Bedford Speedway ยป 2019 Results


June 8th, 2019

   Greg Hainsey,   after losing a heart breaker earlier in the season,  returned to score his first win of 2019 in Friday night Semi Late action at Bedford.  In other action Drew Ritchey, Wayne Brenize, Nick Bechtell and Jonathan Taylor were all repeat winners.

    Drew Ritchey  drew a front row starting position in the 305 event and made the best of his luck.  After a first lap of side by side action with  pole starter Brad Mellott, Ritchey emerged with the lead and never looked back.

   Behind the leaders,  Scott Lutz and Jonathan Jones traded the thirst spot several times and Reed Thompson rallied late to get into that action.  But Ritchey ran off and dominated the 20 laps for the win.  Mellott, Lutz, Jones and Thompson trailed.  Josh Spicer and Jones won the heats.

    Once again the Semi Late event was the best race of the night, except for the lead.   Greg Hainsey was the pole sitter and took off at the start.  Behind him 10 cars ran side be side in a herd for the first six laps until Mark Patterson emerged in second.

    With Hainsey far ahead, Patterson quickly found himself in a heated battle with Bob Jay for the spot.   Lao after lap the pair raced hard for the honor of chasing Hainsey.  Jay secured the spot on lap ten but with Hainsey a half lap ahead all seemed hopeless.

    The picture suddenly changed when Perry Clair brought out the race’s only caution on lap 13 and the field closed on Hainsey.  On the restart with three to go, Jay was all over Hainsey in a repeat of the race two weeks ago when Jay beat Hainsey late for the win.  

    But while Jay concentrated on Hainsey, Patterson rallied to challenge him, actually taking second for a bit on lap 14.  Faced with the new challenge, Jay fought off Patterson on the last lap to score second, but Hainsey held on for the win.  Brian Weyandt Jr and last week’s winner Travis Calhoun completed the top five.  Calhoun and Hainsey won the heats.

     The EMod event started off wildly when front row starter Dan Cornman spun in front of the field on the first lap.  That reset the front row featuring Ryan Beckett and Jonathan Taylor.   Beckett led a bit but Taylor took over during the first lap and led to the end.   As the race went on the rest of the big four, Evan Taylor, Drake Troutman and Mike Altobelli arrived at the front but Taylor easily led.

      Several minor cautions dotted the event but Taylor ran off on each restart.  Evan Taylot broke on the last lap, allowing Troutman, and Altobelli to chase Jonathan to the finish.  Cornman rallied from his miscue to take fourth ahead of Bill Pluta.  Altobelli and Jonathan won the heats.

     The Pure Stock 15 lapper was kind of wild.  Dalton Ritchey led from the pole with Nick Bechtel in pursuit.  Numerous cautions slowed the race for the first half but Ritchey held on as the field self destructed. In onle of the melees, Kyle Deneen and Laura Chamberlain tangled, wiping out the second through fifth place cars and allowing Bechtel to chase Ritchey alone.  

     But Ritchey suddenly pitted on lap 7, handing Bechtel the lead.  Bechtel was the leader when the race was halted dramatically on lap 11 as Kevin Weyandt hit the turn one wall hard and flipped collecting Kyle Deneen.  On the last restart, Bechtel held off a resurgent Josh Frankenberry, who had been in the rear twice, for the win.  Tim Brown, Reed Stickel and Chamberlain completed the top 5.  Deneen and Bechtel won the heats.

    The 4 Cylinder finally was a crash fest.  Ryan Peer came from 4th to the lead on lap one and led the duration as the field self destructed.  Wayne Brenize finally got through the field to take second at the line, ahead of Dustin Kinser, Steven Martin,  Devin Iser and Todd Price.  Peer and Iser won the heats.

SEMI LATES 15 LAPS  1  Greg Hainsey,  Bob Jay,  Mark Patterson,  Brian Weyandt Jr,  Travis Calhoun,  Kyle Weyandt,  Bill Replogle,  Jarrod Brown,  Chubby Childers,  Lonnie Buttry,  Perry Clair,  Trent Clark,  Chris Wolfe

EMOD  15 LAP  1  Jonathan Taylor,  Drake Troutman,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Daniel Cornman,  Bill Pluta,  Sam Reeder,  John Whitfield,  Justin Milburn,  Evan Taylor,  Alyssa Rowe,  Amber Mills,  Ryan Beckett,  Rich Goodman,  George Beckett  Brian Duffy

305  20 LAP  1  Drew Ritchey,  Brad Mellott,  Scott Lutz,  Jonathan Jones,  Reed Thompson,  Steve Kennewell,  Ryan Lynn,  Josh Spicer,  Ray Sheetz,  Randy Sterling,  Jim Kennedy,  Matthre Kline,  Dylan Proctor,  

PURE STOCK 15 LAPS  1  Nick Bechtel,  Josh Frankenberry,  Tim Brown,  Reed Stickel,  Laura Chamberlain,  Charlie Clise,  Cole Stickel,  Kevin Weyandt,  Kieth Killander,  Dalton Ritchey,  Kyle Deneen,  DNS  Barry Weyandt,  Larry Foor

4 CYLINDER 12 LAP  1  Ryan Peer,  Wayne Brenize,  Dustin Kinser,  Steven Martin,  Devin Iser,  Todd price,  Josh Ringer,  Isaac Komanski,  Bill Shehan,  Ruxty Martin,  Ernie Hewitt,  Kenny Wilson,  Jared Phillips,  Karley Bailey,  Jay Talley,  Harold Crawford,  Dominick Shipley,  Dalton Long,  Jeremy Miller,  Kevin Banzhoff,  Jeff Marlett,  devin Frey,   DNS  Bryan Ickes.