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Makeup Features Night this Friday

July 16th, 2015

Friday night, July 17th will be a first of its kind event at the Bedford Speedway- all grandstand admission will be free. Set up as a result of a rainy June forcing several features to be postponed, Friday’s show will consist entirely of the feature events postponed from June 12th and June 19th. The unique show will be comprised of seven feature events.

There will be no heat races that night as all racing will be comprised of make-up features held over from rain postponements on both June 12th and June 19th. As qualifying was completed on the original race date, the lineups are set for each of the postponed features. In order to be fair to those drivers who qualified on the originally scheduled date, no additional starters will be allowed to join the field.

Speedway gates will open at 5 pm, with warmups at 7:00 followed by the first feature at 7:30.

All general admission is free; pit admission will be $12.

Following warmups for each division, features will begin, with the June 12th features going first followed by the June 19th features.

Lineups for July 17th (Lineups set by heat races on the original race nights)

Feature #1- Semi Late 6/12

Scott Sturtz, Bob Jay, Chad Gambol, Greg Cornell, Zane Weicht, Jim Saylor, Jim Sacco, Dave Whetstone, Lou Wayann, Jesse Snyder, Justin Bonnett

Feature #2- Late Model 6/12

Wayne Johnson, Colby Frye, Eric Zembower, Matt Sponaugle, Matt Cosner, Jeff Rine, DJ Troutman, Larry Baer, Darras Deneen, Chuck Clise, Dave Troutman

Feature #3- Late Model Sportsman 6/12

Glenn Ray, Taylor Farlling, Matt Eckman, Curtis Heath, Troy Swindell, Robbie Black, Ralph Morgan, Travis Stickley, Donnie Farlling, Brian Lowery, Josh Berrier, Craig Perigo, Ron Bottenfield, Mike Meck, Larry Foor

Feature #4- Pure Stock 6/12

Travis Vogel, Tyler Alkire, Reed Stickel, Kyle Weyant, Brad Feight, Ed Vogel, Joe Darmit, Travis Group, Jimmy Moreland, Terry Mitchell, Trent Clark, Justin Queen, Beau Aikey, Matt Diehl, Jarod Brown, Owen Baughman, Josh Ringer, Amber Mills, Terry Norris, John Howsare

Feature #5- Four Cylinder- 6/19

Todd Price, Casey Fleegle, Wayne Brenize, Ryan Peer, Tom Brady, Mike McDonald, DacRon Powell, Bailey Johnson, Zack Tritt, Steve Frederick, Josh Fetters, Dave Harclerode, Rusty Martin, Dustin Kinzer, Darren Howsare, Phil Best, Colby Crawley, Doug Conrath

Feature #6- Late Model- 6/19

Dave Troutman, Colby Frye, Chuck Clise, Matt Sponaugle, Matt Cosner, Jeff Rine, Rick Singleton, Bob Dunn, DJ Troutman, Eric Zembower, Wayne Johnson, Andy Haus, Troy Swindell, Larry Baer, Jason Gilland, Travis Calhoun, Ernie Millon

Feature #7- Pure Stock- 6/19

Bill Replogle, David Green, Jarrod Brown, Beau Aikey, John Howsare, Tyler Alkire, Kyle Weyant, Reed Stickel, Dave Riley, Brad Feight, Owen Baughman, Travis Group, Jason Haggerty, Trent Clark, Travis Vogel, Herb Hillard, Terry Mitchell, Greg Beckett, Justin Queen, Ed Vogel , Davey Lambert

Again as all the qualifications were complete on the original race date the feature fields are locked in. No additional cars can join the field.