Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


April 10th, 2021

Although the calendar said mid spring it was more like late winter as the Bedford Speedway opened the 2021 racing season Friday night. The chill and lpw hanging fog bank did not stop five happy feature winners from enjoying their visit.

Clinton Hersh won the Limited Late Model headliner, and Garrett Bard won the 305 event after Bill Replogle took the Semi Late opener. Dalton Weyandt and Dustin Kinser completed the evening with Pure Stock and 4 Cylinder wins.

Bill Replogle, in his first race back after an off track injury last season was up to the task. He shot by pole sitter Brian Weyandt Jr on the first lap and then made Weyandt chase him for the 15 lap distance. Travis Calhoun and Nick Bechtel joined in the chase late but Replogle went without a serious challenge for the win. Weyandt and Replogle won the heats.

In similar fashion, front row starters Clinton Hersh and Donnie Farlling battled the distance in the Limited event. Hersh got the lead at the start and led the way as Farlling alternated between challenging him and defending his spot. Farlling’s biggest threat came from fellow Farlling ,Taylor who was along side several times.

Action was interrupted on lap 12 as the battle for third ended with a multi car crash on the back stretch. With several cars eliminated or damaged, Hersh and Farlling ran off to battle the last 8 laps to the end unhindered. Hersh held on for the win ahead of Farlling, Brian Booze (in a Jim McBee team car), Spike Moore, who started last in the field, and Brian Lowery. Farlling and Hersh won the heats.

Heat race action was highlighted by a wild three way battle for the win which was interrupted by a crash at the finish line when the car of John Seiler blew up in front of the leaders and they all crashed. Seiler and Bryan Benton were unable to start the feature.

With the cool damp weather, the 305 event was hammer down. Garrett Bard took the lead at the drop of the green and stretched out a huge lead by the first and only caution period of the event on lap 8. After that Bard ran off the last 12 laps to a quarter lap lead at the finish.

Behind the dominant Bard was a race long battle. .Bob Garvey Jr Jeff Weaver Jr and late arriving Derek Houck were inseparable for the duration before finishing in that order. Josh Spicher took fifth. Larry McVey and Scott Lutz won the heats.

Dalton Weyandt and Derek Hinish were the stars of the Pure Stock 15 lap event. Hinish took the lead at the start but was soon joined by the rushing Weyandt. The pair socially distanced them selves from the pack as Weyandt fruitlessly tried to get by. His opportunity came as they caught to lap a car on lap 8. The pair split the car and Weyandt grabbed the lead.

But Hinish fought back and got back by on lap 11. But just as he enjoyed the front once again, Hinish’s car died a lap later. Once left alone Weyandt romped to the win with a lead of over a half lap. Kevin Weyandt led Andrew Slough, Dalton Ritchey and Barry Clark across the lone. Denver Dishong and Kevin Weyandt won the heats.

Rusty Martin led the first few 4 Cylinder laps ahead of Todd Price and Dustin Kinser. When Martin’s car died on lap 4. the other two were left to battle for the win. Kinser took over the lead and held off Price for the win. Price, Jeff Mellott, Dalton Long and Jay Talley trailed. Price and Kinser won the heats.

LIMITED 20 LAPS Clinton Hersh, Donnie Farlling, Brian Booze, Greg Moore, Brian Lowery, Taylor Farllong, Brad Feight, Jim McBee, Khi Swanger, Devin Weyandt, Travis Wilson, DNS Bryan Benton, John Seiler

305 20 LAPS Garrett Bard, Bob Garvey Jr, Jeff Weaver Jr, Derek Houck, Josh Spicer, Dominic Melar, Larry McVey, Christian Rumsey, Scoyy Lutz, Jarrett Covalet, Ryan Lynn, Mike Melair, Reed Thompson, Ray Sheetz, Mikell McGee, Jim Kennedyl, DNS Ron Aurand

SEMI LATE 15 LAPS Bill Replogle, Brian Weyandt Jr, Travis Calhoun, Nick Bechtel, Chubby Childers, Josh Bumberger, Kyle Weyandt, Jarrod Brown, Erik Weyandt, Laura Reilly, Laura Chamberlain, Brandon Grubb

PURE STOCK 15 LAP Dalton Weyandt, Kevin Weyandt, Andrew Slough, Dalton Ritchey, Barry Clark, Charlie Clise, Denver Dishong, Bill Shehan, Geoffret Sosnoski, James Norris, Derek Hinish, Anthony Fama, DNS Jeremy Fama

4 CYLINDER 15 LAP Dustin Kinser, Todd Price, Jeff Mellott, Dalton Long, Jay Talley, Noah Swank. Joe May, Shawn Smith, Michael Neeland, Ernie Hewitt, John Diehl, Darren Chesney, Keeshawn Dempsey, Harlan Group, Josh Ringer, Rusty Martin, Colin Welsh, DNS Dominic Shipley.