Bedford Speedway » 2012 Results


September 30th, 2012
The 2012 season at Bedford ended in a big way with triple 35 lap events  headed by the Limited Late Models Saturday night.  D J Troutman, who already scored bot a Limited and a Late Model win at the track in 2012,  rallied late to take the big Limited 35 lap season finale.  Jim Sayler, on a rare visit down from Thunder Valley snared the 35 lap Semi Late event, while Charlie Walter took his forst Pure Stock win in quite a while in that 35 lapper.   Mike Lauffer, the track leading winner in 2012, finished the evening by taking the 4 Cylinder finale, his seventh of the year.
       Rob Black was the pole sitter and early leader in the Limited event.  Troutman emerged from early lap action in second place by lap three.   After that it was three more laps until Troutman took over.  Black ended up with his hands full of Mike Altobelli ,  Further back,  JT Spence was marching forward from 13th and Gene Knaub was coming from 15th.  They ran down the top five cars by mid race and  got busy with Rick Singleton and Grant Adams battling to get into the top 5.
      With all the action behind him, Troutman led the way, with Black in pursuit.  A late race caution on lap 30 closed the field one last time but Troutman ran to the win.  Black held off Altobelli to the finish.  Knaub’s forward march ended at fourth, one spot ahead of Spence.  Singleton, Jake Jones, Donnie Farlling ,Justin Weaver, and Dave Leidy, 
completed the top 10.   Grant Adams, Troutman and  Travis Calhoun won the heats on Friday night,
       Greg Hainsey was the early Semi Late leader but he was chased down by Chris Chamberlain.   Chamberlin took over on lap 10 but Hainset took it back on lap 12.   Kerry Molovich also got by Chamberlain and chased Hainsey through the middle laps.  But Jim Sayler was lurking.  He got into the big four car battle behind the leaders and emerged in  third by lap 13 and closing fast.  Saylor got Molovich on lap 22 and struck into the lead one lap later.  Hainsey did not make it easy for Saylor with constant pressure but had to hold off Molovich as well for the duration.  
       Sayler, who only last week won the 50 lap finale at Thunder Valley, streaked across the line just ahead of Hainsey,  Molovich  was third.   Last minute replacement driver Daniel Cornman came from dead last to take fourth ahead of track champion Zane Weicht.  Jamie Swank, Don Wyles, Cody Buterbaugh, Bob Jay and Travis Brown completed the top ten.  Chamberlain and Swank won the Friday night heats.
   Dave Riley was the early Pure Stock leader.  He distanced himself from a wild 4 way battle behind him through the early laps.  Mike Norris, Charlie Walter, Travis Group and later a fast closing Bill Replogle  went to it lap after lap trading positions  as Riley drew away.Walter ran second most of those laps after getting by Norris,  But it was Group  in second place when disaster struck Riley on lap 27.
      Riley drifted into the pits when his car broke leaving Group as the leader, but the same three other cars were still in his gang.  But there was more drama to come as Replogle retired from the group on lap 31 and then Group’s car broke, setting up a two lap dash to the finish.  With Walter as the new leader,  he held off Norris for the win.  Jarrod Brown came from 11th to take third, ahead of dead last starter Jim Dearmitt and Tim Housel.  Mike Ott, Brad  Feight, Terry Norris, Replogle and Group completed the top ten.  Riley and Norris won the Friday heats.
   Tyler Beckett was the early leader as the 4 Cylinders returned to finish the 2012 season.  Mike Lauffer took over on lap 4 and ran to his seventh win of the season.  Beckett ran second ahead of Pat Breahm, Steve Frederick and Phil Best.  Cale Martin and Lauffer won the heats.
lIMITED 35 LAP 1  DJ  Troutman,  2  Robby Black,  3  Mike Altobelli Jr,  4  Gene Knaub,  5  JT Spence,  6  Rick Singleton,  7  Jake Jones,  8  Donnie Farlling,  9  Justin Weaver,  10  Dave Leidy,  11  Chris Eaton,  12  Grant Adams,  13  Willy Rowe,  14  Steve Stitt,  15  Tim Smith,  16  Travis Calhoun,  17  Curtis Heath,  18  Josh Berrier,  19  Mike Duck,  20  Chad Walls,  21  21  Scott Palmer,  22  Brian Lessley,  23  Rance Garlock,  24  Steve Stitt Jr,  DNS  Bob Foote,  Bobby Watt, George Dixon, Mike Wilson, Brandon Lasalle, Andy Fries,  Matt howsare
SEMI LATE 35 LAPS  1  Jim Sayler,  2  Greg Hainsey  3  Kerry Molovich 4  Dan Cornman,  5  Zane Weicht, 6  Jamie Swank,  7  Don Wyles,    8  Cody Butterbaugh,  9  Bopb Jay,  19  Travis Brown,  11  Dave Whetstone,  12  Dennis Collins,  13  Grorge Beckett,  14  Chris Chamberlain,  15  Ryan Beckett,  16  James Hampe,  17  Keith Koontz,  Tyler Farlling.  DNS  Darryl Whetstone
PURE STOCK 35 LAPS  1  Charlie Walter,  2  Mike Norris,  3  Jarrod Brown,  4  Jim Dearmitt,  5  Tim Housel,  6  Mike Ott,  7  Brad Feight,  8  Denny Norris,  9  Bill Replogle,  10  Travis Group,  11  Gre Beckett,  12  Dave Riley,  13  Mike Daniels,  14 Justin Milburn,  15  Jim,  Sacco,  16  Bob Noel,  17 Rick Potter,    DNS  Willy Ling, Ed Vogel,.  Tom Warren
4 CYLINDER 15 LAP  1  Mike Lauffer,  2  Tyler Beckett,  3  Pat Breahm,  4  Steve Frederick,  5  Phil Best,  6  Lonnie Snyder,  7  Will Copenhaver,  8  Cale Martin,  9  Ron Valentine,  9  Bill Hassenplug,  DNS  Dave Lambert,  Eric Booozel