Bedford Speedway » 2023 Results


May 14th, 2023

After falling one spot short of a big win in the Billy Winn classic last week, Kyle Lee  got a measure of redemtion  by winning  at Bedford Friday night.    The win in the 25 lap Late Model event was the second of his Bedford career and came in dominating fashion in the Doug Timmons owned car.   In the accompanying URC sprint car race, Jason Shultz scored his second Bedford win.

In other action in the wild evening, Brian Weyandt Jr was the survivor in the Semi Latte event while Charlie Clise took the Pure Stock feature before  Josh Corbin put the PY cruiser in Victoty Lane in the 4 Cylinder finale for his first ever win.


Chuck Clise was the pole sitter and early leader in the Late Model event which got off to a rocky start with three cautions in the first 5 laps.   When the field finally settled down for real racing on lap 5,  Kyle Lee had already advanced from his  fifth starting spot to second,  and the battle up front was on.


Lap after lap Lee challenged the leader but Clise doggedly hung on.  In a similar replay of the prior week’s even when he chased Mason Zeigler, Lee persisted  on the leader,  but this time his charge paid off as he swept by Clise on lap 8.


After that Lee checked out on the field over the last 20 all green laps.  While Lee moved away,  Jeff Rine, Matt Sponaugle and Justin Weaver got it on for third.   Rine got by Weaver on lap 15 and Sponaugle to take third on lap 18 but the laps were winding down fast,   Over the last 7 laps,  Rine closed on Clise but fell short at the line.


As Lee swept to a win, Clise and Rine followed, over 7 seconds behind.  Sponaugle and Weaver completed the top 5.  Rine and Lee won the heats,   The first heat featured a grinding crash on lap one which damaged several cars and eliminated Kyle Hardy from the evening’s activities..


Jason Shultz pretty much dominated the URC event.  He started on the pole and  led the distance.  Hosh  Wellar and Derek Locke thrilled the fans by trading second spot several times in a race long battle but Shultz pretty much checked out. winning by almost 6 seconds over Locke and Wellar, Ronald Nowarski and Adam Carberry completed the top 5,  Shultz and Wellar won the heats,


One URC heat featured a unique caution period as a dog got loose from somewhere and appeared running around in turn two.  The dog escaped without injury and was escorted from the area.


Brian Weyandt  came from deep on the field to score the Semi Late win in an event where the leaders seemed hexed.  Josh  Bunberger was the early leader and he held off all challengers early.  But his day unraveled  after a grinding crash on the front stretch which elimoated Bob Jay and Kyle Deneen among others.  On the restart, Bumberger’s car failed to fire and he headed to the pits.


That gave the lead to Travis Calhoun but his thrill lasted only two laps before he rode the front stretch wall, actually getting up on two wheels for a while and heading pitward with the damage.   That left Weyandt  as the new leader but he had to hold off relentless challenge from Josh Gistof  to secure the win,  John Miller came from dead last in the field to score third at the line, ahead of Andrew Stough and Khi Swanger,    The event,  which featured plenty of action, ended in the same manner as Cale Martin and Eric Smith crashed hard coming for the checjkred flag with Martin spinning across the line backwards,   Calhoun and Kyle Weyabt won the heats,


Semi Late heats featured a wild crash on the first lap which damaged several cars ,  Bill Replogle suffered the worst damage and was done for the night.


Cody Jarvie was the early Pure Stock leader but  Charlie Clise chased him down.  A six car mob formed at the front as Clise challenged for several laps before he got by for the lead and eventual win.  Jarvie held on for second ahead of Jason Haggerty, Donald Mongold and Dalton Ritchey.   Jarvie and Dalton Ritchey won the heats,


Racing the curfew, the 4 Cylinders were rushed into action and they did not disappoint.   A seven car mob raced at the front with positions changing every lap.   Josh Corbin, although challenged repeatedly from all sides,  managed to to hold off the hungry chasers and score his first career win.     A yellow for a stopped car late set up a one lap shootout but Corbin was not to be denied.   Derek Long survived the wild foray to take second at the line ahead of Javid Fairall, Brad Marker and Darren Howsare,   Long and Colin Welsh won the heats.


LATE MODEL  25 LAPS    Kyle Lee,  Chuck Clise,  Jeff Rine,  Matt Sponaugle,  Justin Weaver,  Jeff Miller,  Barry Miller,  Taylor Farlling,  Tim Smith,  Spoke Moore,  Wayne Johnson,  Bryan Booze,  Ron Fink.  Nathan Lasalle,  Tyler Ritchey,  DNS  Deshawn Gingrich,  Kyle Hardy,  Jum McBee


YRC  25 LAPS    Jason Shultz  Derek Locke  Josh Wellar,  Reese Nowarski,    Adam Carberry,  Hayden Miller,  Mike Thompson,  Brandon McGough,  Ryan Stillwagon,  Zach Bard,  Kyle Keen,  Kar Mesner,  Jay Galloway  DNS  Robby Stillwagon


SELILATE  15 LAP    Brian Weyandt J,  Josh Gustof  John Miller,  Andrew Stough,  Khi Swanger,  Kyle Weyant,  Cale Martin  Tony Catlett,  Laura Reilly,  Eric Smith,  Travis Cakhoun,  Josh Bunberger,  Kyle Deneen,  Bob Jay,  Greg Hainsey,  Rod Bower,  Devin Weyant,  Rick Potter,  DNS Bill Replogle



PURE STOCK  15  LAP   Charlie Clise   Cody Jarvie,  Kpsh Haggerty  Donald Mongold,  Dalton Ritchey,  Denver Dishong,  Darin Rotchey.  Tom Lewis,  Dominick Weyandt,  Barry Clark,   Madison Miller  Mark Shope,  Jay Talley,    Bryan Brayton  Brandon Mongold,  DNS   Kyle Beckett,  ` Brandon Proudfoot


4 CYLINDERS  12 LAPS     Josh Corbin,  Derek Long,  Javid Fairall,  Brad Marker,  Darren Howsare,   Shawn Smith,  Todd Price,  Steve Delozier,  Devin Stine,  Jimmy Delpzier,  Jeff Marlett,  Mark Kauffman,  Dwayne Watring,  Devlin Rager,  Brian Wright,  Colin Welsh,  Isaac Hoover,  Richard Athey,  Bradley Ross,  Ernie Hewitt,  George Shore,  DNS  Daren Chesney