Bedford Speedway ยป 2017 Results


October 1st, 2017
    .   Originally scheduled  as a two night two race weekend for the Late Models and EMods and single events for other classes, Bedford Fallfest 2017 was reduced to a big 6 division Saturday show for all after nagging Friday drizzle invaded the show.    Alex Ferree   made his trip worth it as he rushed to score the big Late Model win Saturday.  It was a career first for Ferree and he became the 139th Lat Model in the long history of the track.  And he is the first to carry the number 10 to victory since the famous Bill Rausch way back in 1971.
   Other winners in the action packed rare Saturday event at the track were Dan Zechman in the Limiteds, Alyssa Rowe in the EMods, Jesse Snyder in the Semi Lates, Kyle Weyandt in the Pure Stocks and Pat Breahm in the 4 Cylinder season closer.
    Jeff Miller brought the Late Model field to the green and took the early lead.   But Ross Robinson roared around the outside and flew by to lead lap two.  A lap three caution for a spinning Austin Berry and Robby Black, included Miller  retiring to the pits when his  mount died.  That brought  Andy Haus and Alex Ferree up to Robinson’s bumper. 
    On the restart, Robinson had serious company at the front as the three battled.   Ferree slid by for the lead on lap nine and Haus got by for second two laps later.   Haus closed a bit each lap on Ferree as the event went all green, but closing fast was Jeff Rine, who took third on lap 14.
   When Ferree encountered lapped traffic on lap 19, Haus pounced but Ferree emerged as still the leader.  When Haus also hesitated in the traffic, Ferree opened up another advantage.   Haus spent the last ten laps closing but Ferree rushed to score the win.  Haus was second, followed by Rine and Dylan Yoder, who rushed from 14th to fourth without the aid of caution flags.  Colby Frye completed the top five.   DJ Troutman, Miller and Frye won the heats.
   Devin Weyandt led the Limited field to the green and took off early.  Dan Zechman took up the chase and was quickly joined by the charging Robby Black.  Weyandt hung on.until Zechman slid by  on lap 14 for the lead but the three ran together.  They were joined late by Jim Yoder who raced from deep in the pack.   Yoder, Weyandt and Black went hard at it as Zechman  led the last six laps for the win.
     Yoder got by Black and Weyandt with two to go and shaved Zechman’s lead but  rab out of laps. He settled for second ahead of Weyandt, Black and Taylor Farlling.  Black and Farlling won the heats.
    Rich Goodman took the .   early EMod lead bu the whole field balled up in turn three on lap one, eliminating Goodman and several others .   When the field went green again,  Alyssa Rowe had the lead and she took off.   Vic Vandergrift led the charge but the best he could do was challenge her on restarts as Rowe pulled ahead every lap.    Vandergrift ran ahead of a dandy battle among Evan Taylor,  Beau Aikey and Dave Brown, but Rowe pulled away for an easy win.
  At the finish it was Rowe, Vandergrift, Evan Taylor, Brown and Aikey   Mike Altobelli and Brown won the heats.
    Boyd Brode led early in the Semi Late event which became a caution fest.   Jesse Snyder tok six laps to wind his way to the front and took over from Brode.  After that it was all Snyder as he easily pulled away as the field self destructed behind him.  Brode held on until Brian Weyandy Jr got by for second on lap 14, a position he held to the finish.  Brode held on for third, ahead of Dave Whetstone and Jim Saylor.  Keith Koontz and Saylor won the heats.  
    Except for Kyle Weyandt, who led pole to pole, the Pure Stock event was a real barn burner.  A six car mob ran in Weyandt’s wake and positions changed every lap.  Dave Lambert held second but Denny Pittman, Bill Replogle and late arriving Josh Frankenberry went at it hard.   When that bunch encountered lapped traffic late it was a free for all.
     At the finish it was Weyandt, Lambert, Franfenberry, Pittman, Replogle across the line.   Frankenberry and Weyandt won the heats.
     Pat Breahm made the last 2017 event his first visit of the year and also his first win.   He ran down race leader Chris Graybill late ade took over on lap 12.  Graybill was second ahead of Cale Martin,  Chris Reckner and Steve Frederick.  Graybill and Casey Fleegle won the heats.
     Rain interrupted the Friday portion of the weekend during the Emod heats, Since most of the fields had qualified, it was determined to consider the show as a long rain delay and pick it up at that point on Satuirday  plus
 the two classes originally slated for Saturday only, who ran their entire programs.
LATE MODELS 30 LAPS  1  Alex Ferree,  Andy Haus,  Jeff Rine,  Dylan Yoder,  Colby Frye,  Andy Fries,  Ross Robinson,  DJ Troutman,  Chuck Clise,  Matt Sponaugle,  Robby Black,  Jim Yoder,  Dave Stamm,  Austin Berry,  Darrass Deneen,  Dave Brouse,  Gene Knaub,  Dave Troutman,  Jeff Miller,  DNS  Allen Brannon,  Matt Cosner,  Travis Cottle,  Travis Stickley.
LIMITED  20 LAP  1  Dan Zechman,  Jim Yoder,  Devin Weyandt,  Robby Black,  Taylor Farlling,  Donnie Farlling,  Dylan Yoder,  Curtis Heath,  Brad Feight,  Ron Bottenfield,  Travis Group,  Dale Claycomb,  Jason Mullen,  DNS  Justin Weaver,  Daulton Bilger
EMOD  20 LAPS  1  Alyssa Rowe,  Vic Vandergrift,  Evan Taylor,  Dave Brown,  Beau Aikey,  Ray Kable III,  Jonathan Taylor,  Drake Troutman,  Bill Pluta,  Justin Milburn,  Mike Meck,  Ed Vogel,  Dan Lawry,  Chris Rudolph,  Rich Goodman,  Derek deusenberry,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Dennis Perrigo,  DNS  Nathan Lasalle.
SEMI LATE  20 LAP  1  Jesse Snyder,  Brian Weyandt Jr,  .  Boyd Brode,  Dave Whetstone,  Jim Saylor,  Phil Childers,  Dave Korlewitz,  Tom Brady,  Dan Cornman,  Dennis Collins,  Ryan Whetstone,  Jamey Swank,  Chris Wolfe,  Kyle Weyandt,  DNS  Keith Koontz,  Dave Hoover,  Jason Gilliland,  John Gorner  Patterson,
PURE STOCK  20 LAP  1  Kyle Weyandt,  Dave Lambert,  Josh Frankenberry,  Denny Pittman,  Bill Replogle,  Eric Weyandt,  Tyler Ritchey,  Joe Dearmitt,  Laura Chamberlain,  Wayne Brenize,  John Shaw,  Chris Foor,  Dave Barb,  Josh Rosenberger  Jarrod Brown,  Nick Bechtell,  Barry Weyandt,  
4 CYLINDER  15 LAOS  1  Pat Breahm,  Chris Graybill,  Cale Martin,  Chris Rechner,  Steve frederick,  Todd Price,  Redinger,  Josh Clark,  Casey Fleegle,  Isaac Komanisky,  Kyle Frankenberry,  Bryan Ickes,  DNS  Darren Howsare,  DNS  John Pluebell