Bedford Speedway » 2014 Results


September 1st, 2014
Rick Singleton continued his stellar Bedford season as he swept to another win at Bedford Speedway on Sunday.  Singleton’s win in the special holiday show was his eighth Limited win of the season at Bedford, where he had already clinched the 2014 championship.  Jeff Miller Jr picked off his first ever Bedford  win in the accompanying 305 sprint event.  Scott Rickrode won the special vintage car race, Ed Vogel came from the pack late to snag the Pure Stock win before Cale Martin took the 4 Cylinder finale.
     Darrell Dick was the pole sitter in the special holiday weekend Limited event and easily led the early laps.  Dick had a large lead over Brian Lessley when the first caution flew on lap 10.  That caution closed the field but more importantly brought Singleton,  who had climbed from eighth to third, within sight of the leaders.
     It took two laps for Singleton to secure second place and he immediately set sail for Dick.  On lap 14 he took the lead which he held to the end.  Robby Black’s climb to the front was slower than Singleton’s.  He finally got to third by lap 19 and took second from Dick on the last lap.  But Singleton was well ahead and swept to the win.
   The 25 lap distance was exactly long enough for Singleton as his motor began to seize up on the last lap and he nursed the sick car across the line with internal engine damage.  Black was second, ahead of Dick, Curtis Heath and Lessley.  Singleton and Lessley won the heats.
     It was a perfect evening for first time winner Jeff Miller Jr.  He won his heat, drew the pole for the feature and then led the 20 lap distance in the all green flag 305 race.  Wayne Dadetto closed the gap slightly in the waning laps as Miller danced through some lapped traffic, but never posed a serious challenge to the winner.  Dadetto was second, followed by Steve Kennawell, Jake Waters and Dusty Shatzer.  Miller and Dadetto won the heats.
    Heat races were dazzled twice as Jeff Bacha flipped wildly in turn three of the first heat and Roger Irvine tumbled in turn two in heat two.
     In a rare 2014 appearance, Bill Replogle led the Pure Stock event for ten laps as the field wrestled behind him.  Jarrod Brown and eventually Vogel battled for second while a five car battle raged behind them.  Vogel finally got by Brown on lap ten and was in the right spot as Replogle bobbled a lap later.
     Brown also got by Replogle as did Bob Jay making a rare Pure Stock appearance with the Semi Lates off for the evening.  Although Brown was all over Vogel on the last lap,  he settled for second at the line.  Jay, Kyle Beckett, and Replogle completed the top five.  Dave Riley and Beckett won the heats.
     Paul Hoffman led the vintage car event until Scott Rickrode got by on lap 6.  Rickrode then led Rick Pastor, Hoffman and Paul Bacchus across the line.  Rick Pastor won the heat.
     Cale Martin started on the pole in the 4 Cylinder event and went pole to pole.  Behind him the action was furious with an undercurrent of a three way tight point race on the line on the last night of points.  One of the contenders, Tom Brady headed pitward with a flat tire on lap three, restarting at the rear  Another contender Bailey Johnson, was up to second place behind Martin on lap 5, when there was contact between his car and Andrew Pluta.  Robert Pluta also managed to get involved sending Johnson to the pits for repairs.
     After all that actiopn,  the third point contender Ryan Peer emerged in second and chased Martin to the flag.  Wayne Brenize, Brady returning from the back, and Steve Frederick were the top five.  Brady’s run was not good enough to offset Peer’s finish and when the dust cleared, Peer clinched the 2014 championship   Andrew Pluta and Brenize won the heats.
LIMITED 25 LAPS  1  Rick Singleton, Robby Black,  Darrell Dick,  Curtis Heath,  Brian Lessley,  Ron Bottenfield,  Donnie Farlling,  George Dixon,  Brian Lowery,  Ralph Morgan,  Matt Eckman,  Troy Swindell,  Dion Lasalle, Nathan Lasalle,  Josh Berrier,
305 SPRINTS 20 LAP  1  Jeff Miller Jr,  Wayne Dadetto,  Steve Kennawell,  Jake Waters,  Dusty Shatzer,  Michael Wagner,  Ryan Lynn,  Joe Zapp.  Nicole Walker,  Hunter McCracken,  Rob Barchy,  Don Sotosky,  Eliah Omwake,  Bill Jones Jr,   DNS  Brian Walker, Roger Irvine,  Anthony Fiore,  Jim Kennedy,  Jeff Bocha.
PURE STOCK 12 LAPS  1  Ed Vogel,  Jarrod Brown,  Bob Jay,  Kyle Beckett,  Bill Replogle,  Travis Group, Joe Dearmitt,  Charlie Walter, Jason Haggerty.  Dan Jackson,  Dave Lambert,  Ryan Beckett,  Dave Green,  Cale Leppart,  Denny Norris,  Brad Feight,  Amber Mills,  Travis Vogel,  Kyle Weyandt,  Dave Riley,  Mike Benton,  DNS  Brandon Inglish, Jim Dearmitt
4 CYLINDERS  1  Cale Martin,  Ryan Peer,  Wayne Brenize,  Tom Brady,  Steve Frederick,  Rusty Martin,  Bailey Johnson,  Chris Reckner,  Mike Meck,  Steve Riggleman,  Ron Benton,  Steve Shorr,  Brandon Conrad,  George Shorr,  Pat Breahm,  Dustin Kinser,  DNS  Phil Best  DQ  Andrew Pluta, Robert Pluta.
VINTAGE CARS  1  Scott Rickrode,  Rick Pastor,  Paul Hoffman,  Paul Bacchus,  Mark Rickrode,  Mark Weigle,  Gary Becker,  Fred Thompson,  DNS  Glenn Pobletts