Bedford Speedway » 2013 Results


June 22nd, 2013
Robbie Stillwaggon was the big winner as the URC sprints made their return to Bedford Speedway Friday night.  While the URC event was exciting,  Matt Parks added post race excitement to the Late Model event as he scored his third win of the season while crashing across the finish line.  Jim Sayler,  whose last trip to Bedford had ended in an ambulance ride, scored the Semi Late win.  New father Bill Replogle won the Pure Stock race before Jarrod Barclay took the 4 Cylinder finale.
      Twenty one URC sprints made the tow to Bedford for their annual visit.  Chad Trout led the field to the green.  He took the early lead over Dave Franek and JJ Grasso.    But the man on the move was 11th place starter Stillwaggon.   With the event going all green laps,  Stillwaggon commenced his march forward from the start.
    With the leaders in heavy lapped traffic, Stillwaggon jumped from fifth to third on lap 13 and set out after the leaders.  He disposed of Franek on lap 15 but the three leaders ran together as they threaded through the traffic.  Trout bounced off a lapped car and then into the frontstretch wall on lap 17 and Stillwaggon shot by into the lead..  But Trout never let off the gas and retook the lead as the group came off turn two.
    Stillwaggon stayed with the program and  got by Trout again for good while still in heavy traffic one lap later.  From that point on, Stillwaggon led to the finish of the 25 lapper.   Trout held on for second, ahead of Franek, Grasso and Dave Ely.   The event went straight through all green with 20 of the starters around at the finish.  Heats went to Trout, Franek and Stillwaggon.
      Mike Altobelli led the Late Model field to the green but Matt Sponaugle  got by to lead the first lap.  Parks had Altobelli in hot ppursuit as Matt Parks threaded his way forward.  Parks appeared in third after the event’s only caution flew for a Jeff Johnson spin on lap three,  and went to work on Altobelli.
    It took quite a few laps to get by Altobelli but Parks took second on lap 17.  Sponaugle was long gone by that time but Parks cut the distance on each lap.  On lap 21. Parks shot by for the lead while the gang wrestled with lapped traffic.  Parks held on for the last laps to score the win, but then crashed with a lapped car at the finish line.  In an interesting twist, Parks hitched a ride to Victory Lane while the crumpled car arrived on the hook.  Sponaugle, Altobelli, Jeff Rine and Steve   Campbell trailed.  Parks and Chuck Clise won the heats.
     Jim Sayler, whose last trip to  Bedford had ended in an ambulance ride,  scored his first Bedford win of the season in the Semi Late 15 lapper.  The eent had a wild start as Mike Lauffer’s steering wheel came off at the start and he crashed hard on the front stretch.  When the field got going, Sayler took the early lead and went the distance.  Behind Sayler  Ryan Beckett led a 4 car mob fighting for second place.  Jesse Snyder was all over Beckett for much of the race but Lou Wannyn shot by them both on lap 14.
     Wannyn made a last lap move on Sayler but fell short at the line.  Beckett, Snyder and Greg Hainsey completed the top five.  Chris Chamberlain and Hainsey won the heats.
      The Pure Stock event was a six car dog fight from the start.  Jim Moreland led the way as the other positions changed on every lap.  Bill Replogle found a hole and went from third to first on lap seven, holding on to score the win.  Moreland, Reed Stickel, Travis Group and Beckett trailed.  Beckett and Group won the heats.
      Ryan Peer was the early 4 Cylinder leader, but Jarrod Barclay came from the pack to run him down.  Barclay got by on lap five and led to the finish as the pair easily outdistanced the field.  Robert Pluta held off Andrew Pluta to take third and Cale Martin was fifth.  Andrew Pluta, Peer and Barclay won the heats.
25 LAP RISLONE URC SPRINT FINISH: Robbie Stillwaggon, Chad Trout, Davie Franek, JJ Grasso, Dave Ely, Art Liedl, Dan Mazy, Scott Lutz, Jimmy Stitzel, Jonathan Swanson, Josh Weller, Tim Kelly, Curt Michael, Michael Carber, Dave Betts, Kevin Darling, Kramer Williamson, Randy West, Steve Downs, Keith Prutzman, Bryn Gohn.
LATE MODELS 25 LAPS  1    Matt Parks, Matt sponaugle,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Jeff Rine,  Matt Casner,  Wayne Johnson,  Shawn Claar,  Chuck Clise,  Corey Weaver,  Hayes Mattern,  Ryan Christoff,  Travis Calhoun,  John Myers,  Travis Cottle,  Jeff Johnson  DNS  Eric Zembower
SEMI LATE 15 LAP  1  Jim Sayler,  Lou Wannyn,  Ryan Beckett,  Jesse Snyder,  Greg Hainsey,  Chris Cogan,  Scott Grubb,  Greg Cornell,  Justin Bonnett,  Chris Chamberlain,  George Beckett,  Bob Jay,  Dave Whetstone,  Mike Lauffer  DNS  Dan Cornman,  Brian Duffey, Kerry Molovich
PURE STOCK 12 LAP  1  Bill replogle,  Jim Moreland,  Reed Stickel,  Travis Group,  Kyle Beckett,  Charlie Walter,  David Riley,  Kadee Smith,  Brian Ringer,   Brad Feight,  Trent Clark,  Dakota Foor,  Dave Lambert,  Willy Ling,  Ed Vogel,  Justin Milburn,  Jarrod Brown,  Justin Michael
4 CYLINDER  12 LAP  1  Jarrod Barclay,  Ryan Peer,  Robert Pluta,  Andrew Pluta,  Cale Martin,  Nick Zborovancik,  Brandon Conrad,  EJ JOhnson,  Stebe Frederick,  John Diehl,  Jeff Bronise,   Bailey Johnson,  Rick Lamer,  Tim Lamer,  Mike Meck,  Phil Best,  Nathan Altobelli,  Dylan Young,  Garrett Watkins,  Pat Breahm,  Kevin Beers,  Mike Phillipson,  Sean Fitzpatrick,  DNS  Matt Diehl