Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


August 9th, 2014
 Jeff Rine made another thrilling run from the pack to score another last lap pass for the win in Late Model action at Bedford Friday night.  It was Rine’s fourth 2014 win at Bedford, the second time he has made a last lap pass.  Rine, now with 16 career wins stands only one win away from cracking the track’s top ten winner list. Rick Singleton again dominated the Limited action to score his third in a row and sixth of the season.  Chris Chamberlain and Dennnis Perigo rallied late to win the Semi Late and Economodified events, before Brad Feight went pole to pole in the Pure Stock closer.
     Eric Zembower brought the Late Model field to the line and took the early lead.  Gene Knaub arrived on the scene quickly and wrestled with Zembower until he took over on lap three.  Knaub had a decent lead over new second place runner Mike Altobelli when the only caution of the event flew on lap 7, with Rine up to third.
     On the restart, Knaub shot away from the field as Altobelli and Rine battled.  By the time Rine finally secured second on lap 12, Knaub had a huge lead  but Rine started chipping away.  Lap after lap the legendary 43A set the pace as Rine closed and closed, and closed.  With the laps winding down,  Rine was on Knaub’s bumper at the white flag.
    Coming off turn two on the final lap, Rine made his move to the inside of Knaub and the pair raced down the backstretch.  By the time they reached turn three it was Rine in the lead and he ran to the checkered flag in a thrilling win.
    Knaub finished a close second, ahead of Altobelli, Zembower and DJ Troutman.  Matt Parks and Andy Haus won the heats.
     It took three tries to get the Limited event underway as  several minor incidents slowed things.  When they finally got a start, Donnie Farlling was the leader and ran off from his chasers  A caution on lap eight wiped out Farlling’s large lead over Nathan Lasalle.  Singleton was already up to third by that time, having knifed through the pack.  After another quick caution on the next lap for Lasalle,  Singleton was second.
    On that restart, Singleton shot by Farlling and ran off.  A caution on lap 14 again slowed the field but Singleton prevailed.  Robby Black, who started beside Singleton in the fourth row, was a bit more methodical coming through the field, finally securing second on lap 16, but he did not close on Singleton to the finish.
    At the end it was Singleton ahead of Black, Farlling, Curtis Heath and Ron Bottenfield, who had started 11th.  Singleton and Black won the heats.
     Kerry Molovich led the Semi Late field from the pole as a ten car pack ran at the front.  Chris Chamberlain was all over Molovich,   easing by before the only caution of the event flew on lap 10.  On the restart, Chamberlain was able to scoot out to a safe margin as the pack jockeyed for positions in his wake.
      Jim Sayler completed his march from eighth to secure second on lap 13 but he ran out of laps chasing the leader.  At the finish it was Chamberlain ahead of Sayler, Greg Cornell, Molovich and Greg Hainsey.  Chamberlain and Chad Gambol won the heats.  The top five in points entered the event within 20 points of each other and with the smattering of finishes that race remains close.
    Adam Daniels led the first Economodified lap but Alyssa Rowe took over on lap two.  Tony Daniels arrived to battle Rowe on lap three and they ran side by side until tangling on lap 4.  Danield maintained the lead but Dennis Perigo shot by on the restart and led the duration.  He took the win followed by Brandon Lasalle, Tony Daniels and Rowe.  Lasalle and Daniels won the heats.
     Brad Feight shot from row two to lead the first Pure Stock lap with Ed Vogel in tow.  An 11 car mob scene followed as the pair stretched out in the all green flag 12 lapper.  Lap after lap positions changed in the mob scene behind Feight and Vogel without causing any cautions.
   At the finish, Feight scored his second win of the year ahead of Vogel.  Travis Group rallied late to emerge in third, ahead of Charlie Walters, who secured a ride in the Pork Sell 65 after destroying his one car last week,  and Kyle Beckett.  Vogel and Joe Dearmitt won the heats.
LATE MODEL  25 LAP  1  Jeff Rine,  Gene Knaub,  Mike Altobelli Jr,  Eric Zembower,  DJ Troutman,  Andy Haus,  Chuck Clise,  Matt Parks,  Matt Sponaugle,  Wayne Johnson,  Travis Cottle.  Ernie Millon,  Travis Wilson,  DNS  Jason Schmidt.
LIMITED 18 LAP  1  Rick Singleton,  Robby Black,  Donnie Farrling,  Curtis Heath,  Ron Bottenfield,  Kyle Lee,  Troy Swindell,  Travis Calhoun,  Brian Lowery,  Darrell Dick,  Josh Berrier,  Bob Foote,  Nathan Lasalle,  Matt Eckman,  Geroge Dixon,  Dale Claycomb.
SEM I LATE 15 LAP  1  Chris Chamberlain,  Jim Sayler,  Greg Cornell,  Kerry Molovich,  Greg Hainsey,  Chad Gambol,  Bob Jay,  Jesse Snyder,  Paul Gambol,  Jim Strutz,  Justin Michael,  Lou Wannyn,   Dave Whetstone.
ECONOMODIFIED 12 LAP  1  Dennis Perigo,  Brandon Lasalle,  Tony Daniels,  Alyssa Rowe,  Adam Daniels,  Dave Brown,  Alan Shives,  Ryan Pennington,  DNS  Rusty Penning ton,  Chris Graybill.
PURE STOCK 12 LAP  1  Brad Feight,  Ed Vogel,  Travis Group,  Charlie Walter  Kyle Beckett,  Tyler Ritchey,  Dave Lambert,  Brad Nesline,  Terry Norris,  Denny Norris,  Brian Roingler,  Amber Mills,  Bill Noll,  Keith Killander,  Dan Jackson,  Travis Vogel,  Kyle Weyandy,  Joe Dearmitt,  Dave Riley.