Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


September 21st, 2014
  It was a night when the big winners kept winning as Bedford ended the 2014 season  with Fallfest 2014.  Rick Singleton capped off  his year with his ninth Limited win of the season, and Evan Taylor won a fifth Economodified event.  Jim Sayler, who had won three Fallfest events over the years, added a fourth Semi Late win, and  Cale Martin finished a late season rally with his third 4 Cylinder win in the last four weeks,. after track champ Jeff Rine had already won his fifth Late Model event  in the Friday night portion of Fallfest.  At the other end of the spectrum,  Ralph Engle won his first ever Bedford event in the special 305 Sprint show and Brian Duffy won his first race in over two years in the Pure Stock nightcap.
       Rick Singleton started fifth in the Limited 35 lapper.   Curtis Heath was the early leader and stayed in that spot as Singleton advanced.  Singleton got by on lap ten in what became a caution filled crashfest, but the frequent yellow flags kept the field close.  There were ten yellows thrown before the planned fuel stop on lap 18 as the entire field shifted around.
     After the stop, the field settled down , going the distance with only one more slowdown with Singleton in command.  But the man on the move was Mike Altobelli who had gone to the rear after a lap 5 incident.  Altobelli came to the front, bringing Kyle Lee along with him.   By the time he got by Heath for second, Singleton was a half straight ahead.  In those last five laps he caught and made a move on Singleton but fell a few lengths short at the finish.
     Kyle Lee also got faster as the laps wore on and secured the third spot on lap 34.  Heath and George Dixon completed the top five.  Travis Calhoun, Tim Murphy and Heath won the heats run on Friday night.
Greg Dobroski led the first three  laps of the 305 sprint car event, but he crashed heavily in turn two on that lap.   Ralph Engle inherited the lead at that point and was the leader when action was halted on lap nine for a wild flip by Steve Kennawell.
     When the field restarted after the flip, Engle held off a valiant effort by Mike Wagner  to secure the win.  Joe Zap finished third ahead of Dusty Shatzer and Reed Thompson.  .  Wagner and Thompson won the heats
    Jim Sayler, who has excelled at these longer Semi Late events, did it again but he had his hands full in the best race of the night.  Sayler led from the pole and held off first Zane Weicht, then Kyle Beckett , then Bob Jay for the spot.  But his toughest race came after Greg Cornell took second.  Cornell came from 16th starting position to challenge for the lead on  lap 16.
     Reprising some of their old Thunder Valley races, Cornell was all over Sayler lap after lap with the pair running side by side for two laps before Cornell got by for the lead on lap 24.  Sayler adjusted his program and came back on Cornell, easing back by on lap 29.  Sayler then ran off the last lap for the win.   Cornell slowed on the last lap causing a late jumble.  Kerry Molovich went from  fourth to second on the last lap and finished there ahead of Greg Hainsey, Brian Duffy, who started dead last, and Ryan Beckett.  A Beckett DQ moved Cornell into the top five in the order.
Weicht and Beckett won the heats.
     Greg Fetters led the first Economodifed laps but it again became a Taylor family event.  Evan Taylor took over on lap three and led brother Jonathan to the finish in the 25 lapper.  Behind the brothers were Deanna Groves, Mike Reynolds, Brandon Lasalle and Ryan Pennington who started last in the field.  Jonathan and Groves won the heats.
    With all the Pure Stock heavy hitters starting near the front, it was a dog fight from the start.  Charlie Walter beat Bill Replogle to the turn and led the pack early.  Replogle and later Brian Duffy chased Walter but the big mover was Bob Jay, driving his old Pure Stock car.  Jay went to the rear with a lap ten spin  but rocketed back through the field to make it into the top five by lap 16.
    On that lap Duffy shot by Walter for the lead, just before Walter’s car quit bringing out the caution.  Duffy then held off Kyle Beckett until he retired on lap 23, then Ed Vogel.  In great last lap action,  Jay got by Vogel to secure the second spot.  . Duffy  took the win ahead of Jay, both drivers running their second race of the night., Vogel, Jarrod Brown and Replogle.  Amber Mills, Vogel and Walter won the Friday qualifiers.  Brad Feight won the Saturday B main.
