Bedford Speedway » 2022 Results


October 23rd, 2022

Topping off a successful 2022 Bedford Speedway season, Jeff Rine dominated the biggest and richest race of the year, capturing the Keystone Cup Saturday night.   The win for the current track champion was his fourth of the season and was especially meaningful as  his 37th career Bedford win tied him with track legend Scott Haus as the all time win leader.   The win, coupled with his Friday win in a Semi Feature event, was worth over $24,000 for Rine and the Bob Elbin team.


By virtue of his finish in Friday’s dash.  Rine started on the front row alongside dash winner Matt Cosner.    The pair rushed into the first turn at the start of the 60 lapper but Rine emerged with the lead.  That was pretty much the last that anyone saw of him except for the lapped cars as he zoomed by. 


Rine was into lapped cars by lap nine, allowing Cosner and third running Gregg Satterlee to close slightly,  but eventully Rine sped away.  Cosner especially cut the distance on Rine and then fell back depending on the traffic level as the event went all 60 laps caution free,  but each time Rine pulled away.


As the top three remained in that order,  most eyes were on Dylan Yoder.  He started 19th after wining an earlier B qualifier and went to the outside early on and began knifing through the field, several times matching Rine’s lap times.


Rine survived several close calls with lapped cars to score a 4.5 second win over Cosner, who battled a deflating tire the last few laps, and Satterlee.  First time Bedford visitor Garrett Smith ran a solid but uneventful race taking fourth at the line.  Yoder’s climb through the field earned him a fifth place finish.


They were trailed by Colton Flinner, Jared Miley, Mason Zeigler and Ross Robinson on the lead lap, and Chris Ferguson in tenth.  Earlier Saturday action featured two last chance B features, captured by Yoder and  Chuck Clise.  Matt Sponaugle was the track high point man provisional.  17 of the 25 starters were around at the finish.  It was the second year in a row that all 60 laps ran off caution free.


Greg Spike Moore who ran 59  laps in the Late Model event,  took a quick break, climbed into his Limited ride and pretty much dominated that event.  Almost mimicking the Late Model race, the Limited race went 17 laps green before interruption.  Moore had shot by  Zach Kauffman at the start and had pulled out to a substantial lead over Shawn Shoemaker  over those first 17 laps.


Although the field closed in on Moore during the caution, he sped away on the restart and was never threatened to the finish.  Shoemaker took second at the line, ahead of Devin Weyandt, who came from deep in the field, Brian Lowery and Kauffman.    Moore and Shoemaker won the heats.


The Emod event which ended the festivities started off wildly as Dave Troutman spun in front of the field in turn one on the first lap, collecting quite a few cars.    On the second try,  Donnie Farlling took the lead and  held on through several caution events,   But Mike Altobelli   who had started 13th finally joined in the lead group by lap 10.  He got by Farlling on lap 12 and never looked back.


Farlling  took second at the line, followed by Troy Johnson, Jacob Marker and Mitch Thomas.  Troutman, Farlling and  Thomas won the heats.


LATE MODEL ^) LAPS  Jeff Rine,  Matt Cosner,  Gregg Satterlee,  Garrett Smith,  Dylan Yoder,  Colton Flinner,  Jared Miley,  Mason Zeigler,  Ross Robinson,  Chris Ferguson,  Kyle Hardy,  Justin Weaver,  Spike Moore,  Travis Stickley,  Chuck Clise,  Tim Smith,  Shawn Jones,  Tyler Emory,  Rick Eckert,  Alex Ferree,  Matt Sponaugle,  Ryan Montgomery,  Bryan Bernheisel,  Keith Jackson  Nick Dickson DNQ  Eddie Carrier,  Jason Miller,  Tommy Fleegle,  Dave Stamm,  Jim Bernheisel,  Jim McBee,  Jeff Miller,  Jim Yoder,  Chad Julius,  Ethan Ours,  Gene Knaub,  Nathan Lasalle,  Khi Swanger,  Darris Deneen


LM SPORTSMAN 25 LAP   Greg Moore,  Shawn Shoemaker,  Devin Weyandt,  Brian Lowery,  Zach Kauffman,  Jim McBee,  Harry Shipe,  Brad Feight,  Lucas Adams,  John Seiler,  Ron Fink,  Laura Reilly,   DNS  Clinton Hersh


EMOD  25 LAPS   Mike Altobelli J  Donnie Farlling,  Troy Johnson,  Jacob Marker,  Mitch Thomas,  Evan Taylor,  Bill Vanmeter,  Brandon Inglish,  Brandon Grossman,  Dan Patterson,  Jonathan Taylor,  Dennis Perigo,  Allen Whitt,   Tom Wakefield,  Brady Daniels  Blaine Sellers,  Mike Meck,  George Beckett,  Ed Vogel,  Ron Dolen,  Matt Lashbaugh,  Dave Troutman,  Brandon Hoover,  Kirk Baker,  DNS  David Green,  Mike Duck.