Bedford Speedway ยป 2019 Results


September 21st, 2019

   It was a night of new winners Friday at Bedford as three of the four feature events fell to first timers.  Tim Smith Jr a former champion in support racing at the track, roared to his first ever Late Model win in the 30 lap event worth $2000.  It was his first Bedford win since a Limited event win in May 2013.


    In other action, history was made as Charlie Clise scored his first ever Bedford win in the Pure Stock event.  By doing so he followed  his famous dad Chuck and more famous granddad Tom Clise as winners at the track, making him the third third generation racer to do so,    Cameron Campbell was also a first time winner in the rare appearance of the Crate EMods, before 2019 champion Ryan Peer ended the new guy karma with a repeat 4 Cylinder win.


    Second generation driver Nathan Lasalle was the first lap Late Model leader, but Tim Smith was all over him from the start.  Smith whipped by for the lead on lap 3 just as the Lasalle mount broke in turn two.


    On the restart, Dan Angellichio found himself already in second from his sixth starting spot and gave chase  but he was in turn chased be Drake Troutman and Andy Haus.   But Smith pulled away from the field with each passing lap, leaving Angellichio battling to hold second.


     With the event going all green laps after the lap two yellow,  Matt Cosner injected himself into the battle by taking third from Troutman on lap 15.  Angellichio and Cosner batted and seemed to gather some hope as Smith entered a clump of lapped traffic by lap 19, but Smith made it through cleanly and actually increased his lead.


    With clear sailing ahead, Smith opened up a substantial distance over the last ten laps to score the popular win.  Angellichio held on for second holding off Cosner.   Haus and Jeff Rine completed the top five.  Smith and Haus won the heats.


     By the luck of the draw, the four fastest Pure Stocks started up front and they did not disappoint.  Charlie Clise led the foursome ahead of Dalton Weyandt, Kyle Deneen and Josh Frankenberry as they ran in a clump.  Frankenberry departed the group by retiring on lap nine but Weyandt and Deneen continued the chase.


     As the 20 laps ran off all green,  Clise held on for the win.  Deneen made a last lap move pay off and took second at the line ahead of Weyandt, Delmar Donivan and James Foor.  Donivan and Frankenberry won the heats.


     Cameron Campbell led start to finish in the 20 lap Crate EMod event.  Brandon Inglish, Kyle Beckett and Jimmy Iser trailed.  Campbell won the heat


    The 4 Cylinder field had a ray of hope as big 2019 winner and champion Ryan Peer broke in his heat and started the feature in last.  Rusty Martin led the opening laps but was hounded incessantly by 2018 champion Todd Price.


     Meanwhile Peer had roared up to third by lap six and joined in the battle.  Peer roared by both drivers to take over on lap nine and raced on to another win.  James Farrell, who had joined Peer in the last row rallied to take second at the line ahead of Martin and Price.  Martin and Price 

won the heats.


LATE MODEL 30 LAPS  1  Tim Smith,  Dan Angellichio,  Matt Cosner,  Andy Haus,  Jeff Rine,  Drake Troutman,  Kyle Lear,  Chuck Clise,  Andy Fries,  Clinton Hers,  Josh Whetstone,  Matt Murphy,  Jeff Johnson,Nathan Lasalle,  DNS  Matt Sponaugle, Jeff Miller


PURE STOCK  20 LAPS  1  Chrlie Clise,  Kyle Deneen,  Dalton Weyandt,  Delmar Donivan,  James Foor,  Tyke Musselman,  Jason Erwin,  Larry Foor,  Josh Frankenberry,  DNS Dalton Ritchey


CRATE EMOD 20 LAP  1  Cameron Campbell,  Brandon Inglish,  Kyle Beckett,  Jimmy Iser,  Scott Daniels,  Josh Ringer,  Andrew Swope,  Chris Chamberlain,  Chris Cogan


4 CYLINDER 15 LAPS 1  Ryan Peer,  James Farrell,  Rusty Martin,  Todd Price,  Ernie Hewitt,  Jeff Marlett,  Jay Talley,  Colin Welsh,  Kenny Wilson,  Tyler Watson,  Ron Wicks,  Joe May,  John Diehl,  Joshua Fetters,  Adam Plubell  DNS  Harold Crawford