    The 4 Cylinder finale was wild from the start.  Dave Grimm led lap one but Tom Brady took over.  He held off a furious charge from Bailey Johnson with Ryan Peer closing fast.  Brady made contact with a lapped car on lap 7 as Johnson shot by for the lead.   When Peer dropped out, Cale Martin emerged as the chaser.  He got by Johnson on lap 13 and controlled the last 7 laps,  Johnson, Grimm, Josh Crawley, who started 22nd, and Jason Clark trailed.  Brady and Peer won the heats.
     The annual Fallfest ends the 2014 season at the track after 20 events.   Jeff Rine (LM) Singleton (LMS), Lou Wannyn (SL), Charlie Walter (PS), Ryan Peer (4C) and Brandon Lasalle  (EM) reign as the champions
LIMITED 35 LAP  1   Rick Singleton, Mike Altobelli,  Kyle Lee,  Curtis Heath,  George Dixon,  Andy Haus,  Robby Black,  Eric Irvin,  Chaz Walls,  Tim Murphy,  Ron Bottenfield,  Dave Stamm,  Andrew Yoder,  Brian Lowery,  Donnie Farlling,  Bryan Benton,  Nathan Lasalle,  Matt Murphy,  Ed Cornett,  Josh Berrier,  Travis Calhoun,  Will Rowe,  DNS  Dan Zechman,  Darrell Dick,  Wayne Johnson.
305 SPRINTS  1  Ralph Engel,  Mike Wagner II  Joe Zap,  Dusty Shatzer,  Reed Thompson,  Ryan Lynn,  Sean Kirkpatrick,  Nicole Walker,  Jake Walters,  Jacob Gomola,  Rob Batchy,  Justin Zap,  Jim Kennedy,  Steve Kennawell,  Eliah Omwake,  Brian Haney,  Greg Dobroski, DNS Don Sotosky.
SEMI LATE 30 LAP  1  Jim Sayler,  Kerry Molovich,  Greg Hainsey,  Brian Duffy,  Greg Cornell,  Dave Whetstone,  Kyle Beckett,  Scott Sturtz,  Lou Wannyn,  Bob Jay,  Jim Sacco.  Jesse Snyder,  Dennis Collins,  Chad Gambol.  Paul Gambol,  Dan Farlling,  RT Troutman,  Zane Weicht,  Randy Wible,  Dave Brown,  Vigi Zucollotto,  DQ  Ryan Beckett
ECONOMODIFIED  25 LAP  1  Evan Taylor,  Jonathan Taylor,  Deanna Groves,  Mike Reynolds,  Brandon Lasalle,  Ryan Pennington,  Jeff Treece,  Rusty Pennington,  Andy Swope,  Mike Meck Sr,  Greg Moore,  Greg Fetters,  Alyssa Rowe,  DNS  Dave Brown.
PURE STOCK  25 LAP  1  Brian Duffy,  Bob Jay,  Ed Vogel,  Jarrod Brown,  Bill Replogle,  Jim Dearmitt,  Jason Haggerty,  Dan Jackson,  Gary Proctor,  Kyle Weyandt,  Travis Vogel,  Dave Riley,  Kyle Beckett,  Charlie Walter,  Brad Feight,  Dave Green,  Willy Ling,  Cale Leppert,  John Hostetter,  Reed Stickel,  Amber Mills,  Travis Group,  Dave Lambert,  Logan Davis,  Bill Noll,
    4 CILINDER 20 LAP  1  Cale Martin,  Bailey Johnson,  Dave Grimm,  Josh
Crawley,  Jason Claar,  Jon Gephart,  Wayne Brenize,  Steve Shoor,  Jamie Noel,  Kobby Crawley,  Andrew Moist,  Lance Kought,  George Shorr,  Chis Reckner,  Tom Brady,  Mich Hover,  Dustin Kinser,  Ryan Peer,  Ron Benton,  Dave Harclerode,  Adam Morgan,  DNS  Steve Frederick