Bedford Speedway » 2016 Results


August 6th, 2016
Before a huge crowd on 5 Dollar night, Matt Sponauigle snagged the big win at Bedford Friday night.  It was his first Bedford win in almost exactly two years,  and came in dramatic fashion, as he chased down the leader with a late race rally.  In other action, Jesse Snyder came from deep in the field for the Semi Late win,  Bill Replogle  barely held off Justin Queen for the Pure Stock win and Tom Brady took the 4 cylinder nightcap.
     DJ Myers blasted out to the early lead in the Late Model 25 lapper and opened up a sizeable lead in the first few laps before a quick yellow on lap 7.   Matt Sponaugle had been wrestling with Troy Swindell for second,  and he had just secured that spot on lap six.
   On the restart, Sponaugle set upon Myers, getting by on the next lap.  As Sponaugle sped away, Myers fell into the clutches of a charging Chuck Clise.  Jeff Rine secured fourth on lap nine and the group ran in that order until the next yellow on lap 14.
    On the ten lap run to the finish, Sponaugle was able to rush off to a safe margin while the others battled.   Clise squeezed by Myers on the last lap to take second at the line, followed by Myers, Rine and Rick Singleton.  Rine and DJ Troutman won the heats.
     The Semi Late event was a real mob scene as early leader Dave Whetstone held off an eight car pack.  Tom Warren and Bob Jay led the pursuit as the crowd went two by two lap after lap.   But sixth place starter Jesse Snyder was easing through the traffic jam car by car.  Snyder got by both Lou Wannyn and Jay on lap six and shot by for the lead one lap later.
    From that point on, Snyder distanced himself from the mob while they battled.   Whetstone managed to hold off Jay for second.  Justin Michael rallied up to fourth at the line.  Wannyn was fifth.  Greg Hainsey and Travis Calhoun won the heats.
    The Pure Stock event was another dog fight.   Justin Queen got from his fourth place starting position to the lead on lap one.   But sixth place starter Bill Replogle came right along with him and the battle was on.   Replogle gave Queen serious challenges, actually going all of lap 7 side by side, but Queen held on.  Behind them nine cars were in a group in chase.
     Finally, on a restart after a lap nine caution.  Replogle edged by for the lead.  Queen did not falter and managed to challenge Replogle for the duration, joined by a fast closing John Howsare.  Queen managed to take the checkered flag beside Replogle, but settled for second.  Howsare, Beau Aikey and Travis Group trailed.   22 of the 25 starters finished the well run event.  Joe Dearmitt, Howsare and Queen won the heats
    Point leader Tom Brady went from sixth to first on the first lap of the 4 Cylinder event, then led the distance.   The usual cast of characters assembled at the front as Ryan Peer, Cale Martin and Wayne Brenize caught Brady but they ended up finishing in that order.  Darren Howsare came from dead last to catch them and finish fifth.  Chris Reckner and Martin won the heats
LATE MODEL 25 LAPS  1  Matt Sponaugle,  Chuck Clise,  DJ Myers,  Jeff Rine,  Rick Singleton,  Dave Troutman,  Troy Swindell,  Curtis Heath,  Jason Schmidt,  Chris Rhodes,  Bob Hershman,  Eric Zembower,  Donnie Farlling,  DJ Troutman,  Matt Cosner,  Dacron Powell,  John McClosky,   DNS  Jason Davis
SEMI LATE 15 LAPS  1  Jesse Snyder,  Dave Whetstone,  Bob Jay,  Justin Michael,  Lou Wannyn,  Greg Cornell,  Tom Warren,  Travis Calhoun,  Donald Wyles,  Chad Gambol,  Kyle Beckett,  Joe Pluta,  Scott Sturtz,  Jarrod Brown,  Dennis Collins,  Greg Hainsey.
PURE STOCK 15 LAP  1  Bill  Replogle  Justin Queen  John Howsare,  Beau Aikey,  Travis Group,  Brad Feitght,  Rave Riley,  Joe Dearmitt,  Dave Lambert,  Jim Dearmitt,  Terry Norris,  Mike Lewis,  Denny Pittman,  Erik Weyandt,  Trent ClarkJosh McClellan,  Dave Beahr,  Daklota Foor,  Matt Brode.  Preston Imler,  Brad Hoffman,  Dalton Ritchey,  Dan Jackson,  James Foor,  Owen Baughman,  DNS  Barry Weyandt, Kyle Weyandt,  Reed Stickel.
4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS  1  Tom Brady,  Ryan Peer,  Cale Martin,  Wayne Brenize,  Darren Howsare,  Kolby Crawley,  Rusty Martin,  Chris Reckner,  Todd Price,  Keith Deeter,  Shawn Miller,  Jeremy Miller,  Morgan Price,  Harold Crawford,  Nathan Gillilkand,  Phil Best,  Dave Harclerode,  Chris Strout,  Josh Fetters,