Bedford Speedway ยป 2020 Results


August 3rd, 2020

Clinton Hersh and Garrett Bard scored dominating victories in the special show at Bedford Sunday night. Bard’s win came in 305 competition while Hersh scored the Limited Late Model win. In other action, Khi Swanger survived a crashfest to win the Semi Late event, his first Bedford win in several seasons while Darren Howsare claimed the 4 Cylinder closer.

Garrett Bard made it look easy in 304 action. When front row starter John Walp broke on the first lap, Bard found himself on the front row. He shot by Kassidy Kreitz on the start and never looked back.

Dancing in and out of lapped traffic as the event went all 20 laps straight through, Bard stretched it out to almost a half lap lead at the finish. Kreitz held off Dylan Shatzer early and Greg Dobrowski late to hang onto second at the finish. Shatzer and Ryan Lynn completed the top 5. Bard and Dobroski won the heats.

Occasional Late Model competitor Clinton Hersh made it look almost as easy as Bard. He got the jump on Former Late Model star Jimmy McBee at the start and was never threatened. Shawn Shoemaker ran third for the distance, holding off the challenges of both Matt Parks and later Justin Weaver. Parks got by for third on lap 15 but never closed on the leaders.

Action was halted wildly on lap 22 as John Seiler heavily impacted the inside wall on the front stretch. He emerged uninjured but both the car and the wall suffered. On the three lap run to the finish, Hersh ran off uncontested. McBee held off Parks to secure second, while Weaver rallied from 12th starting spot to take 4th on the last lap. Hersh and Spike Moore, an early race retiree, were the heat winners.

Thirteen cautions and a couple of red flags dotted the Semi Late event which became a marathon. Brian Weyandt Jr was the early leader and was chased early by Khi Swanger. as for the second week in a row a pair of 88 cars led the way.

They ran in that order as the field pretty much self destructed behind them. Everything changed on lap 16. As if the carnage hadn’t already reached unnatural heights for Semi Late action, Josh Bumberger lost control going into turn one, He climbed the wall, taking down some of the outside aluminum before crashing back to earth on the track.

Things got wilder as on the restart, as the field approached the cone, Weyandt’s motor failed. With the field nose to tail the front stretch became like a train derailment with cars crashing everywhere.

After the cleanup, Swanger emerged with the lead and he easily held off Chubby Childers for the win. Greg Hainsey again came from the pack to take third, this time with a ptetty mangled car. Bill Replogle and Ramon Moore completed the top five. Childers and Mike Desch won the heats.

Buy comparison the 4 Cylinder event was relatively calm. Dustin Kinser led early but there was a 6 car mob at the front, Finally Darren Howsare emerged from the mob and took the lead, holding it to the end. Josh Ringer emerged in second at the lone, ahead of last place starter Harlan Group, Dalton Long and Todd Price. Ringer and Kayla Varner won the heats.

4 Cylinder heat race action was spiced up as first time racer Alex Anderson, driving the famous Peer 64, managed to flip pretty much the length of the front stretch at the start.

305 230 LAPS 1 Garrett Bard, Kassidy Krietz, Greg Dobrowski, Dylan Shatzer, Ryan Lynn, Kyle Colwell, Roger Irvine, Ron Aurand. Darryl Stimeling, Ray Sheetz, Reed Thompson, Tommy Jasen, Scott Lutz, John Walp. Jim Kennedy.

LIMITED 20 LAPS 1 Clinton Hersh, Jim McBee, Matt Parks, Justin Weaver, Shawn Shoemaker, Devin Hart, Donnie Farlling, Devin Weyandt, Tyler Ritchey, Austin Warrenfeltz, Brian Lowery, Tom Cordell. Ryan Sager, John Seiler, Greg Moore, Matt Murphy, Eddie Cornett, Shane Nihart, Tim Murphy, Chad Desmitt

SEMI LATES 20 LAPS 1 Khi Swanger, Chubby Childers, Greg Hainsey, Bill Replogle, Ramon Moore, Jesse Snyder, Mike Desck, Travis Calhoun, Erik Weyandt. Chris Wolfe, Josh Bumgartener, Brian Weyandt J, Kyle Weyandt, Matt Mellott, Mike Benton, Joe Kephart, Laura Reilly, Nick Bechtel, Jarrod Brown, Cale Martin, Scott Sturtz, DNS Allen Riggleman

4 CYLINDER 15 LAP 1 Darren Howsare, Josh Ringer, Harlan group, Dalton Long, Todd Price, Dustin Kinser, Jay Talley, Rusty Martin, James Norris, Joe May, Nathan McDermitt, Jeff Mallett, Michael Lutz, Rhett Stelchek, Harold Crawford, Jimmy Delozier, Darren Norris, John Diehl, Ernie Hewitt, Jeremy Miller, Kayla Varner, Shawn Oester, DNS Kyle Frankenberry, Michael Boring, Alex Anderson, Issac Kormanski