Bedford Speedway ยป 2021 Results


May 9th, 2021

Bedford Speedway officials waited out afternoon rain and hosted the URC sprint cars Friday night. Although the temperature dropped during the evenin Jason Shultz was hot as he totally dominated the 25 lap URC event

With the winter like temperatures holding down car count and fan count, other winners were Taylor Farlling, Nick Bechtel, Charlie Clise and Josh Ringer in the five division program.

Jason Shultz and Adam Carberry led the URC field to the green but Shultz got jump at the start. After that it was all Shultz as he ran off from the field.

Two quick early cautions kept it close but on a long ten lap period of green flag racing Shultz built a huge lead over Carberry and Josh Wellar who had come from sixth starting spot, Carberry suffered a flat tire and retired on lap 17, moving Wellar to second, but he was not able to challenge Shultz for the duration.

Shultz took the win over Wellar, Ryan Stillwaggon, Dallas Schott and Tyler Dernochek. Carberry and Kevin Darling won the heats.

The Limited event was a Farlling house part as Taylor Farlling and father Donnie both git by pole sitter Bryan Benton on the first lap. Taylor led the field easily with Donnie in pursuit as Benton fell back into the clutches of
Brian Lowery in the battle for third.

Lowery secured the third spot on lap 13 but was no match for the fleet Farllings as Taylor romped to the win in the all green flag event. Donnie held on for second ahead of Lowery,Benton and Matt Murphy.

Nick Bechtel charged from fourth to lead the first lap of the Semi Late event He ran off and hid from the serious race long three way battle for second among Travis Calhoun, Jarrod Brown and Brian Weyandt Jr.

Weyandt made a dramatic last lap move to grab second at the line as Bechtel swept to the win. Brown, Calhoun and Bill Replogle trailed

Charlie Clise recovered from a wild flip the week before to grab the Pure Stock win. He was hounded for the entire distance by Dalton Weyandt who rallied from fourth on lap one and pestered Clise for the distance.

Barry Clark joined the pair in battle late in the event but trailed Clise and Weyandt at the end for third. Dalton Ritchey and Kevin Weyandt completed the top 5. Clise and Kevin Weyandt won the heats.

The 4 Cylinder event was the best race of the night. Josh Ringer led the field as a mob raced for second. James Fairall raced through the gang to take second on lap 7 and then swept by Ringer on lap 8 for the lead.

Fairall took the win but refused a claim in the tech line, surrendering the win which went to Ringer. With Fairall eliminated, Ernie Hewitt, Dustin Kinser, Dalton Long and Harlan Group completed the top 5. Jay Talley and Ringer won the heats.

With the show starting late and the steadily dropping temperatures, heat races were eliminated for several divisions to save time. The show was completed by 10:40.

URC SPRINTS 25 LAPS 1 Jason Shultz, Josh Wellar, Ryan Stillwagon, Dallas Schott, Tyler Dernochek, Andy Best, Mike Thompson, Adam Carberry, Jon Miller, Brent Shearer, Kevin Darling

LIMITED 20 LAPS 1 Taylor Farlling, Donnie Farlling, Brian Lowery, Bryan Benton, Matt Murphy, Clinton Hersh, Tim Murphy

SEMI LATE 15 LAP 1 Nick Bechtel, Brian Weyandt Jr, Jarrod Brown, Travis Calhoun, Bill Replogle, Kyle Weyandt, Cale Martin, Laura Reilly

PURE STOCK 15 LAP 1 Charlie Clise, Dalton Weyandt, Barry Clark, Dalton Ritchey, Kevin Weyandt, Reed Stickel, Denver Dishong, Bill Shehan, James Norris, DNS John Howsare

4 CYLINDER 12 LAPS 1 Josh Ringer, Ernie Hewitt, Dustin Kinser, Dalton Long, Harlan Group, Todd Price, Dshawn Smith, Tawney Group, Joe May, John Diehl, Darien Cisney, Keeshawn Dempsey, Jay Talley, George Shore, Michael Kneeland, George Shore Sr, Colin Welsh, DNS Michael Boring DQ James Fairall.