Bedford Speedway » 2010 Results


August 21st, 2010

By: Dave Harclerode

BEDFORD, PA –  The URC Sprint Cars made their historic annual visit to Bedford Speedway Friday night.  The URC Sprints have been making non-consecutive appearances at Bedford since 1956.  Bill Unglert won his first ever URC feature event in front of a large crowd.  Jason Covert won the $2,000 to win Super Late Model feature, Bill Henney won a wild one in the Street Stocks, and Travis Group took the Hobby Stock feature event.  Through disqualification, James Best won his first ever 4 Cylinder feature.

Bill Unglert was ecstatic after winning his first ever URC Sprint race at a track rich in URC history.  Unglert led flag to flag to take the win.  Curt Michael finished second, and also was the Tri State Racing Photos hard charger after starting fifteenth in the feature.  Justin Collett was third, Kevin Nouse fourth, and Becca Anderson fifth.  Unglert, Art Liedl, and Anderson won the qualifying heats.

In Super Late Model action, Jeff Rine led the field to the green for the $2,000 to win Bedford Valley Petroleum feature event.  A three wide battle ensued, with Rine, Jeff Covert, and seventh starting Jeff Miller.  Rine maintained the lead until third starting Covert powered by on lap six, and Miller followed suit.  The top three broke from the pack, as Jack Pencil picked his way through the field.  With 12 to go, Miller made heavy contact with the turn three wall and retired from the race while running second.  Covert took off on the restart, and soon had a half a lap lead on the field.  Rine held the second spot, and Pencil made his way to third.  Covert won by half a lap while weaving through lapped traffic, and Rine finished second with Pencil on his rear bumper.  Scott LeBarron came home fourth, and Derek Byler fifth.  Rounding out the top ten was Nick Dickson, Tyler Hershey, DJ Myers, Gary Stuhler, and Jeff Miller.  Pencil was the Tri State Racing Photos hard chargers.  Byler, Hershey, and Jerry Bard won the qualifying events. 

Bill Henney stole the show in the Street Stock Division, taking the lead with two to go from race long leader Jesse Snyder.  Snyder held the point from the start with Henney in tow.  Henney powered by on the highside with two to go to earn his second win of the season.  Snyder finished second, Brian Duffy third, Daryl Whetstone fourth, and Jim Sayler fifth.  Duffy was the Tri State Racing Photos hard charger.  Sayler and Henney won the heats.

Travis Group won his first ever feature in the Hobby Stock division.  Group battled Chad Gambol for the win as division heavy hitters Charlie Walter and Bill Replogle worked through the field from the back of the pack.  Following Group across the line was Gambol, Walter, Replogle, and Terry Norris.  Charlie Walter was the Tri State Racing Photos hard charger.  Group and Norris won the heat events.

James Best won his first ever 4 Cylinder feature at Bedford, after original race winner Robert Pluta was disqualified in the post race tech.  Mike Lauffer finished second, Ralph Miller third, Casey Fleegle fourth, and Paul Crynock, Jr. fifth.  Robert Pluta and Juan Ryan won the heats.

 Next week, a regular five division show will be on hand with Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, and 4 Cylinders.  The Super Lates will be running the first leg of the Bedford/Roaring Knob challenge.  Call the speedway office at 814-623-0500 for more information, or visit for more details.


FEATURE:  1. Bill Unglert  2. Curt Michael  3. Justin Collett  4. Kevin Nouse  5. Becca Anderson  6. Art Liedl  7. Tim Hogue  8. Jonathan Swanson  9. Kramer Williamson  10. Robbie Stillwagon  11. Josh Weller  12. Randy West  13. Chris Weiss  14. JJ Grasso  15. Rory Janney  16. Tim Higgins  17. Kevin Darling  18. Gary Gollub  19. Tim Ilug  20. Midge Miller

HEAT 1:  Bill Unglert

HEAT 2:  Art Liedl

HEAT 3:  Becca Anderson


FEATURE:  1.  Jason Covert  2. Jeff Rine  3. Jack Pencil  4. Scott LeBarron  5. Derek Byler  6. Nick Dickson  7. Tyler Hershey  8. DJ Myers  9. Gary Stuhler  10. Jeff Miller  11. Jerry Bard  12. Matt Parks  13. Bryan Bernheisel  14. Allen Lemin  15. Tom Decker, Jr.  16. Larry Wright  17. Keith Killander  (DNF)  18. Jeremy Miller (DNF)  19. Greg Fetters (DNF)  20. Scott Haus (DNF)  21. Shawn Claar (DNF)

DNS:  Devin Friese

HEAT 1:  Byler, Covert, Rine

HEAT 2:  Hershey, LeBarron, Haus

HEAT 3:  Bard, Jeremy Miller, Jeff Miller


FEATURE:  1.  Bill Henney  2. Jesse Snyder  3. Brian Duffy  4. Daryl Whetstone  5. Jim Sayler  6. Donald Wyles  7. Cody Buterbaugh  8. Zane Weicht  9. Rich Swope (DNF)

DNS:  Kerry Molovich, Paul Gambol

HEAT 1:  Sayler, Duffy, Wyles

HEAT 2:  Henney, Snyder, Weicht


FEATURE:  1. Travis Group  2. Chad Gambol  3. Charlie Walter  4. Bill Replogle  5. Terry Norris  6. Rick Potter  7. Reed Stickel  8. Jarrod Brown  9. Kenny Imler, Jr.  10. Lou Waynnan  11. Mike Ott (DNF)  12. Mark Field (DNF)

HEAT 1:  Group, Replogle, Brown

HEAT 2:  Norris, Potter, Walter


FEATURE:  1. James Best  2. Mike Lauffer  3. Ralph Miller  4. Casey Fleegle  5. Paul Crynock, Jr.  6. Juan Ryan  7. Jeff Treece  8. Cindy Rhodes  9. Phil Best  10. Jeremy Miller  11. Nick Iski  12. Andrew Pluta, Jr.  13. Ronnie Valentine  14. Jon Gephart  15. Steve Frederick  16. Dan Jackson  17. Troy Imler  18. Kevin See  19. Robert Pluta (DQ)

HEAT 1: Robert Pluta, Fleegle, Treece

HEAT 2:  Ryan, Andrew Pluta, Lauffer