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September 9th, 2013
 In an event rain delayed a week,  Dylan Yoder arrived and devastated the field in the annual Labor Day 55 at Bedford Sunday night.  Yoder actually led a pair of 24 cars across the line as father Jim, who fell a lap back earlier, actually chased Dylan to the finish.  In other action, two drivers scored their first ever Bedford wins as Jim Sacco won the Semi Late race and Brandon Conrad won the 4 Cylinder event.  In between,  Travis Group won the Pure Stock race and Dennis Perigo grabbed the Economodified laurels.
     Dylan Yoder started his evening off well by winning his heat race and drawing two for a starting position in the Three State format.  Yoder shot by Austin Hubbard at the start and never looked back as the 55 lap distance unfolded.  Jason Covert zoomed in to harrass Hubbard for second and was running there when the most severe crash in the race happened on lap 9. On that lap Colby Frye banked off the third turn wall and got up on top of it before  bouncing back onto the track.
   On that restart, Yoder left no doubt that he was in command as he ran off from Hubbard over the next 16 green laps.   Heavy lapped traffic by that point gave Hubbard, Covert and fast closing Jeremy Miller a close look at Yoder’s back bumper,  but he held sway.  Miller got by Covert for third on lap 25, just before the caution flew again.
     When the race went another long green stretch,  Yoder again got into lapped traffic with Hubbard holding off Miller for second.   The next yellow on lap 37 set up an interesting situation as the last car Yoder lapped before that was his father in an identical car.   On the restart Dylan got away from the field again,  but Jim got away from the second place battle between Hubbard and Miller,  running there until the finish.
    At the line it was Dylan Yoder with the convincing win, followed by Hubbard, Miller, Covert Mark Pettyjohn, Matt Parks, Kenny Pettyjohn,  Shawn Claar, Jerry Bard and DJ Troutman.   Jim Yoder, a car length off the leader for the last 18 laps was 14th, one lap off the pace.  Yoder, Miller and Covert won the heats.
     Jim Sacco ran the race of his five week Semi Late career to nail down his win.   He started on the pole but had Kerry Molovich all over him from the start.  Molovich actually got by for the lead on lap 3 before a caution negated the move, and Sacco held off the field for the duration.  Molovich had his hands full as Bob Jay and Jesse Snyder ran in a pack before finishing in that order.  Greg Cornell was fifth.  Chris Chamberlain and Cornell won the heats.
     Dennis Perigo held off a furious late race charge from Jonathan Taylor to secure his win.  Taylor finished second ahead of Adam Daniels, Matt Fulton and Justin Milburn.
     Travis Group had to thread his way through a mob scene to get to the front of the Pure Stock field.  Once in front he held off Pure Stock rookie Dave Lambert and Bill Replogle for the win.  Charlie Walter was fourth followed by Ed Vogel who started 18th in the field.  Lambert and Brad Feight won the heats.
   4 Cylinder action was wild as usual.   An 11 car crash  stopped action on lap one.  When the action resumed Brandon Conrad had assumed the lead and held off Robert Pluta for the distance.  Ryan Peer, Andrew Pluta and Tom Brady trailed.  Robert Pluta, Brady and Eric Boozel won the heats.
LATE MODEL 55 LAP  1  Dylan Yoder, Austin Hubbard,  Jeremy Miller,  Jason Covert,  Mark Pettyjohn,  Matt Parks,  Kenny Pettyjohn,  Shawn Claar,  Jerry Bard,  DJ Troutman,  Jeff Rine,  Matt Sponaugle,  Chuck Clise,  Jim Yoder,  Wayne Johnson,  Matt Cosner,  David Williams,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Justin Kann,  Dan Lee,  Eric Zembower,  Colby Frye,  Alicia Fox,  DNS Jack Pencil.
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Jim Sacco,  Kerry Molovich,  Bob Jay,  Jesse Snyder,  Greg Cornell,  Dave Whetstone,  Ryan Beckett,  Chad Gambol,  Chris Chamberlain,  Tom Warren,  Jamie Kohan,  DNS  Mike Lauffer, Dennis Collins
1  Dennis Perigo,  Jonathan Taylor,  Adam Daniels,  Matt Fulton,  Justin Milburn,  Brandon Lasalle
PURE STOCK 12 LAPS  1  Travis Group,  Dave Lambert,  Bill Replogle,  Charlie Walter,  Ed Vogel,  Mike Ott,  Dave Riley,  Justin Michael,  Brad Feight,  Kyle Beckett,  Jarrod Brown,  Bill Noll  Shawn Ringler,  Amber Mills,  Jeff Brown,  Trent Clark,  Greg Beckett,  Tyler Ritchey,  Tyler Alkire,
4 CYLINDER  1  Brandon Conrad,  Robert Pluta,  Ryan Peer,  Andrew Pluta,  Tom Brady,  Pat Breahm,  EJ Johnson,  Wayne Brenize,  Dave Harclerode,  Eric Boozel,  Bailey Johnson,  Cale Martin,  Steve Frederick,  Mike Meck,  Rusty Martin,  Nick Zborovancik,  Tyler Beckett,  Garrett Watkins,  Matt Diehl,  Stan Muir,  John Diehl.,  Nathan Altobelli,