery,  Devin Weuandt,  Casey Steinoff,   Khi Swanger,  Wes Bonebrake,  Kaiden Bard,  Tyler Ritchey,  Tim Snare,  Brad Feight,  Brandon Bowman,  Tom Decker J,  Travis Fleegle,  John Seiler,  Madeline Miller,  Danny Beatty,  Eddie Cornett,  DNS   Charles Jones


SEMI LATE 15 LAP    Bill Replogle,  Josh Bumberger,  John Miller,  Brian Weyandt,  Travis Calhoun,  Dave Brown,  Greg Hainsey,  Kyle Weyandt,  Bradlee Means,  Rick Potter,  Laura Reilly,  Kyle Deneen,,Casey Martin,  DNS  Bob Jay


PURE STOCK  15 LAPS    Kyle Beckett,  Dalton Ritchey.  Charlie Clise,  Denver Dishong,  Cody Jarvie,  Darian Ritchey,  Mark Shope,  Dominik Weyandt,  Madison Miller,  Tom Lewis,  Jay Talley,  Brock Bunn,  Barry Clark,,DNS   Reed Stickel,  Derek Treece


4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS       Shawn Snith,  Derek Long,  Jim  Burt,  Austin Burt,  Steve Delozier,  Josh Corbin,   Colin Welsh,  Ernie Hewitt,  Domiinick Hoover,   Harlan Group,  Matt Kauffman,  Jimmy Delozier,  Dustin Stine,  Hayden Kline,  Todd Price,  Dennis Shore,  George Shore,   DNS   Bryan Reigitz,  Jeff Marlett